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Hi everyone, I'm new here and wanted to...

Hi everyone,
I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 29 year old mom of 3 (ages 4, 2, and 1) and have my MM scheduled for March 14th. I will be having a full TT with hernia repair and MR as well as a BA with 265-290 range saline moderate plus implants. I go back and forth between very excited and terrified... I feel wonderfully confident in my PS, have my parents and my husband around for 2 weeks to help and should be all set... but i know i will freak out with the "what if's" those final 24 hours. I'm happy to have a place to share my experience with those going through the same thing! Good luck to you all!

4 days to go! I have not been sick in 14 months...

4 days to go! I have not been sick in 14 months but of course i have had a sore throat and swollen glands for the past 2 days. No fever, cough or runny nose... just those 2 symptoms. Think this should be postponed?? Ugh, I reaaallllly don't want to have to do that! Parents are flying in, hospital bed is coming, afternight care facility is booked, dogs are booked at kennel, took time off work and kids out of school for a few days, etc. etc. I'll call in the am and see what they say :( Do you think if I'm feeling better in the next day or so I can still go or do they not want any sickness the whole week before??

Wow, this feels surreal that the surgery is 2 days...

Wow, this feels surreal that the surgery is 2 days away. Up until yesterday I was excited but these past 24 hours, I have been an emotional mess. I broke down crying in the bathroom last night to my poor hubby. I've always been a bit anxious and I'll admit i'm always the one to think about the terrible "what if's" in life more than most people do... i avoid risks of any sort at all costs and i always knew that although I want this surgery so badly, my fears and phobias of leaving these 3 kids without a mom would get the best of me. I'm trying to just go easy on myself and remind myself that this is normal anxiety and lots of people are this nervous... I'm trying not to let it consume me, but it's hard. We will be traveling to Beverly Hills tomorrow morning and spending 2 nights, so today is my "last" day with the kids... It's so hard for me to stop thinking, "these may be the last memories I make with them." What is wrong with me, is this normal!?!? I pray that I have the strength to actually hop up on that table on Thursday.... I am so ready to have this over. I know the recovery will be a long and emotional road, but at least at that point, the decision making is over... whats done is done and i can just focus on recovering and enjoying my babies. I hope I'm not the only overly dramatic and emotional one on here right now :)

Wow, I can't believe tomorrow is the big day and...

Wow, I can't believe tomorrow is the big day and guess what?! My period decided to show up this evening! What crappy timing-- now I'll be extra bloated, bleeding and have migraines all week as an added bonus :). Can't catch a break!! Best of luck to all the other ladies going tomorrow-- will update ASAP.

Feeling pretty good-- surgery was 8am so I'm about...

Feeling pretty good-- surgery was 8am so I'm about 13 hours post op. pain pump working well and Percocet every 4 hours-- feels a lot ALOT like the csection so far for me. Hard to get out of bed and very sore but no pain when im not moving. He said I had a "nest" of hernias and took a pic-- can't wait to see it. Surgery took 5 hours and ended up with the 270 cc saline implants.
Very sleepy upon waking then very shaky and fairly nauseous-- all better now and pain is probably a 4/10 this evening.
Mentally, doing well and happy it's over-- the aftercare place is amazing and I can't imagine going home today-- kudos to those of u that do that!! Boobs feel fine, no pain at all-- they look really small from here... Prob should have listened and gone a bit bigger!! Oh well :). Will add pics soon.

Hi! Surgery was yesterday morning and I'm doing...

Hi! Surgery was yesterday morning and I'm doing great. Very little pain so far, just sore all over and tight muscles. No problems breathing deeply though, so not too claustrophobic feeling. Saw doc today and he told me everything went great, fixed several hernias, repaired a very very loose fascia and that I did need a vertical component to get the belly button piercing out and looking normal. I can't wait to see it-- probably Monday. Very pleased with pain pump, also taking one Percocet every 4 hours and have been incredibly comfortable and walking for about 5-10 minutes every two hours. Hope everyone is feeling well and healing well!!

So far so good here-- came home from spending two...

So far so good here-- came home from spending two nights in an aftercare place and I feel awesome. Pain pump must be doing the trick bc I'm off all other meds, just Tylenol every 6 hours. Drains slowing down and getting clear, spending half my day walking around hanging out with the kids and the other half in bed on realself :). Feeling very lucky that this has been smooth sailing and cautiously hoping it continues this way! Speedy recoveries to all!

Drains were removed today-- a bit uncomfortable...

Drains were removed today-- a bit uncomfortable but just so nice to have them out!! They were putting out 3cc in a 24 hour period for the past 2 days. I finally got to see the incision and I'm soooo happy! It just looks so neat and clean and nice and low. I knew to expect the vertical and I think it will heal really well and not bother me much at all. I'm just so happy with this process so far-- so little pain and discomfort for such a great feeling 5 days out. Minimal bruising and swelling so far-- no more CG just spanx now. Still can't stand upright all the way-- when does that usually happen? Just taking it easy and resting all week... Wishing everyone all the best. I hope to catch up on all of your updates this afternoon!

PO day 8-- today I tried on a few bikinis and it...

PO day 8-- today I tried on a few bikinis and it made me so excited for summer! I know I'm still quite swollen and oddly flat looking but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's bright! I've been so concerned with the emotional aspect of the surgery and recovery, stressing about complications, guilty for missing out on a few weeks of throwing my baby in the air and racing my daughter on her bike... I never realized how happy I'd be to have my confidence back.
Physically, feeling awesome-- off all over the counter pain mess and just listening to my body and resting s few times a day when needed. Able to take the kids to school and do very light housework, try on a few bikinis then it's time for a break :). Just feels like my core is week, almost like I've had the stomach flu for a week and am getting back on my feet.. Tummy feels very fragile and I hate the feeling of no binder so I wear it still. I'm in TWO pairs of higher power spanx plus the binder! But I like it. Thrilled with the results and so happy that I had such an honest PS. One thing I struggled with going into this was whether I preferred a very low horizontal scar with a small vertical component or a slightly higher horizontal scar with no vertical... Didn't have enough skin to pull low enough and cover old bb peircing. So glad we chose the vertical... I would be upset with the horizontal any higher and like that I can hide that in bikinis. Maybe I'll get a tiny tattoo for the vertical if it's still visible in a year!
Quick waits to those coming up and happy healing to all, xo

4 weeks today! Feeling back to normal and was...

4 weeks today! Feeling back to normal and was cleared to start elliptical machine today which went well-- took it easy and felt great. So happy with everything and I like the way the scars are healing so far. I am Using vitamin c and e cream and silicone cream plus silicone strip at night. Wearing spanx for support. So happy to be able to lift and carry my one year old (only 17 lbs). My bb is still weird looking to me but I know that takes the longest time to heal and to get used to. Can't wait to start really working out and doing abs! Hope you're all doing well! Need to catch up with your updates as soon as I can.

8 weeks PO! Feel 100% back to normal-- all...

8 weeks PO! Feel 100% back to normal-- all exercises and activities resumed and sooo happy I did this! Happy Mother's Day ladies!!!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Moelleken via word of mouth-- His reputation for being an excellent surgeon, brilliant doctor, and an all around nice man sold me even before the consultation. Every aspect of this surgery has been wonderful and I can't recommend him highly enough. I had a full tummy tuck with lipo and muscle repair as well as a breast aug. To keep this short, some of the things that really stand out about Dr. M: He is incredibly safety oriented and takes every precaution possible to ensure that this is an uneventful process. He requires several important blood tests (clotting time, etc. in addition to CBC) that very few doctors require for people in my age group (29 and healthy) which was a huge comfort to me. I had a minor heart procedure done 10 years ago and he wanted cardiac clearance with an EKG... again, made me feel very safe that these precautions were in place since many, many doctors let them slide. Next, his degrees and achievements speak for themselves... training at the best of the best universities (Harvard, Yale, UCLA, etc.) and a little research quickly reveals that in many of his graduating classes he was actually #1... voted in "Top PS" editions and "Super Doctors" all the time and clearly an accomplished doctor. Actually, during my surgery, he discovered several hernias that I was unaware of and fixed them quite easily, whereas many PS use general surgeons if they anticipate the need for a complex hernia repair... to Dr. M, it was no big deal. Finally, he has a fabulous artistic eye and his results (esp. his scars) are insane.. flawless. You would think someone with all of these assets would be arrogant, but he's the opposite... just a really nice, compassionate guy who genuinely cares about his patients. Post surgery, I emailed him a few times with questions and he would typically respond within about 5 minutes! That's right.. his personal email address! Best of all, I feel fabulous, the recovery has been a walk in the park, and I look like I did in college...actually, better. Thank you Dr. Moelleken for making this, hands down, the best thing I've ever done for myself.

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