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Ive been wanting a nose job for more then 10...

Ive been wanting a nose job for more then 10 years, and now I'm finally having it done. My surgery is scheduled in two day, and I am on a low-sodium to none diet, I am also eating 2 servings a day of papaya or pineapple, as I have read this will help with bruising. As for the procedure i would like the tip of my nose to look more refine, and bringing down the dorsal hump. I will post pictures of my results, for now here is what my nose looks like now.

Done with surgery

My throat was really irritated and I felt totally out of it as expected, don't remember too much of the ride home, it all happened so fast, last thing i remember was talking about my boyfriend ha... started feeling a headache at night, had so much loving support, my dad, mom, boyfriend and best friend. Love them all so much. will update in a few days im not too bruised perhaps my diet helped??

Tomorrow cast comes off

Nights have been the worst part of recovery, i wake up from the dryness in my throat. and having to sleep elevated. Swelling peaked on the second morning and little by little its been coming down. Pictures of the things that have helped me the most, besides friends and family support.

9 days later

Tip is still swollen, and i have some discoloration but so far im loving my results!
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

After lots of research i have decided to choose Dr. Richard Zoumalan M.D. He was very honest about what the procedure will be, which i very much appreciate. I feel that was not the case with other physicians that i went to see. Dr. Zoumalan understood exactly what i wanted to change, he is also board certified and subspecializes in facial plastic surgery. From observing his previous work, the surgeries he has performed result very natural looking.

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