Buhbye Flab! 38 Y/o Thigh Lift, Fat Transfer to Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck Time for Momma - Beverly Hills, CA

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I've never been proud to wear my bikini in public,...

I've never been proud to wear my bikini in public, no matter how thin I am. Because I had a few heavy phases up to almost 200 lbs throughout my teens and twenties, and then had a baby, my skin is a bit stretched out. But even as a developing preteen I wondered why my breasts weren't firm and perky like my best friends sister. Genetics I guess. But you only live once and I want to make this life as enjoyable as possible and now I'm giving myself this gift of feeling confident in my bikini. I take good care of myself, eat heathy, active though I haven't worked out much in the last year, after running a marathon last September sortof took a break on running ( my toenails fell off!!) but they are back now :) Anyway I'm excited to start this journey and share it here. All of you have inspired me so much and helped me get realistic expectations about this which brings me that much closer to making this dream a reality.

Consultation W Dr. Sayah- Beverly Hills

Here in the office right now about to get my 2nd consultation :))

Consultation with Dr.Sayah

Well, this was interesting. He made it clear that he thought I am attractive as I am with or without anything done, but acknowledged that my body doesn't match the youthfulness of my face. He suggested inner thigh lift and tummy tuck done together for 16,000 and the second phase of breast lift, outer thigh lift, and back tuck for 18,000. He said healing the 2nd surgery would be easier than the first. I'm looking forward to seeing what Dr. Chui says.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Just made consultation appointment- so far so good- very polite over the phone. My bf had her breast augmentation done by Dr. Chiu and raves about him so I'm looking forward to meeting him.

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