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Just pulled the trigger and made an appointment...

Just pulled the trigger and made an appointment for an extended Tummy Tuck. I had my consulatation in February, but have been on the fence and wondered if I could just lose weight myself (I lost all my pregnancy weight but tacked 10-15 lbs back on when I quite breastfeeding due to a severe thyroid issue. My twins just turned 2 and I'm tired of looking pregnant! Since people always say, "I wish I would've done it sooner, I'm just going for it!

I have my pre-op scheduled for Sept. 27 and I will try to lose the 10 pounds the doc recommended I lose pre-surgery that could also allow me to avoid needing lipo of the flanks. Any suggestions, advice welcome!

It's all happening manana!

I was able to lose 11 pounds since making my appointment (which incidentally got moved up two weeks because my doctor is doing some charity cleft palate work that conflicted with my original date. I am now back in the 130s, my pre-pregnancy weight, and I still have a very protruding tummy. In fact, now that I look slimmer everywhere else except my tummy, I look even more pregnant... I even had another twin mom I was talking to in the store ask me if I was having another the other day, so I that sorta thing definitely helps me justify this procedure.

I've been working out and definitely feel it in my back etc. so I am anxious to have an in-tact core again. I also went ahead and scheduled the lipo of the flanks- doc said it was up to me - and I definitely have little lovehandles, so I figured I'd just go for it for optimal results.

I live a couple hours away in Orange County, so we're just gonna load the kiddos up early to make my surgery in Beverly HIlls by 8am tomorrow. Excited! Nervous! And thankful for the support and encouragement from my man who will be doing a lot of heavy lifting with our boisterous 2-year-old babes for the next several weeks.

3 Days Post-Op

After reading a bunch of post-op entries and watching YouTube videos, I was pretty convinced that the recovery from my extended TT with muscle repair and lipo of the flanks was going to be rough, but to be honest, I'm actually enjoying myself! Having the opportunity to relax (ie. not change, feed, bathe, dress and entertain my twins or cook dinner or clean the house or do laundry or go to work) is worth the mild discomfort)!

I've stayed on top of my meds and, knock on wood, haven't been in major pain yet. I snapped a few photos in my sexy surgery gown and robe the morning of surgery. I ended up being 139 at the time of my surgery and I was 141 before I got pregnant, so that protruding belly that wasn't there before woulda been there for good had I not done this.

My doc says no removing binders/bandages or anything before the first follow up, which is a week after surgery, so I have no idea what is going on under there. I took their advice and did Aftercare the first night. It was nice, I probably would have been fine to go home right after but I had no way of knowing that ahead of time, so I just enjoyed my evening to myself. Today is Monday, follow up is Thursday - fingers crossed everything went well. I never actually spoke to my surgeon after, but the anesthesiologist was with me when I woke up and he said it went well and that I'd look great in a bikini. Here's hoping he knows what he's talking about!

One Week Post Op

Ok, so I spaced taking a photo yesterday when Dr. Rahbahn let me see my results for the first time after taking my binder and bandages off and removing my stitches and drains - but it was crazy! My tummy was so flat!!!

He puts stitches in during surgery that he can pull closed at the drain sites after he removes the tubes... smart. Apparently many docs either put the drains elsewhere (ie not in the incision and thus creating separate little scars) and even more just let the holes close up on their own after vs stitching them shut.

I wanted to let everyone out there who, like myself, read review after review about how bad recovery is, that mine has not been bad at all... I don't think my paid was ever over a 4. I just took my last pain pill this morning and will be moving to Ex Strength Ibuprofen.

My mom and sis were like, where are the photos, and that's when I realized I didnt take any. Doc told me not to take my new binder off to shower for another 48 hours... yes, that will mean I haven't showered in 9 days by the time I do so on Sunday, but I will take photos then. I will be wearing the binder he gave me for 6 weeks.

I don't know if he feeds this line to all the girls, haha, but he said the results looked awesome, and from what I could see, just one week post op, I agree! Here's the photos in my binder I took to satiate my mom and sis!

3 week update

Not much new to report... still wearing my binder at least 23 hours a day (doctor's orders). He has me wearing tape on my incision for 4 days on 1 day off and using aquaphor on it on that off day.

I have been back at work full time since week 2, but I definitely do feel like getting horizontal as soon as I wrap up cooking, serving and eating dinner. I am still not standing up quite straight.

Definitely swelling some - massaging my flanks as directed to break up any scar tissue from the lipo. I still can't stand up totally straight.

My scar looks pretty straight/symmetrical and thin enough that I really think it will do a pretty great job of blending in down the road (my c-section was almost gone two years after too). Everything seems pretty well healed up with the exception of my drain sites which doc sort of roughed up (tweezed off scabbing when he removed sutures etc). I'm guessing they look better in a week just like the rest of my scar which had been closed a week longer does.

My belly button never really scabbed or anything... i'm hoping it will look a little more natural when the swelling goes down - right now my skin is stretched so tight it looks a little strange to me... up close at least.

4 / 5 Months Post Op

I took photos a month ago and am just now getting to post them! I'm loving my new body. I've scrubbed off a few more pounds doing the Whole 30 and working out and am about 20 lbs down from when I booked my surgery date! My goal is to be a fit 130lbs at my 6 month appt and seeing as though I am regularly weighing in at 132 or 133 - that should be a very attainable and maintainable goal!
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