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I have just booked in my revision rhinoplasty...

I have just booked in my revision rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Frankel and am so excited to hopefully have this be the final surgery in my revision journey. THANK YOU everyone who has posted his or her story and pictures on here. It has led me to Dr. Frankel who truly seems like a master and artist at what he does. I will update you on my own revision journey and will be sharing pictures along the way to hopefully help others make an informed choice.
A bit of background about my case - this will be my fourth rhinoplasty, third revision. My last one was 7 years ago when I just gave up hope of having a beautiful nose. Dr. Frankel has given me that hope back :) He will hopefully correct my overly shortened nose, boxy and highly asymmetrical tip, retracted nostrils, and slightly too wide and scooped bridge. I hope I will tell a positive story on here. Now that I've made the decision, just waiting for the surgery date to finally arrive.. I will be flying in from Europe for it. And I just wish it could come sooner! Wish me luck!! :)) pictures to follow closer to the surgery!

Before pictures

Thought I would post some before pics. Hope they are clear enough! Problems described in my original post above.. Surgery not til December 23rd.

Just a few weeks until surgery...

... And I am getting so nervous!!! I'll definitely do the surgery and have already paid but concerns are starting to arise... What if everyone at work realises that I've had surgery and judges me for it? I'm going back into work just a couple of weeks after surgery. Anyone have experience with this? Is the swelling super obvious?
What if my new nose doesn't fit my face? What kind of nose do I even want? I'm not even sure what fits my face..! I've gotten so used to my less than perfect nose after all these years.. Any words of encouragement are welcome :)

Surgery tomorrow...

Hi all, just to update you on my journey, I arrived into town on Saturday, have met with Dr. Frankel a couple of times now and am ready for my surgery tomorrow! Dr. Frankel explained everything in a lot of detail and I think the plan for my surgery makes sense, addressing multiple concerns, and the simulations are very encouraging. I feel like I'm in really safe and knowledgeable hands :) Vicki has also been amazing, responding to my almost daily questions with extreme efficiency. Wish me luck. Will update you with post op pics soon!


hi all, I'm now a few weeks post op and since many of you have been asking for updates I am posting a frontal picture to show the vast improvement vs the awful tip asymmetry I had previously. I'm still so swollen which is to be expected considering a) my bones were broken to narrow the bridge and bring it down between my eyes, b) there was extensive tip work done with various septal cartilage grafts, c) this was an open rhinoplasty, and d) this is my fourth rhinoplasty! There is a bit of asymmetry in the swelling on either side and my supra tip and bridge are still very swollen so as these things hopefully resolve I will post more pics from different angles. From everything I've read and from my conversations with Dr. Frankel this type of swelling is normal at this stage so I am not worried (most of the time :)). Hope the picture helps and I'll be back with more soon. :)

Nearly two months

Hi all, so I'm almost two months post op and finally starting to feel normal again - both in how I look and how my nose feels. Still a fair bit of swelling, especially in the profile view, so I'm holding off on posting profile pics until I feel more comfortable that most of this had gone away. That said, from any angle, my nose is looking much better than before already! Thank you Dr. Frankel! :)


Hello, so nearly three months now and I'm really loving my results.. :) Still some swelling but it is gradually coming down and I'm really happy.

I've been getting some common PM questions on why I choice Dr. Frankel and if I would choose him again if I could go back in time.

Here is a response I sent to someone in case it helps.. If I could go back I would 100pct have my surgery again with Dr Frankel. My nose is vastly improved already with healing still to come. I chose him because he seems like one of the best revision specialists in the world, his practice is especially focused on rhinoplasty and especially revision rhinoplasty, I didn't see even one case where he made someone look worse, all were materially better, his reviews were very good, I spoke to several of his patients who all had great experiences, the pictures showed that his noses were aesthetically the best in my opinion, he seems like a perfectionist which means he treats each case with importance, he is kind (could never go with an arrogant doctor), he follows up after surgery and doesn't just dump you once he has your money, he is at the midpoint of his career (not too old and potentially using outdated practices and not too young and inexperienced - my original doctor was much older which is part of the reason I ran into issues) and I really trusted he knew what he was doing when I met with him. There are more reasons that I'm probably forgetting but these are the main ones. Also some have asked about my breathing. I had no breathing issues before and my breathing is still very good now. Hope it helps!

Couple more pics

7 months

Hello, some of you have been asking for an update so here you go.. Nose is looking great still and I'm happier and happier with it as the months go by. There is a small indent on the bottom right of my nose (probably imperceptible to anyone but me) and Dr. Frankel said that we can evaluate at the one year mark and decide on whether it's worth touching up. In any case, I'm extremely happy with the result. I'm adding one picture today but will add some more soon. Excuse the very bad blur job. I've realised that real self may not let me remove my pics (was trying to remove one w/o much luck) so want to be a bit more careful.

Profile pics

Hi everyone, thanks for all your nice comments. Here are a few profile pics as requested. Hope it helps.

Old pics - for the sake of remembering

I was looking through some old pics of my nose yday and i just can't believe what a transformation I've come thriving and how I lived with that deformed thing for so long before (for 15 years!!) thinking that there was no hope and only downside from another surgery... It's so easy to forget where I came from when the focus is now on a 'perfect nose' so let me remind you all with a couple more before pics. I'll add some more new ones too soon.

Big improvement but not perfect

A lot of you have been asking so I'm posting pictures taken today of my nose, about 10 months post op. I'm still very happy with my results and it's a huge improvement but I'll probably need a touch up. As you can see from the photos the bottom right front of my nose has a noticeable depression and so the bottom of the tip isn't symmetrical. I've spoken to dr Frankel about this and will see him at the one year mark to decide what we do. Obviously I am much more conscious of my nose than anyone else so I'm not sure if everyone else notices what I see. Probably most don't and especially from above you can't tell (luckily I am petite :)) let me know what you guys honestly think or if any questions.


I am a little disappointed about how my nose is healing. From what I understand this asymmetry is easy to fix with a one hour surgery under local anaesthesia but still a little disappointing that I have to go through another surgery and that my nose isn't quite there yet. Still a big improvement though! I'll keep you guys updated as my journey continues...
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