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After reading all the wonderful reviews for Dr....

After reading all the wonderful reviews for Dr. Harley, I decided to go for it! I've had my telephone interview, my flight is booked & hotel booked! My niece and my cousin are driving from Georgia and South Carolina to keep me company during different days of the week :-) I can't wait to see the results of Dr. Harley's expertise! Thank you to all the brave woman on this site who unselfishly share their experiences and stories.

Post Pictures

Pre Surgery Pictures

Getting ready for the big day! Counting 10 more days to go!

Day by day, swelling, bruising and healing! No pain :-)

Don't know if these pictures are rotated properly . Trying to update from my phone. Not the most flattering pictures, but who cares!! :-) just want to show the healing and swelling. Getting better day by day.

We'd. 27th

Thursday April 28th

Feeling better every day. Incisions in front of my ears are very hard. My face does not feel as tight today and it's starting to feel more natural to smile again without the pulling feeling, I believe the swelling has subsided somewhat . ???????????? I'm a happy camper!

April 30th, 2016

I am back home now and healing very nicely! The swelling is going down a little every day and the bruising is very little now. My face is still hard in some places near the incision sites, but I'm sure these will soften and I'll be back to my new normal before long! I'm loving what I see! My cheeks are still very cheeky! I have high cheek bones to begin with, so the swelling seems to accentuate the fullest of my face right now. I can see beyond this temporary condition and love how everything looks, including my eyes!! I have iced my face somewhat or should I say "cooled" my face, since I only had a refrigerator in my hotel room and I was too lazy to venture to the ice machine. I iced my face and neck yesterday a little bit when I arrived back home. I have been using some Coenzyme Q10 Serum (by Timeless) on my eye lids. I absolutely love this product and the way it softens my skin and stops the dryness and itchy feeling. My eyes have no visible scarring and I have healed, so applying this product will not hurt anything. I do have some steritape on some the incision sites that I can remove in a few more days. I have no pain all at and I will continue to sleep on an incline in my adjustable bed, using my travel neck pillow to keep my head straight. I did take Advil for inflammation, just for the heck of it, hoping it will reduce my cheeks quicker! :-) If anyone who is on the fence about having this procedure , please feel free to ask me any questions you may have ! I will be happy to answer any questions or try to alleviate any fears you may have about the Biltmore lift and Upper and Lower Bleph procedures. All the ladies on this site have been so wonderful with providing so much information.

Comparison Pics

...just wanted to post this side by side of before and after! Oh my gosh!

May 4 th

Comparison photos

Three weeks post op

It has been three weeks since my procedure. I choose not to smile since my cheeks are so large and swollen, my smile looks awful. Ha!!

Incisions and healing

3 weeks post. Incisions healing beautifully. I imagine they will be barely visible before long.

Before and after side view

Why did I wait so long?

Pictures from 5/24/16 and 5/30/16

I am very happy with my progress. The facial swelling has gone down tremendously. I still have the hardness in front of my ears and along both sides of my face. The incisions have faded to the point where they are barely noticeable. It seems that the 4th and 5th week really made a big difference in facial changes for me. As others have said, salt is not your friend! Keep your salt intake low. My eyes feel tight across the incisions a little bit. I have been massaging them with cocoa butter or coconut oil just to soften up the incisions. I had a tiny bit of dry eye and now it's totally gone. When I raise my brows and open my eyes wide, I can feel some tightness in my lids. My lids lift off the outer corners of my eyes. I imagine all this will settle with time when the incisions get more supple from daily massaging. Time is your friend :-)

Pictures taken In July 2016

Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

For the past few years I have been very unhappy with my appearance. I found it to be much easier to stay home and hide, rather than go out in public. My aging face was controlling my happiness. I decided to search for injectables, as an alternative to surgical intervention. Upon searching the internet, much to my surprise, I found! I am truly grateful for this website and for all the wonderful ladies who have helped each other, providing information through their own experiences. The pictures, videos and written testimonies have helped most of us make our choices and decisions with less anxiety and stress. My decision to choose Dr Harley as my doctor, was an easy choice! When I praise Dr. Harley for his talented surgical abilities, I am not alone! Dr. Harley is fabulous and I cannot adequately thank him for his expertise and perfection! His office is immaculate, beautifully decorated, warm and inviting. His staff, Kelly and Juanita, are so friendly and helpful. Juanita handles the scheduling for consultations, appointments and also provides information for nearby accommodations if needed. I am truly grateful to all of them! Thank you!

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