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I'm a 30 year old mother of 3 (ages 10, 6, 3) all...

I'm a 30 year old mother of 3 (ages 10, 6, 3) all via C-section. I'm 5'0 and 125 lbs. I decided to have a tummy tuck because I'm done having kids and would like to repair my abdominal wall. I had a few consultations and went with Dr. Kadz in Beverly Hills. I'm looking forward to sharing my journey because reading other peoples journeys have helped me. I will update add photos soon.

Pre-op Appointment

I went in to my pre-op appointment. When I got there I signed in and was given quite a few forms to read and sign. After I turned them in I received copies of all of them neatly in a packet. I didn't have to wait much at all. I went in and Haydee explained the procedure again thoroughly and the post op instructions again. She's very informative and isn't in a rush. I felt comfortable with her and asked all the questions I had, she was able to answer everything without any hesitation. She sent me for blood work (you can have it done with your own physician if you prefer) that was done in a different building with Labcorp. That was it. I got home and reread all the papers I was given. Overall I feel comfortable so far with my decision.


Ok I planned on updating sooner but this was intense!! I pretty much stayed on top of my pain meds in bed only got up to go to the bathroom.
In bed I have had to lay sort of sitting up with a pillow under my knees so that I don't pull on my incision by laying flat.
I am on my 3rd day after surgery and started getting up more just to walk around a few times. Slowly and hunched over a little cause I don't want to pull on my incision by standing straight up.
I have been wearing the binder and only took it off to finally take a shower today. I noticed a little bit of puckering which I believe will smooth out eventually.
I'm satisfied with the placement of my incision it seems to be not too high. I haven't had or noticed any problem with openings or anything yet. I have been trying to be very careful.
So far it has been intense, but I'm glad that I finally went for it and now I just need to go through this recovery and take it easy for a while.

5 days post op-first post op appointment

Yesterday was my first post op appointment. I went in and signed in, I was called in right away. I haven't had a long wait at this office yet. So far I have gotten taken back pretty quick. Anyway, my surgeon took a look at my incision and everything. He said everything looked good.
He said to come back on my 14th day post op to have the drains removed. I can't wait to have these drains out!!
I stopped taking the pain medication. I've been taking Tylenol now. I still can't walk normally, but it's getting a little easier.
It's still hard to take a shower, I try to get in and get out cause it's hard to stand for too long.
I'll update again next week when I get my drains out.

5 days post op

1 week post op

Omg I'm trying not to freak out about my belly button cause I know its only been a week, but it looks so ugly!! Anyway, I thought I'd upload some side view and new pics.
I'm concerned about my incision, but I'm trying to be patient. Today I was able to move around more, cause I sorta had to. I'm trying hard not to over do it cause I'm terrified of my incision opening!! Ugh I've been feeling kinda down today :(

10 days post op

I am still not happy with my belly button. I know it takes time to heal so I'm trying not to stress about it. I'm scheduled to have my drains removed in 4 days, I can't wait. These drains make me not want to go anywhere. I'm up a lot more but still can't stand or walk for too long. I'm not in any pain, no pain meds only antibiotics.

18 days post op

I had my drains removed about 4 days ago. I thought it was going to hurt, but it was just weird. I felt instant relief once they were out. I was so tired of having to deal with them.
I am starting to get my energy back. Just little soreness but bearable. I can't walk completely upright yet, but I can walk a lot better.
I noticed swelling more after the drains were removed. I hope the swelling will go down soon. My belly button is slowly healing, I haven't been stressing about it as much.

4 weeks post op

I'm still sore in my abdominal muscles especially worse if I sneeze, cough, or laugh. I can't straighten my back completely yet without feeling a pulling sensation. I'm definitely noticing my energy level coming back. I'm trying not to do too much though cause I noticed my swelling gets worse if I do a lot. I have to remind myself that I just had major surgery a few weeks ago; even though I feel like I can do things I still need to take it easy. Get rest and take time to heal.
Did notice a "spitting stitch" on my left side where one of my drains were. So I googled it and read that I should keep it clean and put neosporin. I am going to have my PS snip it if it doesn't come out on its own. I'm scheduled to see him next week.
Other than that I'm noticing improvement everyday, even with my belly button. I still haven't gotten used to having a flat tummy. It's so wierd cause in my mind I haven't registered that my tummy is not the way it was before.

Comparison Before & at 4 weeks post op

These are just to compare the difference from the way my body was before surgery to the way my body is at 4 weeks post op. I definitely am much happier with my body than I was before surgery.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

My consultation went well. He is very professional and I felt comfortable. He's a serious doctor, not like some doctors that will joke or smile. But I'm ok with that. His staff was friendly and helpful. 2 days post op I text his cell phone with a photo and question I had a concern about cause it was a Saturday and the office was closed. He called and spoke with me and answered my questions. I feel that I can reach him anytime I need to. I went in for my 2 week post op, they took me right in. I did not have to wait. The staff was awesome as usual. Dr. Kadz removed my drains, not painful at all.

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