Revision Rhinoplasty Booked with Dr. Frankel - Beverly Hills, CA

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So after a failed first rhinoplasty in June 2015,...

So after a failed first rhinoplasty in June 2015, I have been spending countless hours on this site along with others, reviewing the best surgeon for my revision rhinoplasty. The decision to go forward with a secondary rhinoplasty was not taken lightly either. I'd have many days this past year of going back and forth over the procedure. I guess I've finally come to the realization that I don't want to always look at myself and see my botched nose. Or look at a picture of myself and think how much happier I was with my original nose. So, if there is a pretty good chance that my nose can be fixed, then I need to try.

I've reached out to many of Dr. Frankel's previous patients who have been wonderful and who have helped me with my decision to move forward. So, I know that I have to return the favour by writing this post and sharing my revision rhinoplasty journey with you.

The surgery is booked for the end of September, and I will be providing details on everything here. Please let me know if you have any questions.

As for how I'm feeling right now, I'm nervous, I have a ton of anxiety about the whole thing, but I am trying to stay as positive as possible about everything.

22 days until surgery...

Hi There! My surgery date is fast approaching. I have good days and bad days about my feelings towards it. If Dr. Frankel can deliver on his morphs I will be very happy. After seeing all the great reviews on here, I am feeling optimistic. I feel like I have chosen a great surgeon, so now I just need to wait and pray for it to go well. I have received some messages from people asking for pictures, so I have attached the images that were taken from his office. If you have ANY tips on anything I can do now to help with the healing please share. Thank-you!

Surgery complete!

I had my surgery with Dr. Frankel last week. I was very anxious leading up to the surgery and even considered cancelling the entire thing days before the surgery. I'm so happy I didn't and I'm now on the other end of it all. My surgery went well and my recovery is going extremely well. I feel so much further ahead in the healing process then I was at this stage after my primary rhinoplasty. I'm very happy I chose Dr. Frankel to perform the surgery. I will provide a more detailed review once I'm further along in my healing.
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

The consult was thorough. He spent a good amount of time examining my nose, pointing out the areas of imbalance and providing a good plan/recommendation for how to improve my nose. I emailed him some questions after the surgery. All of my questions weren't answered and I had to follow up with the office on some images that he said would be sent to me which never came. I did initially have concerns over our email conversation, however, I requested a follow up call which went great and he was able to answer all my final questions then.

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