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Hi all, I will be undergoing the lip lift...

Hi all, I will be undergoing the lip lift procedure on October 14th, and I am really excited (and a bit anxious too). I don't write reviews often, if ever, but RealSelf has been invaluable to me so I figured I’d pay it back. Besides that, I figured that Dr. Talei doesn't have that many reviews, so I think my reviews is useful both to him and the RealSelf community. I will update you from the day of the procedure throughout the entire healing process, thereby publishing photos, advantages AND disadvantages of the procedure. I will try to be as detailed as possible and promise you my review will be 100% truthful.

Why liplift?
I opted for the lip lift procedure because I have always disliked the area around my mouth. My upper lip covers my teeth and I have always had a duck lip (i.e. a pouty mouth)— I guess it's because my upper lip is too long (?). I hope this procedure will give me less of a duck face and rebalances my face.

Why Dr. Talei?
I chose Dr. Talei for the lip lift because the pictures on his instagram and the videos on youtube look insane! The scars are barely visible, and the results are subtle and natural! We already had a conversation and he is really nice and highly knowledgeable. The price of the procedure will be between $4000 and $5000 dollar, hopefully he will determine the final price soon... I am a hard-working student, so actually I hope the final price will lay around the lower boundary (haha).

Extra details:
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 21

current state of affairs (pre-liplift)

For those who are interested what my lip looks like ATM. I don't dislike the shape of my lips, but I hate the fact that you cannot see my teeth when I open my mouth nor when I smile.

plans changed

Dear followers,

I would like to thank you for your honest advice and comments, I really really appreciate it! To my surprise, many people on this forum started telling me I don't need a lip lift — this got me thinking...

Today, I visited one of the Netherlands' best cosmetic dentists, and she, indeed, told me that my problem does not have that much to do with my lips, nor with my lip-mouth distance. Instead, my 'problem' is the position of my upper teeth and lower jaw. She recommended me that if I wanted to change the appearance of my lower face, I should put heighten my lower molars and lengthen my front teeth. This will cost me around 6000 euros, but I am quite sure it is worth it! I will open a new review for those that are interested in following my veneer journey.

Veneer modelling

Hey all, so today I had an appointment for veneers. My dentist made plastic sample veneers to show me what they will look like (more or less). However, these are just made out of plastic so they still aren't fully representative of the final, porcelain version. I LOOOVE the, what do you guys think?
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