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I am a 26 year old female, mostly of German...

I am a 26 year old female, mostly of German descent. Large noses run in my moms family. My grandmother, mother, and I all have the exact same nose. I have wanted a nose job since I was young. My nose has always been a bit large for my face and I can remember when kids started to make fun of me in elementary school. It was never anything too bad but definitely always stuck in my mind.

When I was 22 I had a great job and had saved up a good chunk of money but decided at that time that I wanted to do implants instead (I have written a separate review for that for my amazing Dr in Minnesota) now that I am 26 I feel I'm finally ready to go ahead with this procedure.

I live in New York and while there are many doctors here I didn't find anyone that seemed consistent enough in their results and patient reviews and that I felt comfortable with. I opened up my search nationally and I found Dr Ghavami. His accreditation as well as amazing patient results, and wonderful reviews made me feel confident that he was the right one for me. I've searched every corner of the Internet to find every good, and bad review I could find. It was comforting to see that the only real consistent negative points I could find were about wait times in the office. If that's the worst problem there is, then I'm fine with that! I know how important these reviews are to those who are trying to find a doctor and research the procedure they want so I will try my best to be as detailed as possible and answer questions as I go.

I have my consultation booked for September 12th which will be done over the phone. I took photos and emailed them to the office. I have also scheduled my surgery already because he was booked up until October already and I didn't want to wait too long so I paid a deposit to hold my spot. I won't know the actual cost until after the consultation but in general it ranges from 11-15k I believe.

What attracted me the most to Dr G was of course the amazing results but also his method of performing the surgery with minimal recovery compared to a lot of other experiences I've heard about. I know of course each case is different but I trust his experience as well as his recognition in the plastic surgery field by his peers. I am excited for this change in my life and can't wait to share it with everyone here as well.

2 weeks out from surgery!

Can't believe the time is going so quickly and I'm only 2 weeks from surgery! I am getting my lab tests done tomorrow (a bit late but thats the soonest I could find time to get in!) the total cost ended up being 12,500. I bought my flight to LA and I will arrive on the 2nd of October. I'll meet with the doctor on the 3rd so he can personally inspect my nose and then on the 4th will be surgery day! I will upload my before photos here. He said that a majority of the work that needs to be done on my nose is very fine tuning, tip refinement, not so much bridge work. I do not have a bump on the bridge on my nose, just overgrown tip cartilage and a slight droop. Can't wait to get there!!!

before pics

surgery is done!!!

I had my surgery this morning and I am now home on the couch. The surgery center is beautiful and everything is state of the art. The nurses and anesthesiologist are all amazing and so nice. I went to sleep and next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery. The nurses stayed with me the whole time and we talked about everything from traveling to our pets until I was ready to get dressed and go home. My face was numb so I didnt feel much. Once I got in to the car the pain definitely became more noticeable. Traffic sucked and the pain got worse so it felt like an eternity to get home. I took pain meds immediately (2 pills) and 45 min later was still in considerable discomfort so I took one more. that did the trick. I had some soup and took the rest of my meds. I have a follow up appointment tomorrow morning. My eyes are definitely black and puffy. need to ice them more. will add some scary photos lol

Some photos! I can ready see an amazing difference!!!

Profile view shows much smallest and refined nose underneath!

So happy already!

Day 2 pic

Arnica crazy!

I am so nervous that the bruising under my eyes will take a long time to go away because I tend to bruise easily elsewhere on my body and many times it can take a long time for them to go away so I am applying arnica gel around my eyes constantly. Like every other hour lol. Anyone know if its possible to apply too much arnica? I cant imagine it would hurt to apply a lot continuously. I just really want the bruising to be gone as much as possible before I fly back home to New York. Surgery was yesterday the 4th and I go home on the 14th. Anyway, everything else seems fine. I have been taking my pain meds every 3.5 hours to avoid any wearing off and discomfort. I ate normally today although I couldnt really taste much. My nose is constantly draining and I have to change the gauze pad taped to my face at least every hour. I had my post op appointment today and she showed me how to clean my nose and said I shouldnt need the gauze pads after the end of tomorrow. thank goodness! The constant running of bloody mucous is icky :-( She also said to switch from icing my eyes to a hot compress with witch hazel. I put about 10 cotton balls in a bowl with the witch hazel and microwaved it then placed one on each eye until it cooled off then switched to another hot cotton ball and so on until I used them all up. well thats about it for my day 2. Hoping tomorrow I see some gradual change in the bruising and it will start to turn from red to more green/yellow which will mean its going away! I've never been a patient person haha

Day 3 pictures- looks pretty much the same

I started my arnica craze yesterday applying it around my eyes every hour or two. It take a a few days to notice a difference an not much else has changed. I suspect day 2-4 will all be about the same but hopefully by days 5-8 I will notice some reduced swelling and improvement in the color around my eyes. I cleaned my nose with peroxide and bacitracin this morning, popped some more pain pills applied my arnica and back to bed.

Day 3, swelling down, panda face

The swelling has definitely gone down, the cast on my nose is loose around the edges where my cheeks used to be swelled up. The bruising is changing and looks like it may be getting better but very slowly. Hot compresses, cleaning, and arnica all day.

I can taste a little again!!

I am 4 days post op and the arnica craze I'm in obviously must be working because the bruising is definitely changing. The dark reds are lightening up and turning more green/yellow. Still icky but that means it's going away! I also have started to taste food just a litttttle bit! After not tasting anything for days any amount is welcomed!!

My splint fell off

Bruising under my eyes getting better but nose swelling is getting worse?

So I am 6 days post op today. My splint fell off yesterday and the doctors office said it is fine that it is off. I love how my nose is starting to look but it looks like the swelling is actually getting worse! I know the splint is supposed to keep the swelling down and that it might increase a bit when it came off but damnit I am impatient haha. I am hoping this won't last much longer than a week or two?!

One week since surgery, appointment today.

Went in to get stitches removed and everything checked today. I realized why I couldn't taste anything! They pulled out 2 plastic tubes about 2 inches long, one from each nostril. Didn't really hurt but it felt strange! As soon as they were out I could breathe wonderfully and I could SMELL AND TASTE AGAIN! Hooray! Anyway, they snipped out the stitches which hurt a little but not bad. They taped up my nose and told me to keep it like that for a week (replacing the tape as needed) this will help the swelling go down. Overall feeling good!

Dermablend makeup is AMAZING!! Photos!!

So I've been healing for 8 days now and I still have dark purple bruising under my eyes. It has improved a lot but still very noticeable. I am taking arnica pills so I decided to try and put makeup over the bruises so I can go in to public and feel normal without people staring haha. A friend of mine recommended dermablend. I got the redness concealer, regular concealer, and the body concealer and voila I look NORMAL! It completely covered the bruises! I am so happy ;)

Going home to NYC today

I've been here for 10 days, now 9 days post op. Bruising almost completely gone but still a tiny bit left. I feel great though and am just taping my nose to keep the swelling down.

A month later

Hi everyone, it's been well over a month since I had my rhinoplasty done and the healing is coming along so well! It did take some time for the residual darkness under my eyes to go away but that has always been an issue for me even presurgery. My nose looks amazing. To clean it I have been soaking cotton balls in hydrogen peroxide and stuffing those in my nostrils to let them sit there a few minutes. This dissolves most of the hardened mucuos and then I can take a qtip with hydrogen peroxide and clean each nostril out gently without having to apply too much pressure inside. Other than that the feeling is still coming back to the tip of my nose it hasn't quite come back 100% yet. That's pretty much it! I've attached a photo :)

4 months post op! pics!

I am 4 months post op. The healing has gone very well. I don't notice much difference with swelling but I suspect that is a slow and gradual change that would only be noticeable if I compared photos. I love the way it looks. My nose still feels a bit "numb" on the inside but it continues to regain feeling over time. My breathing is the best it's ever been too which is great.

Just another pic now 2 years post op!

It's been just over 2 years now and still love my nose. I may go in for a slight revision to refine and narrow the tip because I'm a perfectionist haha but not because of anything Dr G did wrong I still think it looks great and I've had no complications
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