32, 5'6, 130lbs..310cc Natrelle Inspira SRX (ultra full profile)

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I'm 32, 5'6, and closer to 130lbs. After not...

I'm 32, 5'6, and closer to 130lbs. After not finding too many girls with very similar stats and implant size I figure I'll add my review. I have never had big boobs but lost most volume after I took up weight lifting after my 1st soon was born. I now have a 3 and 6 year old. I always said I'd like an augmentation but never thought I'd actually do it. I've been proud of my athletic build, but after seeing a friend's augmentation thought why not me? Just tired of not filling out clothes, especially sports tanks and sports bras. You can sculpt most of your body with weight lifting, but not your breasts.

I did some research and only went to one consultation. I really like the doctor and after a month of going back and forth between absolutely not and definitely yes, I booked it and said life is too short! I'm not sure of my BWD, but I think it's pretty small 11ish? Not even 100% sure what before bra size was...34A I think. At the consultation my doctor suggested 275 - 325 cc's and I end up feeling really comfortable at 300 cc's...Natrelle style 20 (high profile).

I wasn't too stressed about the surgery, mostly just worried about the right size. On the day of the surgery, this morning September 29th, the doctor mentioned the new Inspira implants . The surgery went really great. Arrived at the plastic surgery office at 7am, got changed and my IV in, talked to the doctor and the anesthesiologist, and back I went. I was waking up back in my room write about 9am. Had a few tears as I woke up, but otherwise woke up and felt good, not sick.  Definitely pain in my chest, was more painful than I thought it would be although I didn't really know what to expect. Nurse got me a few doses of pain meds, I walked a little, and got my instructions.  I did have to lay down for one dizzy spell, but that's common with anesthesia.

Ended up getting 310cc Natrelle Inspira SRX, which is the smooth shell, responsive gel, ultra full profile. I was a little worried when I read "ultra full profile", but I trust the doctor and think they will look great in a few months.

Resting right now and keeping up on pain meds for a day or two after I felt how bad it hurt right after the surgery. My husband is home with me today and tomorrow and will have the kids at daycare Thursday and Friday. I'm worried about next week, as my husband have to travel out of town Sunday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon. The house will just have to be put together in a couple weeks after my boys take it over...eeeek!

1 Day Down and Feeling Great

Slept good last night, glad I set my alarm to take meds. Get sore after 5-6 hours of taking Oxy. Valium seems to work well. Had my post op appointment and Dr said looking great. Got my first full look and love the size. He didn't think I could fit anything bigger anyway.

PS: I never realized how hard it was to take boob selfish LOL

4 Days...ups and downs!

Overall I think my recovery had been good. I haven't had too much pain, but definitely moments of hurt. I really want to get off oxy, but when I only have Tylenol I end up feeling crappy. Nurse made a comment about Vallium helping with muscle tightness, so I've been taking 2 a day even though they don't seem to make the pain better. Thinking they will help with doing. It's funny how doctors have such different "rules". No icing, he says blood flow will help recovery better. No massage to make sure pocket is good. I have a compression bra to wear 24/7 for 4 weeks and then daytime for 4 more weeks. Not super comfy, but hope it gets great results! Don't think incisions look too pretty, but too early to tell.

I love the size, but I'm worried how they will change add they D&F. Is it common to lose size or will they appear bigger as they settle? Don't have greed, but hoping they don't shrink too much.

Also, how soon did you get back into the bedroom?? I think if I just lay there and hubby doesn't mind compression bra I'll need good to go!

Back to Work

Yep, had to put my phone down and everything I typed disappeared :( First day back to work if good. I have a desk job so nothing too crazy. My husband left for business yesterday and won't be back til Wednesday night :( My 3 and 6 year old have been good helpers so far but I forsee pizza and cereal for dinner each night haha! Pain is good. Planning to stay off Oxy. Took 2 Tylenol this morning and probably take 4 more by bedtime. Still doing Vallium to help with tightness. My main complaint is the compression bra that I have to wear for 7 more weeks. I can live with covering it up, but just not comfortable! Here are a couple picts from yesterday.

Waiting Game

I'm 11 days postop and feeling pretty good, but mentally hard to take it easy. I've only been taking Tylenol about once a day, no real pain, but some sore areas. Mostly sore on my sides, area under my armpit/side boob. I've been trying to stay with orders to not lift over 5lbs for 2 weeks but definitely have a couple times. I really want my pockets to heal correctly, but I'm going crazy today not cleaning/organizing the house!!

I've been good wearing my provided compression bra 24/7. Feels good taking off for shower but after that I'm usually ready for it again...like the support. I did buy some simple v-neck tees at Target that fit great and show off the girls just enough. I love my size so far! Jessy what I wanted to feel sexy and full out clothes better, but most people probably won't notice a big change unless they are looking.

3 Weeks and Feeling Good!

Just had my 3 week checkup today and all is well! Dr said I'm looking great and to expect some more dropping in the next month. My left is still sore/uncomfortable a little bit, but Dr thought that it was normal soreness. I have to wear my postop compression bra for 5 more weeks, but can start sleeping without it in 1 more week. No massages or anything special to do. Just keep trying to use both arms 50/50. Still no weight lifting or running, but he said light legs was ok. Might start some treadmill walking and bodyweight leg exercises soon. Before surgery I exercised at 4am Mon-Fri, so this break has been good mentally and the extra hour of sleep has been great. It's going to be painful getting up so early again, but I just love the feeling once that workout is done!

I'm really looking forward to my next checkup at the end of November! I should be cleared to wear a normal bra ???????? I've never bought a bra at Victoria Secret and can't wait to find something cute!

I don't see much change in my pictures, but here are some from this weekend and today.

Remembering where I came from...

Quick comparison began preop, 5 days postop, and 21 days postop. I'm really happy my Dr recommended the high profile! They give me nice size without huge volume.

1 Month Postop!

1 month postop! I've been feeling better and better each week! I never had too bad of pain, but 2 weeks ago was having a constant sensitivity on my left side. That is mostly gone now, nipple is much less sensitive, and haven't had any sharp stabbing pains for 1-2 weeks. I told my husband they looked like they were bigger last night, so guess you could say they are fluffing :) They are still dropping some and are a little softer, but hope they soften up much more...want some jiggle :) My incisions are falling right above my fold which looks like the perfect place to me. I hope they don't fall too much farther down so that underwires don't bother them.   I can now go braless at night, which I thought I'd be excited for, but I'm positive I'd rather have the extra support. I might find a comfy night bra to at least change out of my postop compression bra that I have to wear during the day for another 4 weeks.

Best money I've spent!

Drop & Fluff Comparison

5 Days vs 28 Days postop...my advice is to take pictures each week. It really helps show you the complete transformation!

First Fitting

I'll be 8 weeks on Tuesday and my next checkup is the week after Thanksgiving. I couldn't help but get a fitting now that I'll be cleared to wear something besides my postop compression bra! I went to a local lingerie shop and was fitted to 32D. At Victoria Secret I was 32DD and 32DD depending on the style. Of course my favorite one didn't come in a DDD. I didn't buy anything yet. I'm hoping to catch some good deals online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! I only got 310cc, but the high profile really upped my cup size.

All Clear

I had my 2 month checkup on Monday and finally got the all clear! He thought everything looked great and I can now wear what I want and workout however I want! I had to wear a postop compression bra for 8 weeks and I'm so thrilled to wear a bra...but I ordered them all online on black friday so here I wait. They should be delivered today!!! I'm trying 2 VS sports bras...fingers crossed one of them works out. The 32DD in the style I liked was too small and they don't make 32DDD in it so trying 34DDD. I'll try to post pictures of the ones that work out.

I'm getting back into my regular workouts, starting with light weight. Everything feels great except when the chest muscles are really used...that just feels odd. Triceps today were really light because they activate so much of the chest!
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