36 Yrs old, 2 kids (twins) mini Tummy Tuck & Breast Augmentation After Reduction 15 Yrs Ago- 286 cc - Beverly Hills, CA

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Surgery schedule 2/25/16 with Dr. Diaz. I'm 5'6...

Surgery schedule 2/25/16 with Dr. Diaz. I'm 5'6 123 lbs, 36 yr old mama to twins. I had - breast reduction 15 yrs ago and went from 36 DD to a full C. Post that surgery I worked out more and became a runner and lost 5-10 lbs and a lot came off in my breasts. Was a full B before kids. I'm left with a saggy belly and bulge from my c section scar and extra skin and very deflated 32/34 B breasts with lots of loose skin.

Some photos pre op

Here are some photos of me now. Also the vectra simulation photos with 265 ccon left and 287cc on right.

Day 1 post op

SUrgery went well. I was out so fast in the operating room I barely remember being in there at all. Woke up in recovery and felt a lot worse than expected. Last night and today have been sore and frustrating as I can't get in and out of bed myself. I did take off the binder and showered a little with a towel over my incision.

Abs really hurt and chest just feel like a million push ups, tender and swollen. Drain prob worse part as makes getting In and out of bed hard, pants can't pull up all the way, etc.

I'm feeling less groggy and think tomorrow will be better.

2 days post op

Today has been rough. I couldn't sleep all night from air gurgling in my tummy, by morning it became so painful it hurt more than the surgery incisions. I called the dr and spoke to the doc on call and he suggested I stop the main meds to allow my bowels to move. Within an hour I went and then couldn't stop!! I'm scared to eat anything because it will go right through me. In the meantime I am just taking 2 advils every 4-6 hours. Getting around much better (I didn't have a choice earlier).

My boobs look enormous to me. I'm a tad freaked out by how big they are. 286 cc on both sides is what I went with. I hope they settle. Here's a before.

3 days post op

Today I woke up feeling great. I went to bed at 10 and slept until 8!!!! It was amazing. My lower back is killing me, I'm guessing from not using belly to support myself. I'm standing up pretty straight.
The gigantic boobs are a little less swollen than yesterday but I'm already thinking I might have to go smaller or get them removed. Not what I thought I was getting.

My drain is a pain and not draining much anymore...more yellow clear fluid than red/blood. Hope that's normal.

Post op day 4

Last night I slept without my knees on top of pillows and I lowered my incline in terms of number of pillows and my wedge pillow. I felt great today! I'm a little pooped because I was busy. According to my fitbit I walked 4250 steps but now I'm a bit sore. Still only doing 2 advils every 4-6 hours and not getting up at night to take any while I sleep.

My boobs and entire abdomen are still super swollen. I haven't notice much more swelling in pm vs the am but I'm sure that's to come the more I start getting around.

I went to see my PS today and got my drain taken out and it's a whole new world for me!!
I've been so impressed by my PS and the office staff. I couldn't have made a better choice. I had 8 different consultations before choosing Dr.Diaz and I'm glad I went to that last 8th consult!!

Turns out my compression binder was causing a crease in my swollen belly every time I sat, so the Dr. Said to switch to a compression garment such as spanx etc. I'm so much more comfortable now. I was told everything is healing beautifully which is great to hear.

I've been taking my vita medica recovery formula pills daily and using arnica pills and cream. I believe that has helped in healing. I also really upped my upper body and ab work side of my workouts a lot for 4 weeks prior to surgery, and it's really helping with sitting myself up from laying down position and not using my abs or pecs.

Thrilled with my recovery! I also think I was extra prepared thanks to all the amazing reviews on this site.

Oh one more thing I wanted to ad. I've been wearing some lulu lemon pants last two days and when I sit the waist digs into belly a bit, so I think I have to switch back to loose waist pants. Too soon for the Lulus :(

Lower back is still killing me.

Photos of my hot get-up and supplies.

Day 5 post op

Not much to report in terms of changes. Back pain is slightly less.

I walked 5600 steps today and feel good. Still super swollen. Tatas still huge but kinda liking them, I've just had pancake boobs since running and having kids and loosing boobs and this is a big change and there's no mistake I had my boobs done! Lol! All my girlfriends know, totally open about it but I don't want my employees to know when I go back to the office next week. Might have to get creative with my wardrobe until my "hernia surgery" leave wears off and swelling goes down.

Bending down and getting up and down off the floor with my kids is becoming easier.

Drove today and fine. Backing up could be tricky but thanks to my back up camera I didn't have to turn around because that would have been uncomfortable.

I weigh a couple lbs more than I did before surgery, kind of a bummer but will hope it's swelling.

I could have totally handled going to work the last two days as I generally just sit in my office at a computer. I did do 2 hours of work from home and cleaned out some of my kids clothes.

Sadly, the hubs who has been a big help since Thursday, had caught on that I no longer need much help and my mommy break is def over :( He's still handling baths and putting kids in their cribs as I'm not liking them, but everyone is back to counting on Mom. The good news out of all this is my kids no longer ask mommy for "uppie" 3000 times day. Everyone knows I can't pick up anyone or anything!!! Holding hands is just fine to them. They are climbing up on their toilet stool to potty alone and onto car seats!!! Genius! All I had to do is get a big "booboo (aka boobies)" and lie in bed for 2 days with a drain! Hmmm....Gives me some ideas...like faking a flu in the near future, hehehe because I got robbed of what I thought would be a Netflix week and I've only read 1 page of the stack of books I bought to read. I suppose it's better this way!

Post op day 6

Today was my 1 week follow up and everything looks great. Swelling starting to come down.

Walked 6500 steps so I'm feeling a little better each day. I'm cleared to lift light 5-8 lb weights and do gentle working out as long as I listen to my body. Compression garment like spanx are to be worn as much as possible until next follow up. Here are photos from this morning.

Prob won't have much to post for awhile :)

I'm still a tiny bit hunched over. Not sure a stranger would notice but my husband calls me the hunchback of notre dame.

I go back in 3 weeks for 1 month follow up.

12 days Post-Op

Feeling good. With my mom out to help Managed to sneak away with the hubs for the weekend and did two nights and got some rest but also managed to walk 10,000 steps -14,000 steps a day and dinners out and some drinking (which I really didn't go more than a couple glasses of wine).

Swelling continues to go down and I wear my corset garment or spanx garment 23.5 hrs a day.

Went back to work In the office Monday and today and shuttled my kids to activities and am doing baths and bedtime on my own since my husband is away on business and my mom needs a break. I was tired and hurting by 7:30 pm and just needed to sit and take some Advil. Have been only taking it near end of day. Still taking my Vitamedica products and arnica on breasts and belly 2x a day.

Sorry for the crummy photos but It's best I could do tonight to show progress. Will post better ones later in week. Still have tape on sutures as my PS said he found scaring heals better to leave it on until it falls off.

My breasts are softening.

Photos (almost 3 weeks post)

Not much has changed. I had a freak out last week because I could feel the implant above my fold on my left breast and even saw a little lumpiness but it has improved. My PS saw me the next day and re-assured me everything was normal and nothing was going wrong with the implant. I thought maybe it was turning or flipping, but I guess that's virtually impossible. I had some tightness and muscle spasms that day and pain so I'm guessing it was a combination of everything. I still feel the implant but everything appears ok. Left breast has dropped more and lost some of the fullness up top.

Nothing else eventful. I am swelling lower around my belly and end of day I'm dying in my compression garment and usually need to change into spanx or just get into my pjs.

During the day I am pretty much doing everything normal. Just no exercise other than walking and no lifting.

Next week I have my 4 week follow up.

5 weeks post op

I'm sooo overdue for a post with updates.

I had my 4 week follow up last week and everything looks good and all my concerns were normal.

The only thing bugging me is my left implant I can feel so much when I touch it. From the bottom and side it virtually feels like skin and then implant. When I bend over I see the imprint of the implant. Does anyone else have this? I don't have it with my other breast.

Feeling great. I get major swelling some days. I think some of it may have to do with weather, food/sodium intake and stress vs too much activity. Some days I'm so active and feel fine.

I'm wearing compression garment around belly and started putting silicone scar creme and strips on (alternating both). I was told to start massaging breasts 3 x a day.

Photos the other night so excuse the swell and garment impressions in skin.

First work out post op

On Friday I went to the gym. I couldn't take it anymore and starting to feel flabby!

I ran 2 miles on the treadmill. I started out super slow (5 mph) and worked my way up to 6 mile/HR and couldn't run faster. I had 2 bras on and was worried how the breasts would feel. Surprisingly I was ok but I think if I didn't have the extra support it may have hurt. Belly was no issue and I didn't wear my binder for the time at the gym (can't hide it in my work out clothes).

I did 15 min of arms with various weights and that was fine. Then some squats and lunges. What I noticed was most sensitive was my tummy muscles on one side - no issue with incision area. Two days later I'm still super sore in my legs.

I think I'm going to go for 2 work outs this week and ease my way back to into things. Still haven't tried a push up or sit up.

6 weeks Post op and went back to my intense circuit training class

Not much change, but I do feel like swelling is slowing coming down. I start the day not very swollen but by the end of the day there is swelling, however, I see an improvement week to week. I do wear my binder 90% of the time. I haven't worn it at the gym as I can't hide it in work out clothes and didn't wear to a few dinners.

So, I took a chance and went to my regular work out class which full body workout consisting of cardio blasts (steps up, jumping jacks, core board taps, etc) for a minute alternated with strength training with body and weights (walking lunges, burpees, push ups, rows, etc). I sweat my butt off even when I'm in the best of shape so I went telling myself I would leave early if I couldn't keep up. I survived. I also did my first push ups post op. I could only get down what felt like a 1/4 of my norm, but it was probably more like 1/2. Planks, weights, cardio, lunges all non issue. Ab exercises on my back were hard, and not much I could do. I was much less tender and sensitive than last week at my first work out- still amazed at what a difference a week makes even at week 6. I wore double sports bras again. Surprisingly I still fit in my old sports bras, but I need the extra support so I think I will always have to double up or get more structured ones. Holy moly boobs bouncing when I'm doing jump rope or running in place. There's mirrors lining the front of the class. I was a bit worried the regulars knew why I hadn't been to class in over a month. Wondered who, if anyone, noticed more, men or the women! lol!

I'm noticing one side (left) above my tummy incision is having some skin sag/overhang a little bit like a dog ear but not quite I know it's still swollen, but the other side is completely flat. I'm worried if it doesn't improve a lot I will have to get it fixed. I am trying to tell myself that I have to be patient with results.

Overall I am happy. I notice that my waist of my jeans feels looser. I also love that in my work out pants, I don't see that pooch anymore!

I will post some pictures very shortly.

Almost 10 weeks post op

All is well! I've been busy and off of RS but want to post updates for those following or looking to have surgery.

Doing scar treatment

I forgot to mention I've been doing Biocornelum scar cream daily. Scars are getting better but still red.

One more photo side by side pre/post op

5 months post op

All is well....as if I never had surgery...really!!!

I still have some minor numbness and swelling but overall no issues. Happy with size and scarring.

Thinking of coolscupting for upper abdomen.
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