Modified Lip Lift with Dr Talei - Beverly Hills, CA

I am super young still but have gotten fillers for...

I am super young still but have gotten fillers for about two years now and just hate the way they make me look. They look very obvious and because of my lip shape just look really strange. I since figured out I need to reduce the space between my nose and lip rather than fill them up constantly. I'm terrified to say the least as it could leave a very unsightly scar, impact my smile, distort my nostrils (I already dislike my nose as is) etc., but I figured I'd regret it later if I didn't do it. I planned 2 weeks off of every social activity because I want it to remain secret. The surgery is in 2 hours and I'm panicking so much...I'll update later with more (it's local anesthesia by the way).
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