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I had a primary rhinoplasty with the Raj Kanodia...

I had a primary rhinoplasty with the Raj Kanodia and very disappointed with the results. He is the most uncaring Doctor you will see in the business. Super arrogant. Don't know what he is arrogant about.

First consultation:
Super short. But I was super excited with the idea of getting my nose fixed by him. I had seen his work on tv and heard a lot about him. Or as he claims to be " King of noses". King of only ashlee Simpsons nose may be. One of the nurse took pictures of my nose n took me to his office. He entered five mins later n went ahead and sat on his chair. No courtesy to shake hands or anything. Anyways, I didn't care after all it's Kanodia. He glanced at my pictures and told me that my nose is super easy to fix. That was so exciting to hear "super easy nose to fix". I was okay with the front of my nose and had a bump on the profile view. He said he was not gonna touch the front and just fix the profile view. Even more excited at this point as I get to Pasteur the fav part of my nose. Not even once he touched my nose to see the bone structure or anything. He did look inside of my nose to check for deviated septum.

So yea, this was my first consultation. Lasted 5 mins and I paid $ 150. He Just looked at the pictures and told me that my nose was super easy to fix. Didn't go over recovery or any complications I might experience. Out of those five mins took 2 mins to brag about what a great artist he is ????

And 5 mins later I was sent over to Lisa to discuss the price. I was quoted at 10,000.

Didn't have the 10,000 dollars to took a year to save all my hard earned money .

Consultation 2- after a year, this gave me enough time to save 10,000$ needed for the surgery. at this consultation I discovered that he is very much aware of all the reviews online about him being rude and arrogant. And he could care less. At this point, I was still dumb founded by all his fame and still want to get the surgery by him. This time he didn't charge for the consultation and quoted me for 12,000 dollars as prices went up. I made my appointment for the surgery during my second consultation and paid the money.

Surgery day- My surgery was in the morning. The day before the surgery, anesthiologist called n went over the
how they are gonna put me to sleep for the surgery n stuff. She was sweet. On the surgery day, I went there and they made me sign paperwork n change into a gown n took me to the surgery room which is on the same floor of his office. At this point they started icing my nose n it all hit me and I started crying. Nurses inside the room were nice n made me feel relaxed n before I know it, I was out. I don't remember how long the surgery took since I was out n my friend picked me up after the surgery n I pretty much slept all day. Or even the next couple days.

The surgery itself wasn't painful. It's just uncomfortable because of the sponges in your nose and cast.

The next day I went to get the sponges removed from my nose. The most gross feeling ever. Nurse Carla is the one who took the sponges out of my nose. She seems to have a cold personality just like her boss. Dr Kanodia came in and asked me if I have concerns. I just asked how the surgery went and if he was happy with the results. He assured me that the surgery went great n new nose looks great and he is very happy with what he did.

After a week I got the splint removed. Once the splint came off my nose was really swollen. Although I wasn't bruised that bad, very minor. I wasn't disappointed as its normal to be swollen after the surgery and I didn't want to freak out. And mist if all I can't really see the structure of the nose just swelled up nose so it was fine. We went back home.

Now the hardest part of the surgery starts- recovery. Getting the surgery is easy, it's the waiting game that takes toll on you. Nose changes everyday n swelling is different. Nose looks uneven. for the first three months I stared muyself a lot in the mirror waiting for my nose to change. The nose was upturned n gave me piggish look but I knew that was normal. After about three months the piggish look goes away and you start to look normal.

At this point nose is still very swollen but a lil better. You start to get a glimpse of nose structure underneath all that crazy swelling n that's where my nightmare started. One side sunked in n tip still huge. I can now feel the broken bones n cartilage inside. That's when I started driving myself crazy n decided to go for a post op check with Kanodia.

3 months post op check up:
The nurse Carla took me to a room n told me to wait for him to come in. He takes about 10 mins but I don't mind. I am a very patient person. The moment he comes nurse Carla gets yelled at by him in front of a patient for not setting the blinds right n the sun was on his face????. Even though I am not a big fan of her as well but felt bad for her.

Anyways, Kanodia looked inside of my nose n said nice. Nice as in my crooked septum is straight now. And asked me if I have any questions and concerns. I told him that the recovery is really tough and I get scared everyday as the swelling is going down because I feel like one side is recovering better than the other. And instead of saying don't worry it's all normAl, he says you are a worrier and I can't do nothing about that. And tears started coming out of my eyes but he just left the room.

So yea so important to pick. Doctor that cares about his patients. Recovery from rhinoplasty is physically and mentally draining And it's nice to have a doctor to address your concerns n tell you everything will be alright. Not a doctor who brings you to tears and leave the room.

6 months post op-

By the way, Kanodia post op care sucks. Normal Doctor call or email you after surgery to check up on their patients but not him. I had to call n set up all my appointments to go see him.

Okay my friends this post is getting really long. So I am getting really hungry so I will make another post with my 6 month n year post op. And now my search for a revision rhinoplasty Doctor.

Take care, be well!
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This doctor is all hype please stay away. He messed up my semi decent nose that was apparently " too eat to fix". I am now looking into revision rhinoplasty and have visited few other doctors in Beverly Hills to get his mess fixed and according to them Dr. Kanodias revision rate is highest. So yea, so much for calling yourself " king of noses". He is super mean and arrogant and makes it seems like pleasure is all yours to have a Kanodia nose

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