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I just had a hair transplant 2 days ago and I will...

I just had a hair transplant 2 days ago and I will try to be as detailed as possible. I hope this will help someone seeking this procedure and this is my first review of anything on the internet because I understand how hair lost can really affect some people.

Let's start with my background.

I am 36 years old male and saw my first big hair shed at age 21 and was in panic because 100's of hair would just fallout in a few hours for no reason and I had a lot of hair so I went to the doctor and got a prescription fro Rogain in 1997 (it was not available over the counter at the time and cost 100 bucks per bottle) and have been using it since. It did help with the shed but I was still loosing hair and 3 years later I also started Propecia. They helped greatly and slowed down the hair lost but my hair is still falling out but they grew back fast.

I am 5'6" and at 127lbs male and my family's been blessed with youthful looking genes and my mother looked like she was in her early 40's even though she was already in her early to mid 50's. She never had anything done and didn't even use sun screen and just some night cream before bed. I have been using sunscreen, eye cream, face cream since the age of 16 and there is not one wrinkle on me. People assume I am in my early to mid 20's.

I like to try on new styles and never had the same style for more than 6 months and form the first sign of hair lost in 1997 to 2009 my hair lost had been gradual, even though I lost over 100 hairs per day it grows back quickly and it didn't effect how I would style my hair.

But since 2009 I started to notice my front and especially the 2 sides right above my temples is going further back and the hair there is just not coming back in or getting thinner. Since than I have been styling my hair like Justin Biber (i started that style before he was ever in the biz) it made me looks even younger but I really didn't want people to see those receding spots and it bothered me a lot. I have been told over and over how silky, nice and beautiful my hair is but under all that hair I was just covering up a big secret. I hated windy weather and getting in the pool.

I thought about getting hair transplant in the country where I was born (I visit there once every 2 years) but decided against it because I wouldn't want my family and friends to know. There is just no way I can hide it if I had it done there but the price was right at $2.50 per FU and one doctor said I needed about 1500 FU for my "Pattern 2, class 2" receding hairline.

The decision:

A few months back I saw a "a deal" on a "group purchasing" website and it had a special for 1,000 FU for $2700 from a Doctor in Beverly Hills so I jump on the deal.
I went for the free consultation and the Doctor determined I needed 1600 FU grafts and the final price for all would be $6,100 (after a $500 discount for being on stand by). This was for the strip removal and harvest from the donor site. He usually charges $7,900 for 1,600 FU (after a $500 discount for being on stand by). It was a saving of $1,800.

The stuff there is super nice and attentive and the doctor friendly. I went through his website and read every detail and saw photos of his clients and he also had some celebrity clients.

The procedure:

I was extremely nervous but the doctor gave me some med to clam me down and 30 mins later my heart was racing sitting in operation chair. I asked for 1/2 more of the med and finally I was better. He use a machine that massages my scalp to distract me and the built in needles gave me many many shots to numb the areas to be treated. They hurt a lot but it was about 10 mins of pain. After that I didn't feel much at all.

The Doctor than made 1000's little holes in my scalp and in the meantime the tech nurse were in another room getting the hair ready. They than came in and sat on either sides of me and started to plant my hair. It was no pain and I almost fall asleep (I only slept for 5 hours the night before). The physical procedure took 4 hours and plus one hour for paperwork and a little snack. I drove myself home.

After the transplant:

I had no major pain and did not need any pain killers but my scalp is numb, especially on the transplant area, top and the donor area. I have been keeping my head elevated and there is no facial swelling even though they injected a lot of saline (I think it moved to the top of my head now). It's not comfortable but no pain. I also washed my hair with a cup last night with soap and all blood is gone but it's starting to itch. I can clearly see the block dots now. I can't wait for the 10th days when they take the stitches out the back of my head and when I am able to do my hair "Biber" style so all the transplant can be covered and I can live my normal everyday life and also allow the hair to grow in secrecy.


The experience itself is less painful than I thought but I am a little concern about my transplants because I had 2 tech nurse one on each side of my head. What if they planted the hair differently? I hope I am not screwed by that. The Doctor did not disclose he wasn't going to physically do the planting himself. I know it's impossible for him to do all that because of the volume but he should have told me. He did came into the room every 15 mins to check on the nurses.

My donor scar is about 7-8 inches long and runs about 3/5 of my head from ear to ear. I hope the scaring won't be bad and I am scared about that.

Coincidentally, I saw another hair restoration clinic in LA is having a "group purchasing" deal for $3,500 for 1400 HF that's a lot cheaper than what I paid and they also use the better (?) Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique instead of the FUT/STRIP technique I had. The FUE would not leave a scar but since I didn't know before my procedure and my doctor did not mention this to me, I guess I am screwed in that sense. However, I was not pleased with the before ad after photos of the less expensive (and more advance?) clinic.

I will keep you guys updated on how I am doing. I hope this will help someone.
I am super itchy right now agh!

It's been 2 weeks since my transplant and it's...

It's been 2 weeks since my transplant and it's going well but part of my scalp is really itchy and another part is a bit numb. My doctor took the stitches out and told me the numbness will subside in a month. The first 5 days after than transplant i didn't experience any hair lost at all it was like my scalp had fallen into a coma but after a week my hair was falling out like crazy but it's finally stopped since yesterday. I hope everything is ok.

The transplant area is really flaky because the scabs are falling off and some transplanted hair had fallen out as explained by my doctor. The follicles will be entering a resting phase for 2-4 months before permanent hair growth.

I have covered up my transplanted area with Justin Biber style bangs and no one so far have noticed.
My next appointment is in 5 months. I will update you than.

Going on to 8th Week after the Transplant: Most...

Going on to 8th Week after the Transplant:

Most of my transplanted hair had fallen out as expected and told by the doctor and my own research. Now the transplanted hair follicles are dormant ad would be for the next 3 months (anywhere from 3-4 months) and the transplanted hair will than grow. However I am seeing a little growth right now not sure if it's new hair or transplanted hair (i was told sometimes they don't fall out and will keep growing but only a very small #'s would). I did experienced a bit of shock lost in week 2-4 but it's back to normal now.

My hair line looks exactly the same and the scar in the back has healed and my scalp is no longer numb. I do feel small bumps on the scar on the back of my head and i will ask a friend to take a pic so I can see what it looks like. However i dont think it's a big deal.

I still wear my hair the same as Justin Biber's bangs and no one can tell I had this done. When i pull my bangs back there is no evidence of any work done and looks completely natural but as I said before the hair has not come in yet. so I am still seeing my receding hairline.

The 2 downside about this is the cost. it was very expensive even at a discounted rate of 1600 hair follicles for $6,100. That's consider a minor (small) transplant and the pain and numbness of the scalp between week 1-4.

So far I can not determine if it's worth it or not.

3.5 months update: The transplanted follicles is...

3.5 months update:
The transplanted follicles is growing and I am seeing 1/4" inch hair filling up the transplanted area. It's wonderful seeing it grow. yeah!!!!!!! I hope it will grow faster and healthy and finally fill in the area with my regular dense dark hair.
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