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A little background, I am 5'7" and around 140...

A little background, I am 5'7" and around 140 pounds. I do quite a bit of weight lifting, which is mainly why I am wanting to get my breasts done. I used to be a small C large B, but after starting to focus on my health and fitness a lot more, my boobs have really changed. I now can sort of fit into a 34A, but my breasts are completely deflated on top and my breast plate is very visible. It makes me extremely self conscious, and shirts just do not fit right anymore. I can afford to do the surgery now, so I am!

I went in for my consult on 8-24-15. The staff were all very nice, although the doctor seemed sort of rushed. I tried on a few sizes and picked out 240cc silicone implants. I am not 100% sure on the implant size though, now I am thinking when implanted it might not even be a big enough jump to get the results I want. The nurse who assisted me said she hears "I wish I would have gone bigger" fairly often, and I don't want to be one of those people. Anyone have any advice on that?

Current picture

Changed implant size!

I called today and paid for half the surgery cost and changed my implant to 320cc :). I am getting so excited.

After seeing the pictures that were taken in the dr's office, I was very upset. To me they look way different in the mirror than they do in the pictures, I didn't realize my natural breast looked so bottomed out. I am so happy that I can do this now. It's silly to be upset by such a trivial thing, I guess, but I used to have really beautiful looking breasts. It sort of seems unfair that all the focus on my fitness/health led to a complete loss of my favorite body part, but oh well.

My husband is so supportive, which helps a lot. He has continually told me he really does not care what size they are and I look beautiful either way.

16 days to go!

16 days to go and it can'take go by fast enough! I have our hotel room booked and everything paid for and ready to go. I posted a wish boobs pic, that is where I am hoping to end up size wise.

I still haven't ordered any silicone strips as I am not sure which ones I should go with. Anyone have any recommendations for those?

7 Days to Go!

The office called me on Monday to confirm sizes for ordering. I asked for a little more details on which specific style was being ordered and was told Allergen Natrelle, however they are ordering a couple different sizes/profiles around what I wanted too. I am beyond excited, just hoping this last week goes quickly.

I am staying in town at a hotel from 11/4 - 11/7, as we have several things going on in Billings during those days. I am hoping I am not too sore to walk around and take care of things with my husband.

I have ordered ice packs and Bio-Oil for the recovery period, but not much else. I have seen others lists of things to buy, but I don't want to buy things I won't wind up using. My husband might have to make some late night Target runs if I change my mind :)

Less than 24 hours to go!

Less than 24 hours to go! Pretty excited, starting to get a wee bit nervous. I am hoping they turn out very rounded and I don't wind up with a larger version of the shape I am working with now.

I also work in an entirely male office, so I am not sure what to wear on my first day back (next Wednesday). I might just get a butt load of button up plaid shirts to wear for a while. I am fairly certain most of my business shirts won't fit after this anyway.

On the other side

Well they are in! At my hotel relaxing. I cant take my post op bra off until tomorrow, so I will upload pictures then. They look pretty big. I wound up getting Inspira SRM 330cc implants.

How they look so far

Here they are so far. I wish i could take this off and look! Very bloated and I have very limited movement in my arms. Not too much pain, just a lot of pressure and feeling like my skin is stretching way too far.

Post op appointment

I went to my post op appointment, so far everything looks good. The left one is a little more swollen and is missing some feeling on the skin. I can shower today, but I am just waiting until later.

They look pretty big right now, but that is okay with me. I imagine they will shrink a little when the sweeling goes down.

Still pretty swollen, not much pain, just a lot of tightness.

Morning boob?

Oh my, morning boob is just awful. Everytime I lay down for more than an hour it feels like my pecs contract and won't let up for 20 minutes or so. They gave me percocet and valium, I think I am just going to take the percocet at night to sleep, and valium throughout the day. Still not much pain, just tightness. Hoping this doesn't last too much longer.

I had my post op appointment yesterday and they gave me 2 compression bras to wear, which are fairly comfy. They are very thin though, so I think I may need to buy some nipple petals just in case.

I showered for the first time yesterday and that felt amazing. I wish I could take a bath though, but not for a few more weeks :(.

On the brighter side, they told me I can walk around and do light cardio as long as my heartrate doesn't get over 140 BPMs. That should be easy, even the stair stepper doesn't kick my heartrate up that much.

Still having a hard time finding clothes. I went to TJ Maxx and Target yesterday and couldn't find much that buttons up in front. There is a higher end cosignmemt store in my home town, so I think I will just try going there.

Other than that, not too much news. I average about 5 hours of sleep before evil morning boob wakes me up. I will post some updated pics, but I don't think they have changed much yet. I tried to put on my one old bra I brought with me, which was mildly humorous, it doesnt even sort of fit.

2 days

5 days

Doing pretty well over here. Really not much pain at all, still a bit of morning boob each AM. I am only taking the percocet and valium at night. I love the way they look!

The left breast is still sitting fairly high, the right one appears to have dropped a bit. I tried to get some pictures of the incisions, but they still have glue and I am scared of tearing something.

My abs have pretty much left the building, but oh well. I'll Be back in the gym soon.

My follow up appointment is the 23rd, and I am back to work tomorrow. Today I am going on a quest for new shirts.


Oh my incisions are driving me insane today. The glue is starting to come off and it just itches. Also felt very nauseated today, I tried to go without valium or pain killers and I think it was not a good idea.

Still loving how they look, feeling still missing on most of the left breast, but it seems to be slowly coming back.

First Follow Up

I had my first follow up appointment yesterday. Everything went well, and my Dr. was freaking out (happy freaking out) how far along I am. My incisions are completely closed and no longer swollen. I don't have any pain and according to the surgeon how they are sitting and size wise now is how they are going to be permanently. I don't have to return until a year, and can resume working out upper body in another 6 weeks.

Pretty happy with everything so far, I want to go get sized but the only place here is Victoria's Secret and the last time I tried getting sized there it wasn't accurate at all. I am hoping to do some sizing at home in time to order something besides this post op bra. While it is fairly comfortable, the straps on it are so wide and it sits so high, I can't wear any normal shirts to work.

Other than that nothing too interesting, my experience with surgery has been pretty pleasant.


I enlisted my husband to help size me at home, I got a band measurement of 30 and a bust measurement of 38. I put that into some online calculators, which gave me insane sizes like 30G.... yeah no, definitely not. Victoria's Secret had a sizing video online, which measured the bust a different way and I wound up with 34D. That seemed right, so I bought a Champions sports bra in that size, fits like a glove!

I am having a bit of difficulty working out without incorporating my arms or chest at all. Every ab excersise I enjoy involves the arms/chest somehow so that is proving to be a bit difficult. Flexing chest muscles with implants under them feels sort of funny at the moment, not painful, just like my muscle is trying to contract but can't fully. I like to do roman chair/hanging leg raises, but when I purch my arms up I feel my chest muscles contract and start freaking out. Getting back into the groove with the gym is proving to be the most difficult part in this journey, I suppose it will just take time.

Loving them!

I finally went bra shopping, I measure at a 34D, but none of the 34D bras at Victoria's Secret fit right. I wound up trying on 32D, the band about cut my circulation off, and 34C, which was comfy, but the cups don't cover my side boob. I bought one anyways (34C) because it was comfy and made the girls look nice, but I think I am going to look at some Wacoal bras. I never realized how hard it was to find cute bras in any other brand than Victoria's Secret. Frederick's also has nice ones, but they are all push up.

I did develop some Mondor Chords last month, but they went away. They were quite umcomfortable, felt like someone was pinching the crease of my boob whenever I lifted my left arm.

My natural breasts were fairly uneven, and I noticed I am still not 100% even after implants, but I am not sure it is that noticeable? My husband says he doesn't see it, so maybe it is just me.

Getting back into the gym doing upper body is different. My implants move all around when I am using my pecs, not painful really but is funny to watch and will take some getting used to. Still working on losing some of the fat I put on while lounging around, it will take some time I imagine. Still 100% happy with the decision to get them, I got a lot of body confidence back that I was missing.

Chest day - ouch!!

I tried lifting chest 2 days ago, started off very light from what I normally do. It felt fine while doing it but holy crap the last two days have been awful. A very strange soreness compared to what I am used to. I can hardly lay on my side.

Still happy with them, although I was hoping my implants would have made my breasts closer together, but I still have a pretty large gap between them. I wound up with quite a bit of "side boob" as well, which I wasn't expecting, not really a bad thing, but something to get used to.
Billings Plastic Surgeon

I spent far more time with the nurses than my surgeon. He was nice and cordial when I spoke with him though, and I love his work!

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