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I had all three procedures done at the same time...

I had all three procedures done at the same time so I could get the healing over with at the same time the best decision I made was choosing dr matlock and staying at the Beverly Hills aftercare center for five days after my surgery don't think I would have made it without them! They took amazing care of me temperpedic bed with controls to lift the bottom or top of the bed they fed me anything I wanted and made sure my vitals were good at all times my favorite was percilla but I honestly loved all my nurses!! Highly recommend the facility.

The rest might be a little mumbly because tomorrow is my 2 week mark post op I had minimal bruising I mean minimal the scars are tiny irritating but not painful the worst part of everything was my vajaja the first seven days omg ladies it hurts!!!! Burns but I must say now that the pain is gone and I've looked down there it's prettier I wasn't expecting that! I never had a problem with the way it looked before but it is how should I say cute!!! Lol two more things that are the hardest to deal with getting off the Percocet haven't had any today it really messed with my mood I was snapping about everything yesterday angry crying only have 4 pills left saving them for the next problem I literally have an alien in my stomach and back! It's hard you can feel all the internal swelling and scar tissue it's not painful just really uncomfortable standing up straight feels like its I don't know how to explain it just tight

so yesterday I went to my chiropractor and had a message since they specialize in injuries and scar tissue it felt so good ( I was on a pill ) the only one I took yesterday started ib profen too which has helped a little with the internal swelling its uncomfortable to be naked I wear spanks during the day with my robe or if I leave I put a long loose fitting dress on I smell like I had a baby that's what my sister said she has four I don't have any I also want to say I didn't do top bottom and outside rejuvenation as I didn't need it just bottom and outside from relaxation I'm 26 dr matlock laughed at my consultation and said my vajaja looked like after pictures but its a personal choice just missed the confidence it gave me when I was younger we will see how much of a difference it made in April just to forwarn you ladies you can't even masterbate for six weeks post op which is going to be crazy for me haven't had the earge yet but I'm a at least 3-5 time a week girl even with my amazing sex life I have with my fiancé we have been together three years

ok so this is funny I told him I was getting lipo and he completely disagreed but succumbed because he loves me and wants me to be happy I didn't tell him about the butt or vajaja till he came on the 4 night at the aftercare facility I said are you excited he said ask me in six weeks men so cute! So those are some of the bad things the good I'm 2 weeks post op and I already look amazing!!! I am 5'4 and usually 110 lbs surgery I was 119 tried my hardest to gain for the fat transfer to my butt didn't have much but I didn't want a j lo booty just a little more bubble I had stubborn fat on my abdomen and flanks I know 110 lbs but that was what god gave me I honestly am looking forward to being all healed this alien out of my stomach and to be intimate again oh and these withdrawals to be over with that's a doozy my heart goes out to any one truly addicted to pain meds it's a sad thing now I k ow why my doc only gave me one refill its no joke coming down from them! What I wish I knew before hand was the hardness that comes with the lipo in all my research never read anything about it or else I could have been better prepared other than that I did so much research it's rediculous I knew what I was getting into overall I'm happy just anxious for the six weeks to be up ill post pics when I can broke my phone so don't have pre op pics the doc is emailing I'm not gonna post until I'm at six weeks and ill post before and after good luck!! Enjoy the feel good of the Percocet while it last lol

Sorry it's been so long since my last update!

I'm a year and 4 months post op I am ecstatic with my results the only issue after it all is the loose skin after the lipo on my stomach/back I'm in love with my fat transfer to my rear end I've gained weight but in the right places! I now weigh 123lbs I honestly could work out and eat better! As far as the loose skin I'm doing radio frequency treatments and so far am loving the results! Hope my review helps I've added pictures in order are 6wks/6months/1year

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