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I had my first rhinoplasty procedure in October of...

I had my first rhinoplasty procedure in October of 2010, by a very skilled surgeon in Beverly Hills. I'm of Mayan descent and always had a big nose. I can't remember not being self conscious about it since the age of 10. It spread pretty widely across my face when I smiled and of course I had a beak. The rest of my features are pretty delicate but having a big nose detracted from them. When the cast came off after surgery I was delighted with the results. But it lasted only a few hours. My nose swelled up... and never seemed to go back down. I know that your nose is supposed to swell, but this was quite abnormal. My surgeon was understanding and told me to be patient, that it would take time. 

 I tried to beat it down with Cortisone injections, taping, etc. But nothing worked. I had some medical problems at the time and my whole body was sometimes in a state of inflammation, so I wonder if that was a reason I didn't heal properly. I honestly don't believe it was the surgeon's fault. It was really depressing and in some ways my nose was even bigger that version 1.0 since a bunch of scar tissue developed. But my doctor promised me he would do right by me and fix it for free, so over two years later (I waited as long as possible for it to completely heal) I went in for version 3.0. I really believe in my surgeon and was confidant he would do exactly what I wanted. I had a clear cut idea, and I told him to be much more aggressive. 
 He removed lots of scar tissue, reset bones, made it look very feminine and reduced the size of my nostrils, which changed my appearance dramatically. Now, to be honest, the first time around was very traumatic. I was expecting it to swell up again at any given moment. I went through the same trials and tribulations and still am), that EVERYONE seems to go through after a rhinoplasty. Patient I am NOT. But I had to learn to be much calmer this time around, much more positive and mentally strong. Reading other peoples' stories helps a ton too. I know that some days there's just going to be a lot more swelling than others, there are good nose days and WTF nose days. I am now going on 5 months post surgery and I still tape, even during the day. I think it helps me psychologically. Whatever I put in my body seems to affect my nose so I really have to watch salt intake, alcohol, stress... not a bad thing to reduce that stuff, right?!? I do still have weeks where I freak out if it swells up, but it's nothing compared to the first time around. I would call it "normal" swelling. But I am really looking forward to the end result. The pictures I posted are before version 1.0, after version 1.0 and just a couple of weeks ago, just around 4 months.

7 Months in...

I had my six month post-op several weeks ago and everything looks good. I am happy with the progression of the shape of my nose. The tip has finally dropped and it's not looking pointed up anymore and my nostrils are mostly symmetrical. There is still some swelling and I imagine it will slowly go down over the next several months. I will say I went to an allergist to get tested for all kinds of allergies and when he looked up my nose he saw allergy related swelling, as opposed to surgical swelling. I did two rounds of kenalog shots (in the hip) and it did help over all. My point is, if you have allergies or anything like that, get a handle on them before surgery because it can affect swelling like it did in my case. I am tempted to head up to LA to get a steroid shot IN the nose. Only Dr. Motykie can do that. It's still a bit more swollen than I would like at this point. I finally stopped wearing tape at six months. Dr. M. told me to "lose the crutches" and he was right. It was due time. I am really happy with the fact that I no longer feel self-conscious of my profile and I don't worry about a beak profile.

I am going to be really honest here. Sometimes I get clogged pores in my nose and before surgery would pick allll the time. It was very hard for me to avoid it at first, but I know from the first surgery, that the slightest irritation will cause swelling. So avoid it! For those of you who pick. Trust me. Even this far out, I started picking and ended up making my nose puff up a bit. Anyways, I meant to post pictures of some front shots. I'll get a few up as soon as I can.

nose atn7 months. frontal view

still swelling

I expect there to be continuous swelling for the next several months because I am a thick-skinned individual, and I was reminded that my nose is still healing and delicate yesterday when my boyfriend accidentally hit it! It really hurt, especially the tip. Be patient guys. It really does take a long time to heal.

One Year

Tomorrow is my official one year anniversary. I have been meaning to post pictures, but honestly don't have any up close nose shots. I am still slightly swollen -- Yes! Even after a year. In fact the last couple of months it's been a tad puffy, but when it reduces, I can see the final shape, and I am super happy. I have some sinus problems that are not surgery related, so that is what has made my nose swell more often these days. I promise to get some pictures up soon. Thank you for the posts!

1 year and almost three month post-op

Ok, here it is. I'm posting pics over a year in. It's not pretty people. I mean, I didn't take good pictures (no make up) because I'm trying get over my vanity. You might notice I have hyperpigmentation, all over my face (and newly on my nose), but oh well. Anyways, my year post-op. Just couldn't get up to see the doctor. I am very happy with the results so far. I say so far because even this far out, there's still swelling in there!! Can you believe it?!! No scar tissue. Dr. Motykie gave me three injections; one on the bridge and on each side of the tip. It's so small compared to my old nose and he said it will go down about another size. It's been such a long road, but I remember the first nose job settling in at two years. I have very thick skin and also chronic sinus problems, if you remember me saying, so there's always some added puffiness not related to the surgeries at all. My nostrils are almost symmetrical. Most days, they completely are. The outside of the nostrils (he removed lots of nostril) still swell up and down. The scars from the stitches took quite a while to heal up. In the close up side shot, you will notice. It looks better than it does in the pictures and the spots on my nose make it look odd. It's really nicely shaped. Both and bridge have a bit more to come down. When he stuck the needle through the skin, I could feel the swelling in there. I still massage it too. That helped me a lot. I love the side profile because I nice and straight and will eventually curve in a little more. It looks very natural on my face. My friend gave me the biggest compliment the other day. We were talking and she didn't know I'd had a revision. All of the sudden she said, "Oh my gosh, you have a perfect nose." It was really sweet. Sometimes, I still get impatient and want it to settle in finally, and then think how far I've come. : ) The criticism I do have is that even though most of the girls that work in the office are nice, it is a bit disorganized. I've experienced this with them quite a few times. I mean, I've been going up there since Fall of 2010. If they could just get that together... Dr. M. said that if I needed to come up in a couple of months for another shot, I could. It's already gone down from yesterday's. We'll see. Well guys, sorry it look so long for the shots. Best of luck to those of you still healing!

One more nostril pic

PS - This was taken a few weeks ago. Just illustrating how much they can still fluctuate, if you're person like me, that takes a long time to heal!
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Very nice, VERY skilled, good listener. On the younger side as surgeons in the business go which makes him more progressive. His office staff is really nice, however they do seem a bit disorganized and I had issues with my credit card being double charged a couple of different times. They did correct the mistake of course. I would recommend him to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery.

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