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After reading so many reviews I decide to share my...

After reading so many reviews I decide to share my story and experience.I am 43 ,5'8 160 lbs mother of 3 beautiful children and as we all know what 3 pregnancy can do to our body,excessive weight gain and loose left as with so many stretch marks and saggy belly.So I decide to bring my body back to way I will fell confident and sexy again.I scheduled my surgery on march 6,2013 and here I am 5 weeks 3 days post op as happy as I can be .My surgery went great and my recovery is fast.I had TT with MR and BL and implants exchange and lipo on my love handle.

Have most beautiful BB and my scar look so tin and amazing as well as my new silicon implants and lifts I just feel so good and can believe its my body when I look my self in the mirror.This is just basic info about me and my surgery I will love to share the details and answer any questions for anyone who consider doing this surgery.

This is where my story begin at 2006 I did my BL...

This is where my story begin at 2006 I did my BL with saline implants and talked with my ps about TT however at that time I couldn't effort both .At 39 I got pregnant with my last child and gained so much weight by the end of my pregnancy I was at 236 lbs.Total gain 76 lbs so my body was stretch to the point no help so I straggle to loose al the weight for 4 years.Two years ago got down to 180 lbs and decide to call my PS for TT consultation after my consultation I decide to wait because my son was 2.5 at the time and no much help around for recovery.
In February 2013 one of my saline implants deflated so I went back to my PS to talk about option and after finale consultation I decide to go with whole new mommy makeover .Doing multiple procedure will save you money
I forgot to mansion in the last two years I lost 20 more lbs so I start my journey in very good shape working out 4-5 days at weeks and eating healthy I was looking good in clothes but not in the bikini.My recommendation for all lady's out there considering this surgery tray to get yourself in some good shape it will help you to get great result and help you with recovery. March 6,2013 surgery day to be continued ........happy recovery.You can do it.

So here we are day of my surgery march 6,2013 7:30...

So here we are day of my surgery march 6,2013 7:30 am .
I was going in this surgery very calm I used a driver to drive me to surgery center no family members around I didn't wanna get nervous or stressed before .
Before leaving house I told my family I love you gays come pick me up at specific time and see you sone.
I was very confident with my ps and I trusted him before so I new I will be ok this time.Arrived at sc at 7 am go thru all pepper work my dr came marked me and took the picture before nurse start Iv we waked to or and and after taking couple berth of oxygen I was gone .I think my surgery started around 8am ,woke up in recovery around 12:30pm my hubby came in and I feel tight and some pain.
Nurse was there I ask her for some pain med she give me a pill and after some times I was ok relax .then asked hubby for water and crackers eat 2 and drank small bottle of water and felt good.My dr come to check on me and let me know when to come for follow up,then I get dressed up of course with help and by 1:30-2 pm we were on our way home.Rest of the day I spend in recliner resting I drank a lot of water so I had to get up every our to use bathroom but I didn't feel sick of general Anastasia just tight in my abs and hunched over and pain in my breasts ?I had 3 drains one under my right Brest and 2 in my pubic area my ps use dressing water proof tapes and they put me in surgical binder and felt so tight first day didn't do nothing but 2 day I was require to shower ,important info stay on top of your med and fallow order of your ps he she know what's best for you.I was prescribed hydra codeine and antibiotics to be taken every 6 hours I was taking my med half hour before so I didn't like to go in pain zone.helpful info used my alarm on my iPhone every time for my next dosage of med you don't forget or get confused .First shower day 2 very uncomfortable I did quick bird shower no hair just rinse my self with help of my hubby my back was hurting and my tubes were on my way and pulling .
Next day my hubby went to rite aid and bought me a shower chair and I found helpful info on this site from other lady's use head band around your neck and pin your tubes to it and your hands are free so you can enjoy your shower.With shower chair and this tip I shower every day and felt so good.Still day 2 my ps called to follow on me and see how I am doing and if I had any questions .So I asked if I had to get any supply or do anything.So he advise me to get some Kotex maxi pads and polysporin ointment to apply on my bb and openings where tubes are placed .Day 2 was the most uncomfortable for me.To be continued...Day 3.Happy healing.

Day 3 was painful and uncomfortable taking med...

Day 3 was painful and uncomfortable taking med resting and getting up every hour or so to walk for couple minutes.
Day 4 feeling little better and getting easy to get up,day 5 follow up with ps removing one of my tubes from breast area.Day 6-7 getting much better walking more and standing more strait for short period of time.Day 8 going for 2 follow up with my ps removal of my TT tubes it feel so good worst is behind .Day 9 drove my son to school and back like 2 mile it was little uncomfortable ,forget to mention stop my prescription med on day 7 used Tylenol couple times a day when needed .
My advice for everyone is take it really easy for first too weeks drink a lot of water snack on protein rich food take short walks to prevent blood cloth and rest.
2 weeks PO feeling more normal starting to walk 1-2 miles slow and take long rest after or take nap,week 3 you are getting your energy back and start to do your normal stuff.
Before surgery I was very active worked out 5 days a week so at week 3 went back to gym 1 hour treadmill no incline just walking 3-4 mile started slow and increase every day little fester .At week 4 -5 felt myself my energy is back and loving my result so far no complication so ever, my incision looking great both TT and my breast. I am still going back to see my ps every 2 weeks for tapes change and follow up.

Today I am at 6weeks 2 day PO finally starting to...

Today I am at 6weeks 2 day PO finally starting to se more definition in my waist line.I was very lucky didn't experience much of swelling just some in the first 3 weeks but nothing to extreme,feeling really good having fun shopping but not too much since result change week to week so don't rush be patient we will have rest of our time to shop and enjoy ours new body.

My advice for everyone considering any of plastic...

My advice for everyone considering any of plastic surgery research surgeons in your area ,find a surgeon that you will trust and feel comfortable with ,ask all question you have and if forget to ask all of them call and go back and ask some more if its right surgeon for you he or she will love to spend time with you and make sure you feel comfortable with your decision .Shere your expectation and ask what is realistic result for your body type and weight you don't wanna get disappointed later and regret. Research PS work before and after.Ask about after care so you wanna make sure you have somebody to Gide you thru recovery and take care of you if needed .
If you working try to take of 3 weeks from work it will help until your energy come back after 2 weeks you feel ok but not so comfortable to do anything for long hours believe me on this one.
If you have small children baby's I will recommend to wait until at list 4-5 years .You will be restricted for any lifting for at list 6 -8 weeks so protect your investment.
Find somebody to help you at list first 3-7 days but 3 days is must.If you don't have much help stock on heavy grocery like water you not going to be able to carry for a couple weeks .
For first day after surgery prepare some soup and get some crackers it will help you to recover after general Anastasia and drink a lot of water.
Set up a area where you going to recover close to bathroom and small table so you can stack your med ,water juices ,snacks and whatever you need .
Track you med some times it get me confused did I take or not so I set alarm on my iPhone.
Ask your surgeon for any post supply if needed .
Don't rash to work out or diet you need nutrition to recover and hill.
Be patient don't touch your incision or apply anything on it before talk to your Surgeon.
Don't try much of clothes it will not fit your shape change don't get disappointed it will look great after some time.
Stay away from sodium as much as you can not good as well as heavy frayed food eat light and more often if can.
Be patient and you will love it.
And now if you still thinking get up and start your search I did it and you can do it to.

Getting close to week 7 it's tomorrow I find some...

Getting close to week 7 it's tomorrow I find some free time to update today.Between week 6-7 not much change,feeling good getting back to normal life activity still not lifting nothing heavy .Start going to gym at week 3 still just walking on treadmill doing 5 miles no incline just walk on 4.2 speed.Some days even after 6 weeks if I overdue I feel third and get little back pain but nothing to complain .
It's long healing process so we have to be just patient to let our body heal .So tomorrow is my 7 weeks po and I will go on Thursday to see my surgeon for dressing tapes change I go every two weeks I will take pic of my incision so I can share with all of you .I am waiting for week 8 to start increasing my work out activities of course with my Dr permission didn't wanna do nothing to before .
We have to take time to heal and we will have all time in the world to work out and shop.For now take care of your self take it easy and protect your investment it's wort it every penny .
Happy healing for all who are recovering and much love.


7weeks 1 day and I feel great ,visited my surgeon...

7weeks 1 day and I feel great ,visited my surgeon today for tape changes and check up and I am so impress with my scar it healing amazing can believe .
Didn't take picture of the scar but will do it in two weeks when I change tapes my self .I don't have to see my surgeon in next 6 weeks he gave me all supply of tapes to change for next 4 weeks and then I will go back to check up on 13 weeks.
And also my surgeon clear me to start jogging and gradually increase to running so I am happy ,still not yoga and other classes but its ok I will take all time I need to heal good. Finally I am back in my jeans and per surgery clothes and of course my jeans are big in waist will wait 6 more weeks for shopping for new pair.After surgery I didn't lose much maybe 2 lbs I didn't have much in my midsection except loose skin however did lose some inches in my waist even with some swelling so I am very happy with my curves.Nice new lift bobs and flat stomach I am one happy mom.I have to say my surgeon did and amazing job .Hope everyone have great result and easy recovery and no complication like my self.
Will update later and happy healing be strong we are together in this and new for new mom and lady's we are here for you ask all question you have we will answer.Later much love!!

Week 8 is tomorrow ,Feeling better every day and...

Week 8 is tomorrow ,Feeling better every day and more flexible less swelling and more energy.
I don't feel any pain at all no pinching and pulling any more feeling are getting back slowly not 100% but almost there.Start jogging last week and getting to 5 miles after jog I can feel my abs sore.I am still wearing my waist binder I feel safe in it.Body is changing slowly but not drastic from week to week one new pic.

Week 9 what can I tell you long recovery ,there...

Week 9 what can I tell you long recovery ,there are the thin days and fat days swelling is present ,some days more then others not as bed but its still there .Still walking and jogging slowly not regular work outs but maintaining my weight can't wait to be cleared of any restriction.Still wearing my waist binder when home I feel safe with Slowly taking off night time so it feel wired when I touch my belly my ps told me don't have to wear any more.So today I had to change my dressing tapes by myself first time and I can tell you my incision look so good so far I post some picture I can give credit to my Dr for doing great job other then this not much change just swell heel still present in the evening .Take care and happy healing and good luck to new MM and TT.

Hi lady's just quick update I start drinking this...

Hi lady's just quick update I start drinking this coconut water with pineapple and really help swelling to go down I drank for 3 days one true days and today I am flat and no swelling at all .
I think it help here is picture of it.

10 weeks PO.

I am 10 weeks PO and feeling great, swelling is minimal at this point except if I eat anything high sodium I will feel some tightness .Energy is back and no discomfort at all no pinching and burning ,still wearing my binder at home taking out at night just to get used to no support of binder.Still jogging and walking in gym 5 days a weeks no change until June 3 when I have my 3 po moths check up.Still wearing tapes on my incisions TT and BL changing every 2 weeks ,hopefully in June ps will take it off I can start wearing my bikini no hiding tapes under.I can only say thank you so many times to my PS for amazing job he did on my body .Its long recovery but its worth it all money and time .Take care of your self and don't push so hard and if you planing this MM or TT chose your dr wise .
Happy healing.

11weeks new pictures

So today is my 11 weeks po exactly and I had to brag little bit
Today jog run my first 6 miles po in 1 hour 10 min and filing great .Picture are after my run and no swelling at all and had to change my dressing tapes today so I took opportunity to update and show my scars incisions.Helpful tip I found that work for me sport belts just basic one I pick up in Ross 4.99 I am using daring my jog run it help sweet a lot in midsection and I think help with swelling or I am over swelling not sure .
Here are the pictures right after gym and I am flat .

11 weeks

Incision MM BL TT

3.5 months post op and life is back to normal.

Hi lady's it been long time since my last update here I am 3.5 months po and life is back to normal .I had my 3 months check up with my surgeon and been cleared to exercise with no restriction ,yoga,abs anything so I am happy,it take some times to get used to abs work and crunches first it feel uncomfortable but it get better after couple days one thing I still can't do its push ups .Stop wearing any compression at week 12 just felt it push swelling in my other parts of body so I feel good ,it take a week or so after you stop cg to get used to your clothes touching your tommy.Lets talk about swelling its still there little bit depends on sodium intake and activity I work out 2 hours a day 5 days a week so most of time in afternoon I am swollen but no bad.My scar is fading and I am feeling really good my energy is back 100% and I am happy with my result.
Sorry for my writing if its confusing English is my Second language .
Happy healing.

4.5 months post op and feeling great.

Time is flying really fast after you start feeling normal again I never find time to update but I still read all reviews and updates.So here I am 4.5 months post op and I am feeling totally normal if I don't have this scars on my body I will forget about surgery .From 3.5-4.5 months its some changes your body is shaping and my abs are starting to show which is really good. yoga is helping to stretch my body so that scar is getting lover almost any bikini bottom cover the TT scar.At this stage I feel really good not any discomfort at all ,also I can do any exercise I like ,my Brest are looking good don't like much to take nude picture .
I mast say eating healthy and stay active is must after TT ,my scar are fading but still very visible .
Have to say love my result and My Dr he did amazing job
It's worth 10000%.
Hope everyone doing good and have good recovery like myself.Later ladies !
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I find dr.Abrams online 7 years ago as a recommended plastic surgeon true medical loan.Worked with him first time in 2006 and after my first surgery And the way he care about my safety and post operative care .Of course Second time around I choose him again because I trust him so much and knew that everything will go great . Will recommend Dr.Abrams to everyone and if you looking to have perfect incision and belly button you have to choose him . I will recommended Dr.Abrams to everyone who is looking for that perfection and great after care . Dr.Abrams is a artist not just plastic surgeon .He is very kind and professional ?

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