Toby Mayer Rhinoplasty - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hello everyone! I have been wanting to get my nose...

Hello everyone! I have been wanting to get my nose done since I was 12 years old; I am now 18. I have my second appointment with Dr. Toby Mayer in Beverly Hills. I was just wondering if someone could share his/her experiences with this doctor, or any recommendations for a good plastic surgeon in the LA area. I have noted that Grigoryants is a good plastic surgeon, but his work seems too cookie cutter for my taste. I also kinda liked Ghavami's work, but then I have been noticing a flood of bad reviews lately. He appears to be lowering the bridge too much. Thanks for your thoughts on this matter.

As an aside, I plan on getting my nose done the first week of July.

My rhinoplasty is on Wednesday.

I am pretty scared but excited. I picked the plastic surgeon that I felt does the best work. But what if I am that one that goes wrong? How do I cam my nerves

I cancelled my rhinoplasty procedure.

This is my nose, MY NOSE! Sure, it isn't perfect, but it fits my face. It fits my personality ( i am a quirky, goofy, clumsy, nerdy teen), and its fits my identity. I have always identified with my jewish ancestry, and my nose is a part of that. It is a defining jewish characteristic. Do I think my nose had more propensity to be better than the average joe, yes, but my nose is better than some. It crookedness is harmonious with my asymmetrical chin.
My motives for getting the surgery weren't right. Like most, I was teased over my nose in middle school. I was told I have a "toucan" nose; that I looked like a "man." I never saw that, but it degenerated my self-confidence. I wasn't getting this surgery completely for myself. I urge those who want to 'fix' something about themselves to really asses your motives. Once you change it, there is no going back.

I am Natasha, and I have a bigger, unique nose. Deal with it.(;
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

During my first consultation, I found him to be very confident with his work. I must also add that he has a very nurturing personality with a great deal of professionalism. Even though, I ended up not getting my rhinoplasty (I need time to see if this is really what I want; I am just an indecisive 18 year old); I esteem Dr. Mayer highly. He is a world class surgeon, no questioning that in the slightest. If I end up doing my nose oneday, he would be the guy.

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