25 Year Old, Wanted Nose Job for over 10 Years, Finally Getting One! - Beverly Hills, CA

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I have been wanting to get a nose job for over 10...

I have been wanting to get a nose job for over 10 years now. I finally decided to have it done during Summer 2016. I knew I wanted to get at least three different consultations to get a "feel" of different doctors and different opinions. I met with two other doctors Beverly Hills prior to meeting with Dr. Markowitz, but something turned me off of the other two doctors (they just weren't a good fit for me). I met with Dr. Markowitz and told him exactly what I didn't like about my nose and what I wanted fixed. I also showed him pictures of noses I didn't like and noses I liked. Dr. Markowitz agreed with my assessment of my nose and assured he would make it more refined. One thing that I happen to like about Dr. Markowitz that others may not is that he does't photoshop a picture of how your nose will look like post surgery. A doctor never really knows how a nose will come out and he says straight up that he refuses to give false expectations. I booked a surgery with him that day. It is now two days until the big day and am starting to feel anxious (which is expected). However, I am very excited and can't wait for the outcome. Will update after the surgery!

Before pictures

I wanted to add some before pictures so you guys could see what I'm dealing with ????.

1 hr post op picture!

Hi guys I just got home from the surgery center and am resting in bed (pretty bored lol) thought I would post some post ops for you guys!

Day 1 post op

Looking more bruised - the doctor wanted me to ice my eyes and cheeks but it was putting pressure on my nose so I stopped.

Getting packing removed today!

So I'm finally getting the packing removed today and hopefully I'll have a better nights sleep. I wake up with the worst dry mouth since I'm breathing entirely through my mouth. Will update soon!! Xx

Last day before the cast comes off!

Today is the last day before my cast comes off and I'm super excited! The swelling and bruising has gone down a lot and I'm nervous/ excited to see how my new nose will look! I know of course it will take months to look like the final result but I'm still excited. Will keep you posted!!

2 weeks post op

Sorry it's been a while. So far the healing is going great. I had a little accident last week - someone accidentally hit me in the nose. :( I had a panic attack but saw my doctor after the weekend and he said it's fine. Hopefully that's the case! Overall, I'm really happy how it's healing so far.

Week 3 post op

So I'm still very swollen and there are areas on my nose that hurt more than others but I'm really liking the progress so far and have been receiving tons of compliments!

1 month post op

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