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Hi all! So I've been reading all of your reviews...

Hi all! So I've been reading all of your reviews and finally decided to pull the trigger and schedule my rhinoplasty. I'm going with Dr.Grigoryants in June and I'm very excited/nervous. I've hated my nose since childhood, especially my profile. I got married in October and was embarrassed of half of our wedding photos because of my nose. I've heard and seen great things from this doctor so hopefully I will get the results I want. I'm terrified, like most, that I'll hate the results but I'm going to take the risk. Please feel free to private message me with any experiences from this doctor. Thanks so much!

Morphing fun

Hoping this could be as realistic result for me

Less than three weeks until Pre-Op!

Ahhh less than three weeks until my pre-op! I have such a mix of emotions...half the time I'm convinced I can't go through with it and will chicken out, and then the other half is so excited I wish the surgery was here today! my biggest concern is that my husband will be uncomfortable staring at my new face. We've been together for 14 years ,(dating since high school ) and to all the sudden have a new face might be really hard to adjust to. it's also scary to think about ME having to adjust to a new face staring back at me after 30 years! anyway, counting down the days till June 22nd and already starting a low sodium, healthier diet to make the surgery healing process as easy as possible.

Surgery moved to August

Ahh so bummed, I was supposed to be having my surgery tomorrow but started a new job and had to push my surgery to August 3rd. I'm very anxious to get it done and of course still nervous. My new pre-op days is July 1st and I'm really excited to finally meet the man that will be changing my life, fingers crossed for the better! It's weird though, since it's getting closer, sometimes I convince myself maybe my nose isn't so bad after all and I shouldn't be doing this, but then I'll see a picture of myself and come back to reality. I'm posting some more terrible befores that are embarrassing and more wish lists that I will be showing Dr.G

Less than a week away!!

Hi there! So I'm less than a week away from the big day! Cannot believe it's almost here. I had my pre-op and met Dr G and after meeting with him my nerves dissipated about 90%! I felt really at ease with him and we were all totally on the same page for what we had in mind. Turns out I have a mess going on in my nose. I have to get a nasal valve collapse repaired, my turbinates removed, I have a c-shaped deviated septum, and have 90% blockage on my left side. So I'm in for the works! I have also decided to get chin liposuction in addition to the rhinoplasty. I have tons of anxiety about how bad the recovery will be and how the outcome will look, but I at least feel that I'm choosing the right surgeon. Wish me luck, Monday will be here before I know it!

Tomorrow is the big day!

So my surgery is tomorrow. I have to be at the surgery center at 8 a.m.. I'm the second surgery. I live in San Diego and the surgery center is in L.A. so I'm a little worried about the three hour car ride home afterwards. My anxiety had been getting a little bad todah so I'm just trying to keep busy and stop myself from having negative thoughts about what the recovery will be like. Here are the last selfies this nose will be taking!!

It's done!

So first off, THANK you to everyone who gave me such comforting, sweet messages before my surgery. It's so amazing to have such great support on this site. I'm all finished and home on the couch..and still very much feeling the effects of anesthesia. I feel very "off" and dizzy. I got to the surgery center at 8, filled out paperwork, gave urine sample, then was quickly brought back to get my I.V. In. I was getting wheeled into surgery around 9:15 and was done by 11:30, and out of the door by 1. I woke up in a good amount of pain in the tip of my nose and chin by the incisions of the lipo. The pain right now is bearable , I'm very congested, and have bruising and swelling already under my eyes. I caught a glimpse of my chin and that is nicely bruised as well. Dr.G took a picture afterwards and showed my husband and me but I don't remember it! I have to wake until he emails me. The car ride home wasnt too bad, but I had to change my drip pad about 6 times in 2.5 hours. I'm going to try and nap and I'll update with more pictures tomorrow.

New nose pic

Dr.G sent this to me tonight. He said it's swollen here so looks bigger than it will be

Day 1 post op _ congestion normal?

Hello. It's day one post and I couldn't really sleep at all last night. I'm totally congested but I don't have packing in, just splints...is that normal???? I had the worst dry mouth and throat all night, it drove me crazy. I drank so much water but then of course had to pee every ten minutes! I have barely any pain in my nose the only painful part is from my neck lipo. I'm nicely bruised up but can already see a difference! I'm glad I decided to do both procedures.

This congestion is a nightmare

So I'm on day two/3 post up and and not having a good time. I haven't slept more than two or three hours a night. And can't taste or smell anything because of this congestion. It's like cement is in my nose. I like I'm suffocating when I try to sleep, and my ears keep popping when I try to swallow. I emailed the doctor to see if this is normal and he said is all dry blood up there and the splints. Once I get those out I should feel better but I don't know how I'm going to make it untill my Friday appointment like this. I feel like I'm going crazy

Complete roller coaster of emotions

I knew going into this that I would have a lot of emotions but I feel like I'm losing my mind. I'm a wreck. I can't stand looking at myself, I don't recognize myself at all. I keep telling myself it's swelling but part of me is worried how much different I'm just going to look. I have heavy swelling in my lower cheeks that totally distorts my face. Then I'm panicking about what my husband will think. He's looked at my face for fifteen years and to one day to I just change it...makes me sick thinking he won't be able to adjust to it. I keep crying which probably makes the swelling worse. I have so much swelling in my lower cheeks, I look like elephant man. I woke up today and was hoping it was all a dream but then saw myself and went into a panic again. Even with all the research I did for years about this surgery, could not prepare me in the least for how I would actually feel. I feel like a made the biggest mistake of my life and possibly effected my marriage. And I can't imagine walking into work on Monday. My husband has been trying to calm me down but I don't want him even to look at me. Sorry I need to vent, has anyone else ever felt this way???? When does the cheek swelling and avatar look go down??

Cast off - Ms.Piggy from front view

So cast off was yesterday. It seems so many people on here get cast off and are thrilled,, that was not the case for me. Getting the splints out and my nose cleared out was amazing, I'm still very stuffy but that's to be expected. I can finally smell and taste! Now it's like a have cold with the congestion I still have. When I saw my nose it was just surreal. Almost like my brain couldn't comprehend my new face .I love my profile. It's exactly how I hoped it would be. But the front view is so piggy looking and my nostrils are just look so high up. My nose is also very swollen. I look like a have a sausage link with nostrils on my face. I'm way too embarrassed to take the tape off my nose and plan I keeping it on until hopefully the tip drops. How long should that take?? I'm having very mixed feelings still about doing this. I feel that I could actually like my nose if the tip drops a lot and the nostrils go down. Until then I'm not going out without the tape covering it up. I don't want my husband seeing me without the tape on either. I'm trying to stay calm and pray the front view changes.

Turning point

So I've finally hit a turning point with my recovery. It's been eleven days since my rhinoplasty/septoplasty and I've been having a really hard time dealing with my results. I couldn't even look at myself for days after, I thought I ruined my face. All I saw were nostrils and swelling. Slowly, the swelling has subsided and I'm more comfortable with how it looks from the front now. I'm hoping the tip and nostrils will still drop, I've been told they will, and then I think I'll be really happy with the results. This recovery has been tough, physically and mentally and not for anxious, impatient people like myself! The doctor is incredible though, I must have emailed him ten times this past week and he's always gets back to me promptly and never makes me feel like an inconvenience.

Two weeks

3 weeks

Three weeks has gone by pretty fast! my nose still feels quite tight and the tip is rock hard and feels weird when I touch it. My breathing is back to about 80% which is nice. I'm still having a tough time with my front view of my nose. I emailed dr.G and asked if my nostrils will drop because they are still showing too much and still high. He said my tip will drop I just wish I knew when! I see other people get their casts off and by now look fabulous and don't seem to have the nostrils showing as much as I do. I'm not used to it yet, and every time I see myself it's still weird. I had family come into town who haven't seen me in a couple of months and they didn't really notice too much change which was unbelievable to me. I feel like I look COMPLETELY different. Just hoping my nostrils drop a significant amount soon!

One month!

Five weeks

It's been about 5 weeks since my surgery. I don't use saline spray too much anymore and I don't tape anymore. My nose is still sore but the swelling has gone down a lot but still fluctuates at points in the day. I'm definitely happier with it and getting happier as the days go on. I feel more confident especially with my profile. It's definitely interesting to do a before and after comparison now. I think it's a big improvement.

Six weeks!

Almost two months

It's been a quick two months! I saw dr.G a week ago for my follow up and he's pleased with my progress so far. He said I still have swelling and little flaws I see will go away with the swelling. My tip is still numb and I still get congested everyday. I'm getting happier and happier every day. It's such an improvement.

Feeling good

Did anyone else get worried that their old nose would start to grow back? Lol I really am loving my nose now, so much better than before. The tip is still really hard and i still get very congested but I do suffer from terrible allergies. My turbinates that were reduced, but are enlarged again, thank you allergies! I like my left profile better than my right. I swear they look very different, but my husband thinks I'm seeing things lol

Some before and afters

Some before and afters

four months!

Six months!!

Hey! Wow, six months flew by. My tip is still really hard but other than that it feels totally like it's been my nose forever. I don't even think about it anymore. So, so happy I chose to do this

Over A year already!

I can't believe it's been over a year since my surgery. Overall, I'm very happy with my end result. I do wish some minor things looked different, like my nostrils still feel too high, and I feel like my profile looks slightly longer than I would like, but such a HUUGGE improvement! Best decision I've made!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

So far he's been great, answering all of my emails and questions quickly

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