in my 40's Wanted to Keep my Breast the Same Age As the Rest of my Body. 375cc hp silicone

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I noticed this year that the firmness in my breast...

I noticed this year that the firmness in my breast had really started to change and I decided to be proactive and instead of waiting a few years until I might be really unhappy with them and then make a change. I researched allot and found photos of befores that looked similar to mine and then looked at the after photos and liked what I saw. I then contacted a few doctors and patients and decided where I was going to go. My doctor was booked three months out but I wanted to feel like I was using the best doctor for me considering this would be a permanant change to my body. One is lower because it has had an easier time dropping this is only 13 days out and the other breast was more work and is still sitting higher. I did talk to the doctor and this was the expectation as he feels the higher one needed more compensation with the lift due to the individual breast. He feels confident it will drop as well. Implants are under the muscle.

14 days out

Seeing changes. wondering how it all will come out. Scarring is going pretty well considering 14 days out. Seeing my doc. soon to see if it is coming along the way it should.

15 days out

15 days out waiting for the squarer one to round out!

Day 17

Day 17 doesn't look as off when looking at the bigger picture. I also noticed that when the one that isn't as far down fills out the bottom more the nipple does change to the more rounded shape of the other. The higher one is the one that I had the lollipop lift on and it is dropping at a slower rate than the other and is to be expected.

pain and assemitry

I'm still in pain and still not even so waiting to see how it goes. Each breast went through a different procedure so I'll keep you posted.

Still Hurts

Hopefully will even out soon.

20 days out

Still have allot of sensitivity. I have found a warm rice pillow really helps. Seeing the doc. Next week for a follow up.

23 days out

23 days out. Seems to be progressing. Discomfort still there but soon much better.

12 days out

This is what they looked like in my clothes 12 days out. I'm happy with the results and think they look very natural.

20 days out.

20 days out in new swimsuit top.

Before and after

Red shirt with padded bra before breast augmentation blue is after augmentation of 375cc.

Before and after

25 days out

25 days out. Wish the lifted one would catch up to the other side. Have my follow up with the doctor tomorrow.

25 days

25 days

26 days out

If you didn't notice the doctor cut all the way around both my areola's and one has a vertical incision from the lollipop lift. Then there is another incision in the crease underneath. Everyday after my shower I put on the silicone ointment and then the scar sheets. The doctor did say he couldn't believe the scars were less than a month out. I do believe these products have helped so I am posting a photo of them.

26 days out

They are still uneven. This was part of the plan so when they settle they will be even. Doctor said to massage them and that they look great at this early stage in recovery.

scar sheets

I only try and take them off once a day to limit pulling on the breast. I also only clean them with warm water when they loose sticky power. Helps keep stuff from rubbing on incisions and helps healing. They last 4 to 7 days. Cost is about $20 per box. Generic is cheaper but stickier. I would use brand name for the first couple of weeks.

Day 28

Pain has become very manageable. Found out I went from a 32 c to a 32DDD. That was a surprise. Had lots of fun at VS today.

New bra

Got my new VS bra!

Day 31

Love my new shape! I feel young again:-)

Day 36

Day 36. Feeling pretty good. Only notice minor discomfort at times. Nipples still ate a little to sensitive but getting better. Almost feel normal.

Day 36

Day 36

44 days out

44 days out. One with the lollipop lift is still higher. The doctor said it could take about 6 months. I am the only one who notices. Nipples seem to be looking note alike. Still using scar gel and silicone sheets. Sheets don't look cool but who cares under your clothes and I want good long term results. Lollipop lift on one and purse string lift on the other.

scaring on 3/11/14 vs 4/11/14

It's amazing how well the lollipop lift had healed cannot be fast enough for me though. Here are two pics with a month in between. Surgery date was 2/20/14

2 months out!

Yeah. Two months out and they look way more even. Scarring continues to improve. Love the Victoria secret dream angels demi lightly lined.

Two months

They keep getting better and feel great!

Love bra shopping for 32ddd

My new favorite bra! Bra shopping was fun before but I got the look I wanted until I took the push up bra with all the padding off. Now no padding! !!! Yeah.

fun stuff

Okay just one more I love the new bras!

Finally evening out

Boobs are way more even my body is slightly tuned in the photo.

2 month side profile

Finally feel like they are sticking out the way they are supposed to. When they were high the nipples were more downward. Feeling great. Back to my old self.

9 weeks

9 weeks out and happy

2 months and one week out

Loving my results

6 months out

Feeling really good about my results no longer think about size or compare myself to others as much. I feel I have the right size for my body and my personal style.

almost 7 months out

Feeling great.

11 months out!!!

Closer to 50 than I am to 40! Way to start the new year. My motto work on what you can:-)

I love my new proportions.

I always thought my lower body looked larger than it was because the upper body was so small I feel really evened out now. Bra is a sale one from VS.

Swimsuit this summer and a before photo.

Now I don't have to situate them!

Another before.

before BA

Wanted these side by side.

Wanted these side by side major difference in clothes!

Before and after

Didn't know how much better I like them now until I got my before pics back!

Side view laying down.

At 11 months they are pretty soft.

Before and afters

I left a photo out.

45 years old. Lollipop lift and purse string lift 375 silicone 1 year and over two months out

Very happy with the continual progress. I am 5'4" and 115 lbs. I went from a small 32C to a 32DDD. I have a curvy frame and wanted my top to match my bottom. Scars are extremely minimal at this time. My husband says he can't even see them.

375 implants comparison from first 14 days to now

I took the original photos down because I hated them so much but because so many of you are very concerned about the early results I thought I'd repost my beginning results against my current results.

2 years and 4 months

So glad I did this still.

I have had many questions went back in and resized because I was unsure and they have had continual patients with me and I have had little pain and am very pleased with the way the healing is progressing. I have noticed quite a change in just the last day.

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