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I got my cellfina procedure yesterday and so far I...

I got my cellfina procedure yesterday and so far I am pleased. The procedure was quick and wasn't too painful. First the doctor marked all my dimples with a sharpie. I had not idea I had so many - 30 in all. After that I waited while the room was prepped. When it was ready I was sterilized on my butt and thighs and then laid face down on the table. The doctor used the cellfina device and went around the regions where I had dimples and injected 4 shots of local anesthesia in each area. The first prick of each region hurt the most and some areas were more painful than others. It wasn't fun but it also wasn't intolerable. Next, he used the same device to suction my dimpled areas and cut the bands under the skin. Some dimples were close together so they could be done at the same time. The cutting sounded like a saw. I tried to not think about that while it was happening because it was a little creepy.

It was over so fast! It's hard to believe that so many women agonize over cellulite and the cure is so simple!

I will say that I wasn't prepared for so much leakage after the procedure. When I stood up it started flowing down my legs. They told me it was the anesthetic fluid mixed with blood but it looked like blood. Gross!!!!! It was a few minutes before it stopped enough so I could pull up my spanx. As soon as I did the fluid seeped through them and I was all wet. Seriously gross. I asked for padding to stick down my shorts and we did the best we could to get the areas that were causing the most leakage. I wore a long black skirt and I think that was perfect for this. No one could tell I had anything going on beneath.

They also gave me pads to sit on while driving home. Good thing because there was bloody fluid all over them when I got home (15 minutes away). I had no idea I would be leaking this much or that it would be so messy. I know some people stick sanitary napkins down their spanx but I have a bunch of puppy pads so I cut them up and stuck them down there and it really worked!!! I also sat on a puppy pad for the rest of the day and put one under me when I slept. I know that they say you can go about your business after the procedure but I wouldn't recommend it. You will be all leaky and wet and sore. I just wanted to chill. Unfortunately I had an appointment to go to but I cut it short and brought a folded dark colored blanket with me to sit on (I said I slid while hiking down a mountain and bruised my backside and the blanket would make sitting more comfortable). The truth is the blanket not only collected any leakage but it also made sitting more comfortable. I would not have wanted to go to a restaurant or do anything where I would need to use the bathroom because each time I pulled down my spanx the fluid started flowing. It got all over my toilet seat and my bathroom floor. By this morning I wasn't leaking anymore. Hallelujah!

My procedure appointment was at 9am and I was walking to my car at 10:48am. I strongly suggest having at least two pairs of spanx so you can wear one while washing the other. You will want to wear spanx because of the soreness. It's hard for me to sit down and I squat over the toilet because it hurts so much to sit on it.

I started taking medical grade arnica two nights before. My bruising is so light. The doctor said that I had the least amount of bruising during the procedure that he has seen. I don't know if it's because of the arnica or my diet or what. I'm happy though because he said the bruising can get pretty bad. In addition to the arnica tablets I am also using arnica gel. That seems to also help with the soreness.

Normally I go on a strenuous 2 mile hike each morning and do about and hour of Pilates, but today I instead went on a four mile walk and no Pilates. It was fine to walk that far. In fact I feel perfectly fine except for when I sit down. As soon as I'm sitting I am fine - it's just the initial part of sitting on a surface that hurts because my butt is so tender.

Of my 30 dimples treated, three were on the front of my right thigh, two were on the outside of my right thigh and three were one the outside of my left thigh. All the rest were in the back.

I cannot recommend this procedure highly enough. If you are thinking about it then do it! Even though I'm sore right now and I have to curtail some of my exercise, I know it will be over soon and my backside will be smooth. I can already see a difference!

Ask me any questions you want and I will continue to update!

48 hours post procedure

It's approximately 48 hours since the procedure and here are my pics. I am really happy with the results so far except for a big indentation on my outside right thigh. That doesn't seem to be smoothing out as well as the others but I'm sure I need to give it time.

I can sit on the toilet (gently) today and I'm definitely feeling a lot less sore. I think by tomorrow I will be feeling really great!

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Procedure went smoothly and efficiently. Dr. M did a great job finding all my dimples. The office staff is friendly and supportive. Highly recommend!

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