40 Year Old; 38G- to a C/D Goodbye Big boobs! Billings, MT

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I am a little slow in posting but hopefully over...

I am a little slow in posting but hopefully over the next couple of days I can get myself current lol. As with most of you, I have been large breasted for most of my life. I was probably a D or DD by the time I went to college. I stayed this size regardless of weight loss and high activity. In my mid twenties I got pregnant with my exhusband with twins. Unfortunately I suffered a miscarriage at 12 weeks. By that time I had went up to a 34H already. Even after the miscarriage my boob size did not go down. My weight has fluctuated over the years but the boobs never go down very much. Breast reduction has been something I have talked about doing doing for almost 20 years. For almost three years now I work 12+hour days in a hospital so I am on my feet almost the whole time. I have found that I was having more back and neck pain and numbness in my back after my shifts and my migraines have gotten increasingly worse. Plus the girls would get in the way when I would try to move patients. So it was time to get the girls taken down some. I went for my consult in Dec and was preapproved through my insurance for the surgery. So surgery was done Feb 8. Surgery took about 45 minutes longer than expected and my right nipple was detached longer than the doc had wanted so I had to use nitro paste on that nipple for 5 days to help with the blood flow. I husband has been great with helping make sure I'm not doing more than I'm suppose to. I will post more tomorrow about how the rest of the recovery has been going as well as the pictures of the progress.

Getting caught up

So I am 4 weeks out from surgery at this point but I should probably give how things have went since surgery.
Week one was pretty much a blur. Lots of sleeping, doing nothing but coloring and watching tv, and keeping up on pain medications. I was pretty damn sore especially on the right side where more work was done. Oddly though my left breast looked awful. So bruised. But healing was going normal and well.
Week 2- around day ten I noticed that I was having some foul smelling pus coming out of incision spots one my right nipple. It was the weekend and at night but my doctor called me back right away and called in antibiotic for me. Hate Bactim btw. Ugh. At my 2week appointment (day 17) was told that I was still on 5 pound weight limit with very limited activity still, but infection looked to be clearing nicely. Only bad thing, was now I had some open wounds along the incision lines. ???? Turns out after lots of reading this is actually pretty common with reduction. At this point I was still having to sleep in recliner or inclined in the bed and still pretty damn sore. The infection definitely set me back.
Week 3- getting stir crazy is an understatement at this point. Husband has helped a lot but I am so tired of not being able to do anything. I was told that I am allowed to get on the treadmill this week but at a very slow pace and for short periods. Infection cleared so now the opened wounds are easy to see how big they really were. Doctor has had me using xeroform on them since my appointment. I stated really noticing some of the sutures starting to come through especially in the open wounds.
Week 4- ok now to where I am now. After this long post hopefully the ones to follow will be much easier to follow. One of the 4 open wounds has closed up. Husband really got onto me this week saying I was trying to do to much annoy allowing myself to rest enough. I am so frustrated with sitting. I can't even play with my pups good right now and the weigh to much for them to get up on me to cuddle with me like they did before surgery. I have tried to make sure that I am drinking all the water I am suppose to and I have upped my protein intake to try and help with the healing process. I know it just takes time. I guess I will see tomorrow how my doctor feels things are going. Right now I'm just in more of a bleh kind of way. I know it will get better.

Day 30

So for the past few days I have really felt run down so I have just tried to really take it easy. I had been trying to watch my calorie intake this past week and I think I had just cut back to much. Trying to take it easy is hard to do knowing that there is housework that needs to be done. My husband has been really fatigued (he has MS) himself so it has been tough. I've been getting more of the nerve twinges yesterday and today. I have my 4 week appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping it goes well. I just hope I get a little more clearance on amount of activity and hopefully he will allow me to start massage on my breasts. They are still hard in several areas and I still have lots of soreness on the right side. I am just feeling really down right now. Just the post reduction blues when healing doesn't go exactly as we hope right? I just wonder how I have read so many reviews that it seems people are basically back to normal in a couple of weeks. I don't even know how that is possible. Maybe I am just a super slow healer :(

4 week check up done!

Good day today. Doctor was happy with healing process of the open wounds. I finally got taken off my 5 pound weight limit and now I'm at 15 pounds. But I am still in restrictions with reaching and swing arms for another 4 weeks. I am spitting sutures so he removed the ones that were coming through. Sore now on a couple of those. And I am now allow to go some time at night without the compression bra! Sooo happy about that.
I'm trying to now actually enjoy the time I have off from work. Since I have a weight restriction I can't go back yet. Yay for short term disability and build up of PTO. But now I can try and actually get some things done in our house that I've been wanting to get done. Mood definitely lifted up after appointment today!!

Ways I've killed timed

It's been hard being at home and not being able to do everything I would normally do. So I had to figure out some things that would take up some time. I bought some coloring books and puzzles to do since that doesn't require high activity. Turns out I have really enjoyed doing these. Here are a few pics of my "projects ". Lol

5weeks! Wounds starting to heal

So today makes 5 weeks po. It doesn't seem like anybody really reads my posts, buys that ok. It allows me to kinda vent for myself at least. And if it relates to someone else that that is great also.
I still have mixed feelings on my boobs. More about how the look right now than anything else. My doc told me I could sleep without a bra so I've went short periods at night without my compression bra but have to put it back on after a couple hours. Just more comfortable. I still haven't been able to really sleep on my side at all either. I've tried to sleep in my bed and just can't get comfortable enough and end up having to go back to the recliner. It's kinda getting annoying and I don't know how to deal with it at this point.
I have still been spitting sutures this week and the open wound on my left breast had three come out of it a couple of days ago. Hopefully now it will really start to heal up now. One of the wounds as closed up and the one on the right breast has decreased by 2mm in height and width so it is healing.
So I have gained weigh since surgery, know know sitting around not being able to do much and eating to much lol. So the past few days I have really been trying to walk a little more and increase my activity but trying not to over do it. But I have notice that I am having more swelling again :( Just going to have to make sure I keep that under control. And I just feel uneven today- especially after taking my picture.

Info on open wounds

My wounds started up when I had an infection shortly after surgery. After that I noticed that I was starting to spit stitches. First thing to go ahead and get out of the way- no I do not smoke. Wounds just seem to take time to heal up.
I've had two of the four wounds close up. It's taken a couple of weeks but at least it is happening. Two weeks ago I did start to up my protein intake. I am still cleaning twice a day even though my doctor told me I could go to once a day. Gotta clean after I get off the treadmill right? Lol. Still using xeroform.
Something that we did come to look at us the fact that I am pre diabetic. My morning blood glucose generally runs 90s to low 100s. I have noticed that since the surgery I have been running 115-130. Which we think is part of what is cause the slower healing process. So to all those out there that are not healing as fast as "everyone " else or who have hiccups in their healing process just remember it takes time and everyone's body's are different. Our body's react differently to the stress of the surgery and when we have infection to that. We just have to remember that :)

Just for fun

I thought I would see the difference in my old bras and new boobs! Finally went and got a new sports bra- 38D! Sleep bra- large! Never thought that would ever happen. And new scrub top- medium!!!! No more xlarge just for the boobs!

It's a good day! Side sleeping accomplished!

I have finally been able to sleep in my own bed and on my side for two nights in a row! I know this may not sound like much but at 5 1/2 weeks po I was getting discouraged about that. I was just not able to get comfortable and I was still way to sore to attempt side sleeping. Major hurdle for me! And another good note, I know insurance was going to cover most of my surgery and I found out my hospital bill is less than $3000. Very happy about that. Have a great day girls!!

A little comparison

6 weeks - weird feelings

So I've been back and forth with sleeping in the bed and in the recliner still. To many nights in the bed and I get to sore. Same has went for the sleeping without a bra on. So I have just went to using a sleep bra when I'm in the recliner and still use the compression bra when I'm in the bed.
I have been having more pains this week. Settling pains? Nerve pains? I have been walking on the treadmill more (no arm swinging per doc) this week but other than that I have actually been really watching everything else and taking it easy. I still can't believe that I have been so wiped out and it has been taking me so long to build up any endurance on the treadmill with my lovely slow walk.
My blood glucose levels are still running around 120. I did talk to both the PS and my primary care today about it. Right now they are ok with it. Said it is completely normal response to the surgery/infection/swelling/healing process. But with it running higher that would be part of why I seem to be healing slower.
I have had mixed feelings this week about how my breasts look. I feel like I look a little lopsided and I am feeling like my nipples are kinda pointing towards the outside. I don't know if part of it is because of the swelling pockets or not. The open wounds are healing. The right side is almost healed up now. The left is being slower this week. I don't know. Some days I feel like they are starting to look good then other days I am just bleh about how they look. Don't get me wrong, I feel so much better all around. I just didn't expect to have these kinds of feelings. It's not like I had pretty sexy boobs before the surgery lol.
My husband has been trying to help me out as much as he can. He will definitely remind me to not do things and when I need resting. I have been lucky that he has been so supportive through this whole process.

Did you know NSAIDs can back you up?

I haven't been on any prescription pain meds since week 3 and that was only due to the infection causing more pain. But this past week I had started taking Aleve every night for a couple of reasons. One -my joints have really been bothering me; two - I have still had so much swelling. I have done some light massage but even that hasn't really help the swelling which is unusual for me. Anyway, after four days of not having a bm I started taking something to help me to go. After a couple days that still hadn't worked. I was starting to really get concerned and my belly was getting pretty distended. By that point I had started doing stomach massage at night in myself (I used to be a licensed massage therapist before my wrists blew out). So I started looking at all my meds and what else I was doing different to see what the culprit was. Well it turns out that that NSAIDs if used daily can cause this problem for some people. And I seem to be one of those more sensitive. So anyway, I quit taking it every night and doing some massage and reflexology to get things back on track. It seems to be helping. :) although my joints are not liking me with the weather changing back to 20 degrees and snow. Ugh! But at least I'm not completely backed up or at the hospital lol

7 weeks. Wow

It's been a pretty decent week. I've been walking on he treadmill daily. I'm still not allowed to swing my arms due to the open wounds I have had along the incision lines. My sleeping has gotten better and I'm actually starting to feel more normal in energy levels finally. Due to the type of work I do I'm still on medical leave and that is starting to get hard. I'm not use to being stuck at the house. It turned cold again and my husband and I are still fairly new to the area so none of our family are close by. That part has been hard for me.

My open wounds on the right breast have now all closed up. The one on the left is taking it's time. Hopefully it will close up this next week. I have still been eating extra protein and drinking more water than I normally would plus making sure I have my vitamins. On the plus note my blood glucose levels and finally starting to come down. Last couple ones were around 105. Much better than 130.

Overall I have feeling ok. I am so thankful that I had this surgery done because my back, neck, and head have been so much better since. I do have my frustration periods because of the scaring the infection has caused but nothing can be done about that for awhile. My doctor doesn't even want me doing massage on the scars yet because of all the issues I have had. But I know it just takes time. And sometimes my husband has to remind me that the settlement of the tissue,swelling and everything takings 6 months to a year for a lot of people. I have to remind myself I'm not even 2 months out.

Remember even at this point there are still internal sutures. I'm still spitting some :/ And you should still be careful how fast you raise your arms and how far. Remember to listen to your doctor. For me, I'm still on limitations with all that. Bleh. But soon!

8 weeks overdid it a little- more swelling:(

So I just finished up at my 8 week check up. So I want to start with a few stats. At surgery I was 178pounds- now 175 after gaining 5 pounds during that first month of no activity. 602g was removed from left breast and 643g was removed from right. I couldn't remember the amounts so I had to ask at my appointment today.

8 weeks was officially on Monday so I had been increasing my activity level. I had noticed a couple of things- 1) my right side became really sore and tender again 2) increase in swelling that had just started to go down a little. So I got in a little trouble for not listening to my body with my activity. I tried to think what I had done and I had realized I had been playing outside with our pups more- throwing ball and sticks for them. That will do it!

So more about the appointment. since I had overdone it this past week, I am more swollen again and am suppose to be easing into things- not going full force. Good thing I still have 4 weeks before going back to work.

My open wounds are still healing. It is a slow process but I've never been a quick healer. The one on my right breast was healed but then had a blister form and busted so that is now healing up.

I started using the silicon sheets this week and the scar gel when the sheets are not on. I feel like the scars actually are a little more pink this week but maybe that is just me

Anyway, even though I'm not the most patient person and want the healing to be done it is a process. And I have to remain patient as both my doctor and husband tell me. Overall, I am very happy with my new boobies. They may not be perfect and they still have some healing to go but they are so lightweight and perky. Even with the swelling I'm still so much smaller than i was before surgery. My ps took some po pics today and the difference from Presurgery to now almost made me break down in the office. I lived with such large breasts for so long, now seeing them was so hard to see how large I really was. Even my before pic here seems small compared to the one they had.

Anyway, unless something major happens I am not updating again until my 3 month mark. Hopefully then more swelling is down and the open wounds are all healed up. Until then- Happy healing!!
Bozeman Plastic Surgeon

He has had a wonderful bedside manner. He has been very caring with my post care. When I have had to reach him with questions he has returned calls in a very timely manner. The staff at the office have been great to work with and have been patient with all the questions I have had.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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