480cc Symmetrical Oval Implants with Dr. Stanton - Beverly Hills, CA

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I contacted Dr. Stanton's office on September 14....

I contacted Dr. Stanton's office on September 14. I was told to send Mindy, the patient coordinator, an email with my photos and contact information. I decided to go for the surgery after getting very ill about a two years ago with my weight dropping down to 90 lbs and being dissatisfied with my shape after returning to near my original weight. Mindy got back to me the same day and scheduled a phone consultation for me with Dr. Stanton on September 29 as I live across the country. A week before the consultation, she called and asked to reschedule to October 7.

The phone consult was quick and painless. Dr. Stanton said he very strongly recommended oval implants due to my long shape. He explained that he had helped create a new type of oval implant where the ~25% risk of turning was irrelevant because it was not teardrop shaped. He could not recommend and lipo since I'm rather thin. And finally, he said we would talk size when he saw me in person. The implant would become available towards the end of November, so I scheduled my surgery for December 2. I paid my $1000 deposit that day, and paid the remaining $8500 last week.

Age: 24
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 122 lb
Measurements: 37-25-35.5

Costs so Far
Surgery: $9500
Hotel: $1008 (December 1 - December 8)
Flight: $372 (round trip)


Mindy called and said in order to get the surgery with the new oval implants, I'd have to move the surgery back. My date is now December 22. $500 was taken off the cost of my surgery for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, I was supposed to fly tomorrow, so after cancellation fees and finding a one-way flight around peak travel time, my new flight is an additional $680 to what I already paid. Thankfully I was able to change my hotel reservation at no cost.

Pre-op appointment

I saw Dr. Stanton at 2:30 this afternoon for my pre-op consultation. He took my measurements and we agreed on size 3 of the symmetrical oval implant. The nurse said the implant is nearly 500cc. Dr. Stanton thought I'd possibly need size 1, at most 2, based on my photos. However, while I'm quite thin, I'm not petite, and my frame is larger than he was expecting. Pleasant news. He explained what I'll need to do on the flight home and answered my remaining questions.

Mindy also had my prescriptions sent to the office. One was missing and will be delivered before my surgery tomorrow morning. I filled out my paperwork, she gave me the paper for post-operative care for the procedure, and I was done. My surgery is tomorrow morning at 10:00.


Surgery complete. Everything went smoothly. I first spoke with the nurse Jasmine, she gave me more paperwork, filled it out, then she took me in. Got changed, peed in a cup for a pregnancy test. Saw Dr. Stanton, he marked me up, showed me the implant again, asked if I had more questions. Got into a bed and got my vitals taken by another nurse. Met with the anesthesiologist who explained everything. Went into the O.R. and got prepped. I fell asleep around 4:00am and woke up at 7:00 so I was exhausted and the entire time I was waiting I was hoping for the anesthesia so I could sleep. The last thing I remember is the anesthesiologist getting ready to give me my IV.

When I woke up, I wouldn't say I was in pain, just sore and had to pee incredibly bad. Got some water from the nurse since my mouth was so dry. Dressed myself, had the post-op procedures explained to me, got my percocet, got an Uber and headed back to the hotel. I took a percoset and fell asleep for four hours.

Laying down in bed I'm not in any pain but walking is awkward. I feel very sore and very tight. The edges of my butt are also incredibly tender. I took my meds and was surprised I didn't get nauseous since my stomach is very sensitive. However, I think they're making me dizzy which is fine while I'm in bed.

I'm already very pleased with how things look and am pretty confident once the implants settle I'll have lovely results. The right implant is sitting higher than the left and the cheek also seems much more swollen but I'm not worried.

Day 1

Here are some better quality photos.

Today was more painful than yesterday. My butt feels very tight and a bit itchy. I'm having a few muscle spasms and a bit of pain down my left leg. I got a peek down the dressing for my incisions and saw some dried blood. I've been checking every time I get up to see if there's any fresh blood and thankfully there isn't. I also got crazy nauseous after I took my meds but I'm sure it's because I barely ate this morning before I took them. I'm not dizzy anymore but I'm wobbly when I walk but my gait is already better than yesterday. Still pretty awkward though.

I took a percocet along with two 200mg ibuprofen and it's certainly helped. I know from past experience that percocet makes me nauseous/vomit and Mindy said there was no problem taking one with ibuprofen. My biggest complaint/discomfort is laying on my stomach as it hurts my lower back a ton. I folded a pilow and have been laying on it and it's helped.

My post-op appointment is Monday the 28th at 7:30am.

Day 2

Woke up, took the dressing off my incisions, washed the dried blood off, gently used some soap, rinsed off, and applied neosporin. Looking at the incisions from over my shoulder, they looked fine. When I took pictures of them, I noticed that there was some blistering at the top of the left one. The sutures that the blisters are surrounding are poking out a bit.
I sent Dr. Stanton a photo and text asking if this was cause for concern. He replied that: "It's just the body trying to dissolve the suture knot. Treat it with warm compresses and it should resolve itself in 3 to 4 days" and that it isn't an infection.

Day 6

I had my post-op appointment and my flight home today. My appointment was supposed to be at 7:30am, and my flight was at 1:00pm. I got to the office and Jasmine told me that Dr. Stanton had some issues with his flight/coming back to LA and would be at the office by 10:00. I was exhausted and didn't feel like ubering back to my hotel and then back to the clinic, so I stayed until Dr. Stanton arrived. They let me lay down and relax until he got there.

Once he saw me, he said everything seemed perfect so far. The incisions are healing fine, minus the small abscess around the exposed sutures. He removed the sutures and said the abscess will heal fine. He also said that the implants are obviously quite high for now but they'll move down and settle into their permanent, more natural position as time goes by. I asked him the size of my implants: 480cc.

I rode back to my hotel, finished packing, checked out, and went to the airport. I got extremely nauseous and kept vomiting on the 24th and 25th and haven't been taking many percocet. Today I took one every five hours, making sure I was eating a fair amount beforehand and the pain plus nausea were minimal. Sitting on the flight (5 hours) wasn't that bad. A stewardess gave me a pillow, so I rolled up my jacket under my thighs and leaned against the pillow. I had an aisle seat and got up and walked to the bathroom every hour.

My main complaint pain-wise is that my left leg is extremely stiff. I have a persistent pins-and-needles feeling running down the outside from my thigh and the muscles in my left cheek are extremely tight today so I was walking with a limp. Because of my nausea and the fact that I was working remotely until today, I haven't moved around much until today either. I think walking has helped me feel a bit better, but how I feel tomorrow will be a better gauge of how true that is.

As for the look, I'm already quite pleased. My biggest problem with my look beforehand was my hips. Before I lost so much weight, I had wide hips and broad shoulders. Once I gained weight, my hips didn't really fill out. I'm extremely pleased with how I look from the front and back and hope that look stays. The implant is higher on the left side than the right now, and that side is also more swollen. The incisions are very clean looking. There's a scab where abscess was around the sutures Dr. Stanton removed, but it doesn't look like my scars will be any worse for the wear. I'm extremely happy with my results already and I can't wait for everything to settle.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, and very professional. This goes for Dr. Stanton as well as everyone I've interacted with from his staff. The patient coordinator, Mindy, and the nurse I interacted with most, Jasmine, were wonderful and incredibly helpful. I had a few bumps in terms of getting my date moved the day before my original one and having to reschedule my flight, hotel, plans, etc. but they were very apologetic and took some of the cost off to compensate me. I'm very glad I decided to come here and not somewhere else.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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