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Primary Rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Ghavami on...

Primary Rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Ghavami on August 14, 2013 w/ minimal bruising and pain afterwards. He brought in my nose slightly as it was wide and brought in the nostrils a tad, as well. . .which I was concerned about before, but after I saw his work, I can't believe I ever doubted how natural and lovely it would look. I took all medication as prescribed and just 6 days later I'm virtually bruise and pain free. I wore make-up today (8/20/13) and went out for a follow-up visit to his lovely lovely office to have stitches removed. I look and feel great. Thank you so much!! I feel so lucky I found this place. . and to think I was almost fully committed to doing my surgery somewhere else. I am so happy I decided to do my surgery with such a gifted and warm doctor.

Nine Days Later. . .

Nine days Post Op and who's swollen. Not me, baby (Okay. . maybe just a little). The man is amazing and I wouldn't survive without all of Rose's advice!! xo

Still so happy!!

Hello friends!! It's been almost 7 months since my surgery and oh man. . .its looking better and better with each passing day. Let me reassure you. . .your nose will look swollen, strange, asymmetrical for the first few months. You have to ride it out. I know, I get you. I'm you. We're perfectionists. That's why we got the surgery in the first place. But, you'll have to learn to love the journey, my friends. . because oh man. . .the treasure that awaits is bountiful. Trust that you made the right decision. . .and let the rest of it go. Furthermore, you're in great hands. Dr. Ghavami is very helpful and is excited about his work and he wants you to look great so you don't have to worry that you're being left in the dark and alone. I am very happy, I made this decision. . .now. . what to work on next. . .hmmmm. . .xoxox


Seven Months Post Op

Need Additional Photos

If its still hard to figure out how it looks, please feel free to send me your email address and I will send you full before and after photos. xo

This RealSelf updating is confusing. .

Okay, the first photo- wearing earphones- is 7 months post up. The second photo -with braces- is pre-op.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I'm a busy woman with a full plate: a full time job, a home to take care of and a burgeoning comedy career. I always thought I had a pretty cute nose, somewhat wide with a bulbous tip, but with the right contouring make-up (thank you Youtube), I knew how to handle it. Presto chango with the make-up and ready to hit the stage. However, after seeing myself on the small screen (read: home camera) a few times and in various photos, I thought: You know what? I'm going to make a change. I started off small (getting fillers in the bridge of my nose by a different surgeon). It looked great but it inevitably disappeared and I decided I wanted something a bit more permanent. I've heard the horror stories so decided to only go to the best. When it comes to my face, I was willing to shell out the dough. This is your face you're talking about, folks. Take it seriously. I consulted with several different doctors and though they were all "the best in the business", there was something about Dr. Ashkan Ghavami. Not only is he one of the best in the business, he truly cares. I didn't feel like I was on the nose assembly line, with him aiming to give me a cookie-cutter nose. In fact, he has a special understanding of ethnic noses. That was extremely important to me since I am of mixed race heritage (Black/Korean). So it was imperative that had a nose that looked similar to mine yet more refined/cute, but still very me. Ghavami understands that. In fact, the first thing he asked me when I arrived in his office is "what nationality are you?". Thank YOU. Someone who gets it! I want to look like me. . .only better. I love love this doctor and his staff. So warm and friendly. Yes, do your research. It's imperative. Compare. Ask questions. I did. But, I am telling you, trust yourself. Do a gut check. You know when you've found the right place. You will come back to this office. You just will. But, do it fast, he is becoming a bit of a celebrity now, so you better go now before you never get an appointment! Ha! The stitches just came off today and my nose is still quite swollen. Full disclosure: I was preparing to be mortified/confused by my new face (because that's what I read happens the first time you see your new self). But, nope. I felt none of that. It instantly felt natural and so "me". I look forward to more healing over time. I hope this helped you make a a decision. Go make an appointment. Review the surgeries on his site. Watch all the videos. You'll love his natural and amazing work. Okay. . I'm going to go adore my nose a bit more. Now go get gorgeous. You deserve it! xoxo

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