36 Years Old Mom of 3. 2 C-section.. My Oldest is Graduating This Year & It's Time I Take Control of my Body. Beverly Hills, CA

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I love this site! I have been working out for...

I love this site! I have been working out for about 13 years now and no matter how much I try the belly will never go away. I weigh around 130/131 and I'm only 5'1. To be honest I just want a flat belly with no left over skin/dog ears... That's what I'm worried about the most. My dr. Wants to go from hip to hip and do liposuction on the back so it looks like he will be crabbing/getting all the flab/lose skin gone.
I look at all the great results from you ladies and it makes me excited.

5 weeks!

In 5 weeks I will be on the flat side!! Was trying to show my husband pictures of other women recovery last night and he did not want to look. :-/

He says I look great just the way I'm, and of course are husband feel that way. But he also knows how important this is to me(:

Here's some more before picture of me..

Once again I will be getting a tummy tuck with liposuction on my lower back, God knows I need all the work I can get.. Lol

One month to go!

So excited.. March 29th can't come sooner. Not scared at all, just trying to get last minute things done.
My sister will be with me the first week, the last week of my kids spring break and then they return back to school the following week. After that I won't have any help. My oldest daughter can drive and run errands if I need her to. My concern is taking and picking up my youngest daughter from school.

It's a couple of blocks away. Does anyone know if I will be able to walk that far only being a week post op?

I really don't want to have my mother in law stay with me. She will drive me crazy along with her little black dog.

Plus I think it would be nice to have peace and quiet.
I haven't lost any more weight like I wanted to, but haven't gained any either.

How much weight have you ladies lost after your TT?

26 days

These are pic of me before my spin class

More fat picture

Showing more of the belly jelly that needs to go

Just a thought

I have happily earned my warrior stripes along with my sagging belly, God has blessed me with three beautiful children. Though I will not miss tucking it in, sucking it in, covering it up.

My new scare that will go from hip to hip will just be a reminder to myself, I have earned it!

To all the mothers out there young and old who is going through this journey, a job well done. Don't ever forget that you have EARNED it!

18 days and counting...

Had my post pre op today.. Everything went well. Felt kinda rushed :/ , not by the dr. But by his new office help, today's was her first day so not to mad about it.

I had a belly ring in my younger years and the dr. Is going to try and get rid of it... Fingers crossed.
Besides that just going to enjoy sleeping on my belly

My thoughts and prays go out to all you ladies (:


19days to go

Sleeping arrangements

Thinking about renting a medical bed for home.. My bed is high and I do have a recliner in my living room but not sure how well that will do..

The manager was rude to me when I was paying for my bed so then I just cancelled it all together

Do I go back another day and deal with the owner or just forget about it??
What are you ladies sleeping in??

Big day

Omg going in 6:30 am

TT March 29!



Feeling great , will post more later on

Made it to my after care in Santa Monica


Got home about a hour ago from the after care home. Got up the stairs just fine. So happy I rented a hospital bed, it absolutely amazing. Pain is under control, just feel like I had done a hard ab work out.

I can get in and out of bed easy and also go pee by myself.

Will post more later


Picture of me at home


I had two hernias in my belly that I didn't no about

. One was big and the other was small. It was a blessing that I had this TT because I would of never none about the hernias

Some pic

Pics three days post op laying doen


Feeling good just the itching is driving me crazy. It's five days out and still taking pain pills but able to go poop witch is great I think. Still have the drains in me, maybe Monday they will come out

One out

One drin out

I feel swollen


Both drains out !!!

Dr. Brenner is Amazing !

Going on to my first week of healing and do awesome. I made the right choice with the dr. I chose.

Will continue to post pic along the way (:


Forgot to say that I drove for the first time yesterday, one week out and drove, pretty proud of myself. Still getting rest when I can.

I feel very tired most of the time. My sister went home at day 6 so it's been me and my kids. Hubby works a lot. But my kids are older 17,15,8

And the oldest one drives so she's a big helper..

Day 10

Morning pics

Day 12

Feeling great! Out and about !

First time in skinny jeans (:

Down 9lb and stitches came out today

Ummm YES it hurt coming out! Stitches that is...So happy with what the scare is looking at two weeks post op.

And already dropping almost ten pounds makes me happy as hell.. I can't lie. Lol

After pic two weeks

More pic

Pushed too much

Yesterday was the first time that I think I pushed too much. Went to the dodger game, and just out all day

My back was killing me .. In the car and at the game

Day 19

Went to the beach for a while ... My back and waist are still a lot swollen.. Going to rest for the rest of the day or at least try.


Went to the gym today and powered walked 45 min. It felt great just getting back to the gym.
I do walk a lot outside but I really did miss the gym.


20 days post op

3 weeks today..Blue shirt again

I have the same outfit as the one before tummy tuck and lipo. Three weeks today! I will stop wearing the binder, my nurse side at three weeks to stop . might put it on at night depending how I feel.

40 min walk

I walked outside today for about 40 minutes felt good.. It looks like my lower back swelling is slowly going down this morning when I work up, but as of know I'm swelling all over again. I'm laying flat on my back which feels better then setting.

Day 24

Lost another pound for a total of 11 pounds. This is a morning picture of me. I feel great just tender around my waist.

I drink a protein shake in the morning and then eat light through out the day. If I drink wine which I love I drink white one and only a glass.. So sip sip on it witch seems to do the job. I have a fit bit and try to get at least 10,000 steps in a day. I was always into fitness it's just before my TT you could never tell. I paid so much for this surgery and its been life changing for me, I just can't imagine not taking care of myself..

Happy mom of three kids (:

Another pound gone!

Got up today and was another pound lighter.. Flanks are getting smaller it seems like.. Wanted to post my bed that I had.. If anyone needs an idea how to sleep this is the way. The bed lowers and it also adjust to your needs. Head and feet go up. I was not uncomfortable at all and did not need any help in or out of bed

4 weeks today

My first try at the gym was at my three week post op, I walked 45 min. On the trade mil and then felt sore the rest of the day. I took it easy the rest of the week. Today I went back to the gym, I did stairs for ten minutes and did a very slow jog of two miles. At 3.8 and got up to 4.1. The top of my belly was sore for a min. But it was my flanks that I felt the most while jogging. After my work out I felt a thousand times better then last week. I plane on trying to work out just like this the rest of the week. Happy healing ladies, and will get back to you week five

5 weeks today(:

Lost another pound, down 13lb. During the week my belly started to itch so I put on bio lotion and that helped a lot. Last week I worked out three time one at the gym and the other two days I walked out side for four miles each time. My family and I went to some hot springs which I couldn't go into, only my feet got wet. I also had three whole drinks with my husband Sunday night witch was nice, I don't feel too bad sense I have slowly gotten back into a workout routine. Anyways besides that all is great, I have my six week apt. With my dr. Next week. Here's a few pictures of me this morning. And of course I still get swelling midday, and my lower back still hurts often.

6weeks yesterday

Went for my post op today, dr. Keeping an eye out on my flanks and stomach he might want to do more lipo and on my right side where the drain was at he might want to do a revision, to make it look nice a smooth and even with my back. I have a six weeks apt. With him June 22nd. I have a gluten allergy and I ate it on Sunday and I blow up! My belly, fingers, feet and eyes. I gained 4lb pounds but it is off now. Besides that all is good. I jogged 3miles today and walked a mile. I'm sore when I jog, but I still push myself to work out. I still weigh 121. I also toss and turn all night from side to side.

Work out

Felt better today then yesterday when working out. I did stairs for 20 minutes and jogged for another 20 minutes. I only jogged at 4.7 but that was fast enough

Gym day

Same black shorts

10 weeks already!!

Time has went by so fast! I haven't posted anything because I've been the same. Between 6/8 weeks I was more swollen , I think because I was more active with working out. I'm still swollen but not as much as I was. I would put on another 4/5 pounds when swollen. At 9 weeks is when I felt my stomach /abs not hurting so much when I run. I feel pretty good this week so far. My daughter graduates tomorrow (: so I have been so busy planning things. Here are some picture I posted. To me my back / lower flanks are getting a lot better. I still work out 4 times Week and eat clean. I drink only on Fridays and Saturdays.. If I do drink.

Three months and one week

Doing great over all. Here are some pic. I still work out at least 3/4 days a week and eat very clean. This has been an amazing journey for me. I would do it all over again if I had too!!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Very friendly.. Loved all his staff members from start to finish, I would HIGHLY recommended him to any one. He's very kind and makes you feel comfortable. I think the work he did on me was more then what I can imagine. I will differently go back to him if I wanted any more work done. Five stars wouldn't do him justice. Him and his staff called me the day before surgery to make sure I was feeling ok. Dr. Brenner is AMAZING !

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