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Just had the most lovely consult with Dr Hamilton....

Just had the most lovely consult with Dr Hamilton. Iv'e had 5 consults with different surgeons all different price ranges and experience levels . I love Dr Hamilton's before and after photos on here and i felt like when speaking to him he wasn't trying to sell me on getting the surgery.. he felt authentic and I agreed with what he said technically in terms of what needs to be done to my nose. I booked surgery for August 26th and I am very excited! I will post before and after photos and note about progress.. ahhhh!

Day of surgery

Hey! SO just finished surgery today I believe i went in there at around 10 am and it finished around 5pm ish? Before I went in I was so nervous and Dr Hamilton settled me and his team were very lovely and comforting . I feel completely comfortable in their hands even though this felt like the scariest day of my entire life.

When I woke i really out of it of course and clearly forgot horrible that was so strange that I couldn't even remember that feeling.. I felt so nauseous immediately I hate feeling nauseous so that was really hard for me, I couldn't stomach any food but new that , that was part of the reason why I felt sick. Anyway long story short the nurse took me back to my hotel and around 9pm i started to feel like i could eat or have whatever i eat stay down.. by eat I had a smoothie and toast i mean

My nose right now feels super sore and uncomfortable , there's A LOT of bleeding every time i eat strangely enough it runs with blood , going to call tomorrow and check in on that. A lady called Terry gave me a follow up call this evening which was cool to check in make sure I'm okay and said i can text her any time which I have asked her a couple of questions, i thought 2 am might be a bit extreme so going to text her in the AM about it . I am slightly scared / concerned about taking the thing that covers my nostrils off myself and cleaning that area.. i really am nervous about touching anything quite honestly! I just want everything to heal properly and not to touch anything i shouldn't hoping I can face time them and they can direct me how to do it.

I was told that Hamilton did a rib graft by a nurse, (from someone else's rib) and Hamilton told me that he felt everything went to his plan. He told me before he had already done the surgery in his head which i thought was a good sign that he had been thinking about it , therefore cares about the surgery. I still can not imagine how it's going to look and the before and after photos he showed me are incredible .. there were a lot of things wrong with my nose. I just posted one photo but going to post more befores tomorrow .. but from this one you can see how deviated the septum is , my nostrils are very visible I think and it's a very masculine nose .. the tip is broad and asymmetrical and from most angles it looks totally different... it also has an inverted V.. so quite a lot really...
in my head I am indeed hoping for a miracle but Hamilton feels confident.. so I guess time will tell.

With these bandages on I can see the tip a bit and my only worry is it seems a bit high , I am praying to god it doesn't look piggy like basically that's my idea of the worlds worst nose, but I can't imagine he would be giving me that.. I think if anything it could be something with the swelling? I'll ask tomorrow.

ill be posting more before photos and after every step of the way , I'm grateful for a safe surgery and that there was no complications during surgery.

Visibility of nostrils?

does anyone know whether it's normal that the nostrils and nose look upturned RIGHT after surgery? I am concerned the tip looks high and a bit piggy , i really doubt this is the end result but the part of me that had the worlds worst first experience makes me nervous about it : (

More swelling

Day 3 after surgery feeling SO swollen didn't even know my face was capable of getting this big.. my eyes are not even fully open now , started taking some ibuprofen for swelling the nurse said to take.. this recovery is rough and I feel like my face is gonna take a lot longer to recover than I initially thought ! Wednesday is when my cast comes off so MAY take photos then, I can understand the nostrils and up turn will be part of the swelling now as my whole face looks huge but still nervous.. trying not to think about it : /

Teeth hurting?

Hii so my top teeth are hurting a lot the top two ones like a constant ache.. it this normal?! Swelling seems to have gone down on the face a lot today


Just got the cast taken off and was NOT expecting that.. not because i don't trust Hamilton but because I was so scared from the first one i REALLY love it.. i can tell it's hugely swollen but the shape is SO PERFECT for my face and i am so so so so so happy :)! YAYAYAYYAY posting photos soon and will continue to post as it goes down .. Dr Hamilton is LITERALLY amazing.

before n after pics


PS does anyone know how long it takes generally for the tip to reduce in swelling? :)

More photos

Hey so uploaded some more photos of today my nose , It looks a bit piggy today and I honestly can't wait for the tip to come down , I know it will because it's basically the same size as my tip before and he said he did a lot of tip work but I heard it takes a while.. I also hope it stays as straight on the bridge of my nose that's my favorite part how straight it looks right now! I had such a blatant curve to my nose before

alar base

Hey was wondering if anyone knew how long scars take to go after alar base ? I have tape on them right now but I imagine when it comes off there would be some scarring.. also any suggestions on what I should use to help ? :)


So today I noticed that my nose looks still curved and I don't know if this is because of swelling but it's making me feel sick in my stomach as I'm scared it went back and moved so quickly or is it still healing I don't understand :((

sept 15th

Appearing like it's curving at the top looks like the bone to me but I know I have to wait to see.. still confused about how it seemed to be so straight after surgery and now curving (At the top)
Hoping it straightens up

More pics

So as you can see it appears curved and the tip is very bulbous .. Hoping this reduces over time and I am feeling like this crookedness won't go .. How is this possible tho.? It looks like it now curves to the other side ? I wish someone would give me an explanation about this but I haven't had a straight forward answer. Hoping on my next visit someone can either explain the swelling to me or something ..

Seeing the dr tmrw

I have a lot of questions. The septum is super deviated, it seems to be on the other side, the Tip is a smetrical (it was before) but I feel sick in my stomach about the idea of another nose job but this needs to be worked out.....

Not happy..

SO here are more photos as you can see it appears very curved.. I was told by the dr is the tip that is making it appear curve which will go down.. I don't know but from where I am standing it seems to be the top that is curving and I'm sure the tip doesn't help but I do not see how that would affect it to this extent. Thoughts?

I really don't want to go through another fucking surgery again but I am not happy with this right now at all

better before photo

Not happy

Hey allll so it's been a while but wanted to update here and say no I'm not happy with my outcome lol.. basically it's curved, BS that he told me about it appearing straighter is inaccurate. I am hoping he actually explains WHAT happened and why it is, and doesn't give me a bullshit explanation and tells me to work on my abs. The fact is it's very curved and slight curve I can handle but this is not cool. I paid a lot of money for this and not only that but I was SO NERVOUS when I went to him and he held my hand and told me he would take care of me. HMMM.. kinda pisses me of because well he didn't... Do i look like i've had a nose job, well no.. because it's curved.. so even though it's "natural" it's because I look like someone who needs one. Now I have to get a fucking THIRD surgery?! My worst nightmare.. I really would love to know where the good surgeons are and where are the people that can be honest and say you know what this seems a little bit too intense for me so I think I'm gonna skip it.. after over 6 years of waiting to get this done and now this outcome I am extremely disappointed. I KNOW my nose was a very difficult one but if you can't handle it then don't do it. Simple as that... Having another consult with him this week and I am not going to be listening to him talk and hoping he listens to me talk and gives me some good answers. I am going to ask exactly what was done in surgery and I really don't think fillers are a good option from what I have researched..........
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