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Im 24 and have been wanting to alter my nose since...

Im 24 and have been wanting to alter my nose since I was 12. After I was referred to Dr. Ghavami and had my consult I decided to just go for it. Turns out there was actual medical issues with my nose which makes my breathing awful. I thought everyone just breathed that way. So I got squeezed in a week later because of a cancelation. Ghavami knows his way around a nose thats for sure! He came in and was so straight up with me. He looked at my nose and told me everything he thought needed improvement and we were on the same exact page. We decided on septoplasty to correct my deviated septum, Turbinoplasty to fix my breathing problems and Rhinoplasty for all of the cosmetic work. Cosmetically one of my nasal bones is longer then the other so that would be evened out, the bridge would be thinned, the tip refined and less bulbous and then finally to reduce the thickness of my nostril skin. The day of surgery I told him just to go for it. Don't worry about hiding incisions or anything like that just do what he needed to do to get the best result. He was genuinely excited about working on me, that felt really good and that is wasn't just about the money. The doctor who gave me anesthesia was such a super star. She listened to all of my concerns and I woke up smiling and with zero pain, I ate some crackers and was on my home.

Immediately after surgery 4pm:
I went home and rested on and off I didnt sleep a whole lot. I changed my drip bandages once an hour until the next morning when things stopped bleeding a little. ZERO pain and ZERO nausea! Lucky me! Still super uncomfortable but im glad I bought a wedge pillow for my back and legs. I iced the area for 15 min 3x that night. I had 2 protein shakes, a smoothie greek yogurt and apple sauce. These foods went down so easily, I highly recommend!

the next morning/ Day 1 continued: Looked in the mirror and I could clearly see the swelling and bruising. Kinda scary looking but still no pain. I tried waiting 5 hours in between pain meds which was a bad idea. Im taking them every 3 hours today. I had an anxiety attack before I headed back to my post op appointment. I was crying and hyperventilating. Not exactly sure why that happened but when I got to the doctor today he gave me a script for Valium which helped a lot. Im in a tiny bit of pain even with the meds but nothing to actually complain about. I have a lot of stitches all around my nose so Im surprised at how well I feel. He said by the 3rd day my swelling should be improved. Im only at the 24 hour mark and Im anticipating for things to get worse by tomorrow night. But so far so good, I can already see a difference in the shape of my nose! All of this is so going to be worth it. I feel so lucky to have had Dr. Ghavami be my surgeon. I will update tomorrow!!

48 hours post op

had a very difficult time sleeping last night but that is mainly because every few hours Im taking medication. Antibiotics every 8 hours, steroids 6x a day, Arnica 2x a day, pain killers every 3-4 hours,Valium every 8 hours. Its a lot to keep up on but I keep a little log on my phone which makes it much easier to manage. I noticed my swelling and bruising has noticeably gone down which is great to see. I feel like a have a very bad cold and when the pain meds wear off it feels like a burning sensation around my stitches. Im just trying to stay in bed all day today to keep swelling down. Ive been bad and ate a cheeseburger (cut into tiny pieces) and some pizza today...so much for a low sodium diet. I don't need much help from others today. I just like having someone home just incase. Im not bleeding anymore either, its mostly mucus now. Im really looking forward to the 72 hour mark, my doctor told me thats when things really start to improve. Tomorrow I plan to get my hair done and get a mani pedi. Im also please that Ive been able to keep up on my beauty routine. Obaji nu derm and latisse and my neck cream. Im also applying arnica gel along with the arnica pills. Will update tomorrow!


So I spent a while thinking about how to make my recovery as simple and comfortable as possible and heres what I came up with:

1.) I got facial a week prior. I wasn't sure if I would be able to wash my face after. I got mine a week before surgery because normally I get a pimple or 2 after a facial and wanted them to be healed before getting surgery. I don't think it would be good to have any kind of open wound on your face while getting the surgery.

2.) I got a gel mani and pedi. Sounds totally unnecessary but even thought my face is all yucky right now, it really helps to look at my hands and feet and see something beautiful, neat and polished.

3.) The night before I decided to get my hair braided in tight french braids to keep it off my face while I recover. I am soooo glad I did this! all my hair is out of the way and theres no annoying frizzy hairs or pony tail bump. I can lay my head perfectly flat and not worry about it.

4.) I had my housekeeper clean the house while I was having surgery so I came home and everything was immaculate and sterile. Just another little luxury to make the healing process more smooth.

5.) I bought a wedge pillow for my back and legs. Im perfectly propped up at all times and its super comfortable too. I ordered the pillows off amazon and I feel like Im laying in a recliner.

6.) Im keeping an air purifier on to reduce my chances of sneezing.

7.) a humidifier to keep the skin, lips and throat moist. this is making a big difference in my comfort level. Also Im applying lip balm a couple times a day to keep my lips soft

8.) Milk of magnesia. I have not had a BM in over 2 days because of the pain meds. I just started taking some, hopefully it works soon!

9.)Arnica Gel and pills. At Dr. Ghavamis office they sell medical grade arnica pills. I got them and I can clearly see a difference. I bought arnica gel too because it is cooling and its helping with swelling. Im having a hard time icing so this is the best I can do.

10.) I stocked up on protein shakes, juice boxes, bottled water, smoothies, apple sauce, greek yogurt and pudding. And for me its the perfect liquid diet with maximum protein and nutrition..well maybe not the pudding lol. Protein is so important for your body to heal, Im making sure I get at least 60 grams a day.

10.) Keep a good positive mind set. The doctor and his staff warned me that this process takes time and many people can be impatient. I see it as no matter what, the time will pass whether I had surgery or not. So Im just trying to soak up this week off from life and use it as a lil vacation. The only thing Im concerned about is I wont be able to lift weights for almost 2 months. Thats a bummer but worth the wait for me. Also I have always wanted to write real self reviews for all of the cosmetic work I have gotten done. So heres my chance!

72 Hours Post op

I spent the night alone last night and I was okay. I really need the anxiety medication but I already have issues with anxiety in the first place. My family and friends have been really supportive and helpful which has made a world of difference. Im still in no pain but my nose is starting to itch under the cast agggg! Im not wearing the drip pad right now, things seem to be drying out and I can breath through my nose now. Today seems like things are turning for the better. My bruises are starting to turn yellow but the swelling is still very obvious. I feel good but Im still trying to spend 80-90% of my time resting still. Im eating solid foods and took a shower last night. Cant wait to see and feel tomorrows progress :)

I already see a difference!

Even though its only been 3 days I just snapped a profile shot and I can see a fairly dramatic change in my nose already! Wow Im so excited, its gonna be a cute lil button nose

4 Days Post op

I slept for a whole 2 hours straight last night which was nice and today I ventured out to get my hair re braided at my favorite salon. I think I may have over did it and got really tired really quickly. MY swelling is down a lot, bruises are turning yellow and my pain is still at a 0. Im starting to feel a little helpless because I cant lift anything heavy and cant drive yet. Taking a car service adds up so Im still trying to entertain myself at home. But overall I feel great, just gotta get through the weekend and then my cast comes off! Cant wait to show you guys!!! And thanks for being here to support me, this site is therapeutic

5 days post op already?!

This whole process has just been flying by. Today I woke up feeling great, like my normal self. I slept for 4 hours straight! So I assumed it was a trap and decided to sleep all day today lol I went 8 hours without taking a pain pill so far and Im regaining my sense of smell. Smells kinda funky in my nose so Im going to spend an extra long time cleaning it this evening. My bruises are really starting to fade and my swelling under my eyes is about 80% gone. When I get my cast off on monday Im going to get a spray tan and then I think makeup should be able to cover the rest of the bruising. Woohoo! Im still so surprised at how easy and painless this process has been. Day 2 was deff the worst but even then it wasn't that bad. Im going to continue to lay in bed for the rest of today and drink lots of water. And thats all there really is to update :) also thank god for online shopping!

Day 6

Woke up feeling well rested today. I ran out of pain meds so Im in slight pain, about a 2-3 on a scale of 10. Im sure some Motrin will be more then enough to take the discomfort away. My bruising looks the same but swelling under my eyes is reduced from yesterday. I snapped a pic of under my nose and WOW it is perfectly straight! I didn't realize how much of a deviated septum I had before. Im so impressed already. I can tell my nostril skin is thinner too which is a concern I had discussed with Dr. Ghavami. Im still taking the arnica pills and applying the gel religiously. I thought Id be going stir crazy by now but Im just enjoying the downtime. Today I will run a few short errands and then head back to bed. Im adjusting my diet back to low sodium today as well. I took a few days to indulge in some very high sodium foods now that I feel guilty about. Tomorrow morning my cast comes off and Im excited to take the next step in my healing process. If doc approves it Im going straight to the tanning salon to get airbrushed after my cast removal. Im also going to inquire about the steroid shots to reduce swelling. That would be awesome if I could get the injections to reduce the swelling, even if its temporary. But I am fully prepared to be patient and let my body do the healing on its own. Will update tomorrow as soon as the cast comes off, stay tuned! And thank you for everyones support, its really helping me!

Day 7:The Cast Is Off!

Today was the big day! I woke up at 5 am and was just ready to go lol! So it took a very long time to remove all of the stitches because there was so many. Then when it came time to take out the splints it became difficult. My nasal cavities are so deep which means the splints were placed deep and there was so much mucus build up around the splints the nurse removing it couldn't find the stitch to cut. I know that sounds gross...because it is! But hey its information I would have wanted to know. I cleaned my nose so much I was shocked about all the build up but they said there was nothing I could have done to keep it clean because of the depth. Weird. ANYWAYS. So I looked in the mirror for the first time and saw an immediate improvement but was a little concerned with the overall shape. Then the nurse told me not to worry and after we taped the nose I would have a much better idea of what my final result would look like. The tape compresses the swelling and its quite comfortable. After the tape went on my nose really took shape and I was speechless. Its better then I could have dreamed of. Im like looking at myself and I cant believe its me. My nose is perfect and its still so early on in the healing process. Im still in awe. Ive never felt more gorgeous in my life and I have Dr. Ghavami to thank for that. So now I have to wear the tape 24-7 for a week straight. Then only at nighttime. I was told I can control the shape of the nose depending on how I tape it. I see Ghavami this thursday, Ill have him explain that to me in a little more detail. AND I CAN BREATHE AMAZINGLY. This is one of the happiest days of my life and one of the best investments Ive ever made in myself.

before afters 7 days post op

8 Days post

So today all of the excitement and joy of having a beautiful new nose is overshadowed by the swelling inside my nose. I cant breath out of my nose any longer and the more I clean it the more tender it becomes. I feel a lot of pressure. Its probably the swelling being pushed down by the tape. Im frustrated today and very very tired. I drove to get coffee this morning to get myself out of the house and it drained me. Im still taking the anti anxiety medicine and thank goodness for it. I called the office and they told me to get some ocean spray and to put vaseline inside my nose to sooth it. So I'll try that and hopefully get relief :)

Day 8 continued

Relief!!! I got the Ocean spray and tilted my head back and put in the spray until i tasted it in the back of my throat. Then very gently moistened a qtip with it and wiped the outside of my nose with it too. MUCH better. Then I put a thin layer of vaseline inside my nose too. I deff over did it with the hydrogen peroxide. From now on Ill just be cleansing with the ocean spray. What a simple fix. I can breath out my nose a litttttle bit now too. Phew! Thank you everyone for your support. Really Id be struggling without this site

Day 9, things are getting better!

Today my energy levels improved. I was able to run two quick errands and did some baking :) Then I fell asleep for 6 HOURS STRAIGHT. I haven't slept so deeply even before the surgery! Thats why Im updating so late today because I was out cold the whole time lol. I removed my tape this evening to wash my face. I know that there is swelling but my nose still looks much better then my original one, I can tell already its going to be perfect. I still have significant bruising but it can be covered with a few coats of concealer. I used my Clarisonic on my nose and didn't experience any discomfort. In fact my nose is completely numb, such an odd sensation! I am gently blowing my nose and its helped my breathing a ton. Im no longer breathing out of my mouth yay!!! I'm still taking the pain medication. When it wears off I feel pressure, discomfort and anxiety. I had to get a refill today but it makes all the difference. I see my doctor tomorrow so I will update tomorrow with his comments. Have a goodnight everyone!

Day 10: Back to normal!

This morning I woke up experiencing some discomfort until I took my pain medicine and then I was fine. I ran some errands, went to the doctor and then hosted girls night at my place. When I went to see Dr. Ghavami today he was just as pleased with my results as I was. He explained to me in detail the actual work that he did. I had grafting done in my tip and bridge the strengthen and refine my nose. Im healing quickly and having a very easy time keeping my nose clean. My swelling is barely noticeable and Im very happy.

2 weeks post

Things are getting better, I can sort of breath out of my nose now. And the mucus production is way better then it was. Im still taking pain killers every 4 hours though. Honestly I'm in a mild depression at this point. I love my nose but since I still need pain killers I cant drive myself anywhere and I just feel trapped at home. I cant lift weights for another 6 weeks and that reality is finally setting in plus I am the palest Ive been in years. I love to be tan, it makes me look healthy and feel more confident. I guess I will spray tan for the next 6 months but I am concerned about the nightly taping making the tan on my face uneven. So yeah Im just majorly inconvenienced now. I didn't think I would still need to be on painkillers by now so I was not mentally prepared for this part of recovery. But overall things are getting better, my energy levels have improved since last week. Also Its great that I only have to tape my nose at night. My nose is amazing though, I can confidently say its perfect and every time I look in the mirror I am so happy I got the surgery.

Swelling has gone up

Im a little frustrated today. Yesterday I was feeling well and did some light activity and today my nose looks more swollen then when I first took off the cast. Im sure no one would notice but Its bothering the crap out of me lol. I taped my nose and Im going to leave it on for the weekend and hopefully that will get the swelling down, its the tip thats swelled up. Im uploading some pics of before the swelling went up a few nights ago. Loving the way its looking!

swelling and bruising info

I cried quite a bit the other day and my nose got visible swelling. I decided to keep tape on my nose for 3 days straight and sleep with my head elevated and it helped most of the extra swelling go down. Also Im 3 weeks post and still have some bruising under my eyes. Makeup covers it fine but Im surprised that I still have bruising. Im really looking forward to being able to exercise again and not having to tape my glasses to my head lol. 5 more weeks until I can lift weights again and 1 more week until I can wear my glasses. Im still so glad I got this done!

breathing is improving!

Throughout the healing process the quality of my breathing has really fluctuated. Im finally seeing consistent improvement and can breath out of my nose about 75% of the time now. I guess the swelling inside is as sensitive as the swelling outside. Today I lifted something that was WAY over 10lbs just for a second. But I felt immediate pressure on my nose. I taped it immediately after and will leave the tape on for 2 days to get the swelling back down. The taping really helps and I prefer to keep the tape on, the compression is more comfortable for me. Visually things look pretty much the same, I have not noticed any difference in the swelling of my tip. My doctor said the 3 month mark is when I will really see it take shape. Im just a week away from another step towards normalcy. I wont have to tape my glasses to my head anymore and I can lift objects heavier then 10lbs. The helplessness has been the worst part of my recovery. Im extremely independent so its been uncomfortable to lean on others to help me constantly.

1 month post op!

Well here I am already at 1 month post op and I have to admit Im a little disappointed. My swelling has gone up. It looks similar to my 1 week post op pics. At 2 weeks post op my nose looked so tiny I loved it. Heres the thing though, for the first 3 weeks, I was so loopy on painkillers I didn't do anything but rest. Now that Im sort of back in a normal routine I believe thats why my swelling has gone up. So Im not upset just frustrated at the trade off. My doctor said to wait 3 months before the true shape of my nose will take shape. So I will just be patient and enjoy the results I already have. Im still so glad I did this, even though Im swollen I still like my new nose much more then my original one :) My breathing is dramatically improving too!!!

drastic increase in swelling pic

the LEFT pic is my nose 2 weeks post and the right is me one month post. After doing a side by side comparison I'm going to contact my surgeon in the morning and find out if what i'm experiencing is normal :/

Interesting side effect, better vision!?

Ive noticed a very interesting side effect of the surgery, I can see better. I noticed it recently because I have very poor vision and I was in the car and I started driving without my glasses until I remembered I needed to put them on. Normally, Its so blurry I can't find my way out of the driveway without having my glasses on. I THINK MAYBE it has something to do with having a smaller bridge now??? Now I'm not saying a miracle has happened and I don't need my glasses but I can see better then I used to. Ive never heard of such a thing before. Has anyone had a similar experience? I feel a little nutty for posting this but I do not think its a coincidence.

5 weeks post, improved swelling

This week my swelling seems to have gone down more then last week. I still tape my nose every night. The outside of my nose bleeds sometimes where the stitches were. It gets itchy and then bleeds a teensy bit. Im not overly worried about it. Im wearing glasses again (only for driving) and my breathing is greatly improved. No more naps during the day! I have persistent dark circles under my eyes which is annoying but Im sure they will fade eventually. Overall Im super happy with my results so far. Will update next week :)

2 1/2 months update

Hey guys! I haven't updated in a while because there wasn't much changing in that time. Im noticing the swelling is starting to improve. My nose looks pretty much the same everyday instead of fluctuation in swelling. So far I am very happy with my results, looking forward to the tip swelling to resolve. I think my progress is being slowed down because I have resumed working out, that contributes to the swelling.

5 months post op

hello again everyone! hope your noses are healing as well as mine! Im super pleased with my nose as the swelling is really going down now. I feel that my nose looks natural and fits my face really well, couldnt be happier! Also my breathing has greatly improved. I dont take daytime naps from lack of oxygen anymore!

Final results

My nose looks natural and fits my face. I wish it looked more like when I first removed the bandages. I must admit I didn't go for one single follow up and deff bumped my nose a few times. I might go back and get it re done to try to achieve the look in the 2 week mark

Close up 16 mo po

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr Ghavami is an extremely confident and knowledgable. I felt immediately comfortable with him and I booked my surgery the same day as my consult. He is what they call a 'Surgeons Surgeon". My doctor who did my lipo (Dr. Yovino) had his wife who is also a doctor have work done by Dr. Ghavami. Just based on that I knew Dr. Ghavami was the right one for me. I cant say enough good things about his skill set. He just knows exactly what needs to be done to achieve the ideal result. In my consult it was very cut and dry. No wishy washy BS, which is what I like in a doctor. I don't need to be coddled about my choice for elective surgery. He patiently listened and answered all of my questions and concerns, which were extensive. Even though my consult was fairly quick, he spent the most time with me where it mattered which was during surgery.

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