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Ok so I am getting a tummy tuck and lipo of the...

Ok so I am getting a tummy tuck and lipo of the flanks and inner/outer thighs on June 7th! My pre op is Monday. I am soooo super nervous but excited. I have three kids my last was a c section. I did great with the c section. I do not really have a high tolerance for pain so kinda freakin out. I am going to Dr. Kadz in Beverly Hills. I am 5'3 and 145 pounds. I need to lose about 20 pounds and hopefully can work on that more after the surgery. Any support or advice will be great.

Tomorrow is my pre op 5 days till surgery

Tomorrow! I'm really nervous but really excited! my belly looks like someone blew up a balloon and let all the air out. After reading some reviews I am a little nervous about my doctor and about the pain afterwards. I only have 10 days off work and 7 away from my toddler. I know it is not enough time but I have no choice I will never have this opportunity again so its go time. I am so nervous my tummy hurts. I need some encouragement. Photos of my nastiness on the way.

Pre op was today

Ok so had my pre op this evening. Everything went well. I am still super nervous about Friday. Ugggg 4 more days and I am doing this. Met a really cool girl at my appointment who is getting implants that same day! My stomach has been in knotts over my nerves. Gonna try to get a facial and massage this week before friday to relax. So tired of this belly. I am going to add some photos now. This was soooo depressing to see. Whenever I walk by a mirror I kind of suck it in...like denial ya know! I let it all hang out in these pics. I asked my bc why he could be attracted to such a beast lol! Ok so here we go my big old belly!

day after tomorrow is the big day

Ok so yesterday I had a major panic attack. I am so nervous. I took a xanax to settle down. Knocked me out all night. My doc is going to prescribe me an anxiety pill to take the night before. I felt a little better today. Just scared about possible complications. I really want to see my children grow old and am thinking the risks are not worth the results. I dont know..feeling really sad today.

I say goodbye to my stretch marks, icky skin, and seperated muscles tonight!

OK so the day before surgery and I am freaking out. My panic attacks come and go. I really want to do this and am going to go through with it but am very emotional. I want to be confident and happy. Please say your prayers for me as I stress for the rest of the night.

day 1 post op

Hi everyone ok so I did it! Yesterday I felt like a mac truck hit me. I was panicking on the table and the next thing I knew I was waking up. I was very emotional last night asking why I did this. My fiance was awesome all night. lipo areas burn like a mother and my tummy is super tight. I cant walk for more than a few minutes. Hopefully it will get better soon.

day 2 post op

Well I woke up today and felt better. Its still really hard to stand by myself. I took a shower today and it felt like the hardest thing I have ever done. I took a peak and it looks like someone beat me with a baseball bat. A little nervous about my results but feeling better than yesterday!

I look like I have been jumped into a gang

Sooo po day 4 and I literally look like I was jumped into a gang in east LA. I bruise easy but this is crazy! You would think I would not be able to get out of bed but it does not feel as bad as it looks. SUPER swollen. I am really nervous about my results. Seriously whats going on with my bb?

po day 5

Ok still no poo poo belly is very swollen and bruising still bad. Belly button looks like a football wth? Right side looks puckered and folded not so happy right now. Please tell me what is going on?

post op day 8

Ok I am concerned my tummy is way puffy and my incision looks puffed up and jacked. I hope this is supposed to look this way. Going to see the doc on Thursday so we shall see.

post op day 9

So I go back to work tomorrow, this should be fun. I think my bb looks like a butt crack. My doc used internal sutures. Says the bb will look natural. Swelling is still up bruising almost gone. The Lipo is what is really making me sore. My back hurts like a mother... I feel like a guitar string.

post op 3 weeks

I am almost able to stand up all of the way. The swelling is still there but my right side is def looking better. Lipo areas are still very sore and I am itching sooo bad I want to crawl outta my skin. Drains are out and my drain sights look horrible. Saw doctor yesterday and he swears everything looks as it should. Bb still hurts and I am starting to gain feeling back in my tummy. Been off pain meds since week 2 post. Energy level is returning and I am dying to get to the gym and work on my abs that I can kinda see! Still not happy with my incision line but I am giving my doctor the benefit of the doubt and hopefully will see amazing results!

4 weeks post op

I am very frustrated this week. My incision is opening up and is now becoming infected. My right side is extremely hard and the swelling us not going away at all. I have major indentations on my outer thighs. I have seen the incisions of others and mine looks nothing like those. I am sitting in my primary doctors office right now waiting to be seen. Uggg it is so frustrating. I am asking myself why did I do this?

3 1/2 months post surgery

Ok it has been 3 and a half months now. My right side looks horrible. I look like a ragdoll pulled to tight. My sides are totally uneven. My thighs are lumpy. My belly button looks like a vagina, and my scar is so high I will never wear a bikini. I am so upset that I did this to myself. Oh I also have marble like bumps beneath my skin. One part is so hard it feels like a steel plate is in there. My swelling is super bad and I have new stretch marks. I am so sad because I look horrible.

updated pics

So here you can see my amazing belly button....not. the indentation on my leg right below my hip, the nasty scar where the infection was, kind of see the new stretch marks. In the one shot you can kind of see the pleating as well. Yucky :( I am not the first this has happened to with him.

side indent and belly button

Just wanted to post some pictures to show you all how jacked and messed up the side if my hip/leg area is. So sad. I just want to be even and have a belly button. :(

after Dr. Dubrows revision.

So Dr. Dubrow saved my tummy. I am super happy with my revision.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I am just very sad with this whole experience. My sides are way uneven, my incision is super high. I have large marble type hard lumps all over my tummy, belly button is closed, my thighs are lumpy and uneven, and I have a huge indentation on my leg. Can't wear a bathing suit, cant wear fitted anything. Confidence is shot, out 8000 dollars, body is jacked. Every time I asked him he said full healing takes 6 months at least. No amount of time will fix what he has done to my body. Please be careful. If your gut says no then find someone else. I now truly believe you get what you pay for.

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