Bad decision. Bad rhino. Bad attitude.

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Dr. Ghavami and I didn’t see eye to nose. He...

Dr. Ghavami and I didn’t see eye to nose. He thinks my nose looks good while I think not only does it not look good, it looks worse than before surgery. He attempted to fix a deviated septum and refine a bulbous tip. There was slight improvement in the very upper part of my nose where there was an unevenness between the left and right sides; however, my tip and nostrils are now much worse. Three years post surgery, I still have a deviated septum, a ball like round tip, flared and wide nostrils, deep alar creases, left notched nostril, low bridge, highly projected tip, tip and lip droopiness and slight loss of upper lip motion (which may or not be temporary). I hate how I now look in photos; there is only one good angle (my right side profile) where the bulbousity and flared nostrils do not show. On my social network profiles it’s apparent that since my surgery all of my photos are of a right side view only with my lips closed. Although I don’t Photoshop, I have occasionally resorted to shrinking my nose on my phone photo app when a straight on photo reveals an unbalanced face because of my nose.
In each of the three years after my primary rhino, I asked my doctor for a revision. In the first year he explained it was too early as the nose had to heal; the second year he didn’t agree to a revision (therefore I started seeking outside opinions). In that second year he gave me a shot (kenalog I believe) in my tip to shrink scar tissue that had formed; the third year he said he could see what I was upset about and agreed to a tip revision. He gave me a 2nd kenalog shot. A few months later at the revision pre-op appointment - he changed his mind because swelling had subsided and he now thought my nose looked good. Instead of completely scrapping the revision, he shortened the columella in an office procedure not without telling me they normally don’t do comp revisions at year three. But the problem had been there since year one???? I was grateful for the improvement as my columella had been hanging very low; however, the tip and nostril flaws were still apparent. Months later, I approached him once more. His response to my revision request was that he ‘was done with my nose’ and that if I wanted it revised I would have to go elsewhere. He likened me to Michael Jackson seeking perfection. I don’t know why he said that - it’s not as if he had revised my nose again and again yet I was still unsatisfied. I got the impression that he thought I was complaining about a new problem every time he saw me yet they were the same problems that were there since year one! I wasn’t expecting perfection; however, I was expecting to look better than I did before surgery.
Over the last two years I have consulted with A LOT of revision experts. Their recommendations ran the gamut from ‘do nothing’ to complete reconstruction including the septum using rib bone. I think that some of the doctors that said ‘do nothing’ (including my own) looked at my static nose in a snippet of office time whereas I live with it dynamically 24/7. I see in pics a shapeless and flabby nose … I sense how my nostrils flare when I smile thus I now halt at a grin, I feel that when I speak my upper lip lags a bit and it didn’t before. During my consults with these ‘do nothing’ doctors - not one of them asked me to smile for them nor did they ask to see old photos to compare what my nose looked like now to what it looked like before. If they had they would have seen my results were not an improvement; specifically when I smile. Instead of doing these things, they would enter the consult room to the right of me (my good side), peek at my static nose, and say ’what are you talking about…it looks good!”.
To be fair to Dr. Ghavami, many of the other doctors I consulted with said he is a reputable rhinoplasty surgeon and that I should go back to him. One highly respected doctor said due to my skin thickness I was a difficult case to begin with. My tendency to scar had a great deal of impact on how my nostrils and tip shape formed. I also believe that he thought my nose didn’t look all that bad and that was why he was unwilling to take a risk to operate on me again and make my nose look worse. He even told me that my nose wasn’t all that bad to begin with - which I think implies I shouldn’t have taken a risk in having the primary surgery. If that’s the case, then why was he willing to operate on me (and take my money) in the first place? . If the doctor is unwilling to perform risky revision; that’s understandable…but there must be at least some less risky small aesthetics improvements that could be made? Reduce nostril width, narrow the skin at the columella, perhaps lift the tip with a suture, some filler in the empty part of the upper nose?
Dr. Ghavami ‘s office was made aware of this review in advance as I sent it to him along with photos. I wanted to give an opportunity for response prior to posting this irrevocable review. They did respond, which I appreciate…they thanked me for letting them know but maintain ‘that your results are wonderful and your photos reflect that. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors with surgery”
Yes, wish me luck that I am successful when I fork out the dough to pay for costly revision with someone else that hopefully has follow through.

nostril pics


front before

better nostrils and some shape to the tip

front view after

no shape to tip, round like a ball

nose with smile before

some natural nostril flare

nose and smile after

longer nostril length and lots of flare, bunny/scrunch lines on top of nose worsened because bridge very low/excess skin


I notice on Doc G'S profile the good reviews show the positive narrative while ;the negative reviews (such as mine) rarely show the negative narrative. I will have to ask Realself about this as its a shame to spend so much time and effort to post pics and write the review only to have it buried in my profile and not on his. In the past (before i was his patient) i read a few reviews that suggested fake positive reviews were posted every time a negative review appeared. AMAZING and BEST references appearing in brief reviews always make me a bit skeptical. ..but I have no idea if this is true. However the sane day I informed his office that I was going to post a review about my still deviated septum and flared nostrils...A brief positive review suddenly appeared and ironically the patient thanked the doctor for fixing a breathing problem and flared nostrils. There was also reference to his meeting the patients *realistic expectations* which ( also ironically) was implied by him that I didn't have. ..I guess to expect a nose to look better (and function better) than it did before his surgical skills were applied is downright cRaZy!!!

before and after

My nose has no sale or character now.

Worse than thought

Left nostril collapsed. Breathing obscured. Inadequate oxygen can deprive your skin! Doc G. Was aware of the collapsed nostril because it was visible when I last saw him last. He took pics and didn't say anything nor ask. I didn't know what to call it when I saw him in his office. I simply pointed out the thin slit like left nostril opening and asked 'should I be concerned?' And he waived it off as cosmetic and if I were expecting too much. It isn't minor nor cosmetic...its functionally impaired, Other dictors say its collapsed because of the surgery...inadequate support...over resected. Also had two docs comment after reading operating report that my lip muscle was severed by doc G. . This made my lip longer! Not just appear longer due to the shortening of the nose...literally longer! Also certain stitch technique favored by ghavhami resulted in flared nostrils, that was the literal comment made by during well known revision specialist. Ugh, what a nightmare this has become,

breathing problems

Constantly stuffed up nose led me to get cat scan of sinuses. Results are leftward deviation of 4 cm, atrophy of bilateral middle and inferior turbinates (aka empty nose syndrome), large right middle turbinate concha. These are all within the nasal cavity and a result of my surgery. What did he fix? NOTHING! He made everything worse from the inside function to the outside aesthetics! Next step ENT through my health insurance to get opinion about fixing what Dr. GHAVHAMI did to my nose. Shame on him to not give my money back!

See for yourself

Look at the 'not recommended reviews' on the other rating website. Lots of meat there. Unfortunately the bad reviews are buried...including mine. So much for honesty and keeping it real! Thankful for Realself for being unbiased.

Yelp not Help

I posted on Yelp and next day another well written negative review was posted. Both reviews were moved to the 'not recommended section'. So Yelp claims advertisers can't remice negative reviews but it appears to me they can be pushed to the back of the bus? There are a lot of negative reviews in the not recommended section and there seems to be a theme. Check it out yourself and please review the pics uploaded by clients at the very end ...beyond the good looking pics uploaded by his office. I was shocked by one of them.

Decision time

I want a revision for certain. It's not about just looking better...but about looking more like 'me'. I'm considering Frankel. Sheramini, Calvert and Talei. I may consult with Randall Haworth because he does great lip lifts and I need one since Dr. G dissected my lip muscle thus making it literally longer. Unfortunately there is no easy fix of my tip per these doctors. They all want to remove or adjust the tip shield and deproject my tip. Basically deconstruct the nose. On this site I've seen many bad rhinos where the doc has made the nose crooked, too upturned or pinched tip ...basically too small but never have I come across a doctor thar seems to favor building up a nose to the point where it looks ridiculous. I liken it to 'Frankenose' where it looks like the nose was built with components that do not go together. See the 82nd photo on his yelp review as well as the Ghavami revision on Dr. Frankels profile to see what I mean.


The docs basically want to try to give me my old nose back by removing some of Ghavami's extra 'stuffing' in my tip...much like this woman (ghavami yelp review photo no. 82)


Recently revised by Andrew Frankel another Ghavami overly built up 'FrankenNose'. I just don't get it!


I chose not only one but two surgeons to fix the mess Ghavami caused me. One will perform a modified nearly scar less lip lift and the other a revision rhino and septoplasty. Both perform only facial plastic surgeries and are also ENT's. While I loved the surgeon that will perform the lip lift ...and felt i easily could have trusted him with my nose....I chose a different doctor for the rhino because he specializes in reconstructive surgery. He's the go to guy for sports teams when the guys get their noses busted. I want my nose not only more natural looking but strong, functioning and built to last.

surgery scheduled

I'm finally having nose surgery next week! The doc is confident in what needs to be done as he has performed several Ghavsmi revisions. All I want is a natural looking nose that breathes easily!

Revision complete:

Dr. Ben Talei performed my revision. He is young which made me skeptical at first but after consulting with a dozen doctors over the past two years I felt Dr. Talei resonated as a confident new breed of plastic surgeons. There was a fresgphness about him...I didn't feel like just another number.and he has skills and credentials as an ENT and facial plastic surgeons to back him up. The surgery was expected to be 3 hours but it took 4 because once he opened me up there was more Ghavami crap to work with than the doctor anticipated. It's only been a day and with cast on its hard to tell but I can see my alae and nostrils and they look much better. The unnatural deep alar grooves due to over resection are gone! The flared snarky looking nostrils are round and smoothed out. I am so happy I did this as I owed it to myself to not spend the rest of my life cringing at the appearance of my unnatural looking nose...and the bitterness knowing it was caused by the hands of surgeon that in my experience was incompetent and uncaring. The experience of feeling disregarded was depressingly disheartening. As the cast comes off and time passes hopefully that will be behind me now. Thank you Dr. Talei for being completely professional,

6 weeks post revision

It's been 6 weeks and I had steroid shot at week 3 and nose is doing nicely but the lip is has a ways to go. I think I will really like it when it resolves but for now it looks like I've had a lot of filler on the right side of my lip. Dr, Talei has been great. Returns texts promptly and is a caring doctor. He is a perfectionist and I'm sure if something didn't go well he would stand by his work not just to please the customer but to please himself. I will post more when the swelling resolves. I may be be getting more steroid injection next week.

Revision 6 weeks post op

Revision rhino with lip lift. Minor Swelling in left tip and moderate swelling between nose and lip. My revised nose is less swollen at week 6 than my primary at one year. I think this has to do with the docs suture technique and the early steroid intervention. The lip will probably take another month or so.

Happy Camper

At his insistence Dr. T. sees me every 2 to 3 weeks to manually break up some fibrous skin in my tip...with a needle and water aspiration. He cares enough to be proactive in preventing hardened scar tissue. No more steroid as he doesn't want skin atrophy. Its been nearly 3 months and still some irregular swelling ...and once again he says I am an anomaly with my highly reactive tissue. He's not sure the source but says it could have been prior trauma. I told him that if my nose didn't improve any more in the future....I would still be satisfied....because it looks better than before...and my Ghavami nose was depressing me. Dr. T's response was "I won't be satisfied"....with the result until my nose looks like it did on the operating table...not swollen and scar tissue free. He's a perfectionist and a caring doctor. I'm glad I chose him,

10 weeks post revision

Still swollen but so far much better than before. I feel like my old self. Smirking,

3.5 months post op

It's starting to take shape

Smile came back :)

Finally not too stiff to smile...and my smile and nose look more like they did before my primary with Dr. Ghavami,
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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