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I met with dr. Brent to talk about face lift:cheek...

I met with dr. Brent to talk about face lift:cheek lift. He is amazing and I have my heart set on him doing this procedure in the future. However I am worried I will be 100 years old before I can save the money. I have a middle class income but I only go to the best doctors. I really felt comfortable with the doctor and he probably suggested procedures I don't feel I need but will use his services for what I want to do. Beverly Hills doctors are not afraid to suggest extra procedures but I know what I want. I hope I can get the funds in next six months.


I found a doctor closer that I am considering

40 Something

My lower face was starting to fall down and I wanted my super sharp jaw line back. I thought it was a little premature to get this done because I was in my 40s but I wanted to top plastic surgeons and they both said it was OK and then I wasn't too young and that I would enjoy the results longer if I did it now rather than 10 years later. I chose one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in my area to do the procedure. He's been doing plastic surgery and reconstruction for like 35 or so years.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr Brent m. Great guy. Saving money to do procedure. I have not done it yet

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