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Okay, so I very new to this site but am so keen on...

Okay, so I very new to this site but am so keen on tracking my progress and getting the support I need while I take the plunge. I've been researching good plastic surgeons here in Aus for a lot of years, however I just wasnt totally satisfied with what I was able to find. So I heard about a doctor through a work colleague whose family lives in LA. He told me about how fantastic he was, so I decided to do some research online. Obviously I was thinking that there would be absolutely no way that I could afford to do something so extravagant as to fly to the US just to get surgery.

I did however send him some photos and request a quote, besides, theirs no harm in dreaming right? Not long after I was offered a new job which involved a relocation for our whole family (we also have 4 children) and pretty good pay rise and also........... They offered to pay for all our accommodation expenses in a waterfront penthouse. So, with no bills to pay, my husband suggested we go for it, and go the whole hog. So, he booked the flights, booked Disneyland tickets of course, booked my surgery and all accommodation. To say I have feelings of guilt is an under statement, I still can't wrap my head around the amount of money being spent for me.

So, a little about the surgery : I am planning on having my legs liposuctioned and contoured (I've never been lucky enough to have legs that I could show off - mine are tree stumps), liposuction to arms, a neck lift, buccal fat removed (I first want to discuss this in my pre op before I go through with this), facial fat grafting under my eyes, and finally a breast Benelli lift.

So, now here I am, only 18 days away from leaving for the states with an experience of a life time ahead of me, and my family too.

Wish me luck, and I will keep you posted!

Blood tests tomorrow

Have my blood tests tomorrow, know it actually feels like it's not that far away - although it does feel like it's been a lifetime of waiting.
FYI - don't get your blood tests even 1 day earlier than the required 14 days. Thought I would get them out the way early last week.... Bumm bumm... Now have to do it all over again :(

Blood tests take 2

So, had my blood tests Thursday and am due to pick up th results tomorrow, so hopefully all goes well. Last tests showed some abnormalities in my results so certainly have my fingers crossed as I'm worried that surgery may be cancelled.

Also, last day of work tomorrow!!!! Woohoo! Then we fly out on Wednesday. To say that I am getting nervous, excited, stressed, worried is an understatement! Eeek!

Had my Pre-Op today

So I finally made it to LA with all the family in tow a few days ago. I promised that we would take the kids to Disneyland whilst we were here so we have already knocked this out the way so I wouldn't hear from the kids for the rest of the trip. Arrived Thursday, Disneyland Friday/Saturday/Sunday, and today was time for me.

Had a bit of a wait to see him, but everything went really well. He was so lovely and accommodating, and was really happy to help with whatever he could, nurses were awesome too. There was a slight issue with my urine test, so they had to send me to another doctor downstairs to get it done again... OMG that was painful!! 3 1/2hrs later and all was complete, and totally fine by the way.

Anyway, all went well, really really happy and now the nerves have finally kicked in - only 2 days to go!! Yippeee!!!!

Here we go!!

Sitting in the waiting room feeling oh so nervous! Can't wait to see my bod on the other side! X

Um home..

A little battered and bruised..... Actually A LOT! Feeling a little sorry for myself and am wishing I hadn't gone through with it, but am sure everyone goes through the same thing. I just want the recovery process to hurry up already. Thought I would also post a few pics - sorry if I scare you with them, am not the prettiest person at the moment :(.

Also had my 1 day post op yesterday, all went really well and everyone was so lovely and accommodating - just hope the results turn out the same x

Post op photos - 1 day

Oops forgot to attach to last post

I meant "I'm home"

Sorry, think it's a mix between the auto spell and the Anaesthetic :)

Feeling a little more with it today :)

So thought I would upload a few before and aftershave while I'm lying in bed recovering. Couldn't be happier at the moment, even though u do still look a little worse for wear.

Oops, forgot to attach the photos ;)

Haven't yet uncovered the bod or boobies, but will upload them as soon as I get up the courage to take a look :)

It's been a rough few days :(

Well the past few days have been a bit rough to say the least. I made a promise to the kids to take them to Seaworld San Diego and Legoland while we were here, and as time is running out before we head home we decided to go yesterday and today (however now I have realise that I think it was a bit too much too soon). I have ended each day in tears and in so much pain. To my husbands credit, he went and hired me a wheelchair and doted on me both days, like they said, they were just happy to have me their with them.

I did have my 1 week appt yesterday morning too. All went so well, saw Mr Dr and the nurses. They were all awesome and so happy to see me one week out. I must say, if it wasn't for their wait times, there service would be 100% perfect.

Anyhoo, thought I'd upload a few before and afters for you, which by the way I am soooo happy with. I took these afters in the doctors office yesterday. Again, I haven't taken any photos of my legs and boobs yet, legs are still a mess and I haven't yet taken the boobies - promise to do real soon.

By the way, Thankyou again for everyone's posts, it's so nice to receive the words of encouragement when your having a bit of a downer day :)

Arrived back in Aus..

Have arrived safe and sound back in Aus after an exhausting last 4 weeks in California. Still have a lot of bruising and swelling, however am starting to see some results.

Am a little disappointed with my legs however I will give it time and see how i go.

Will post some photos shortly of my lipo and also my breast augmentation and lift xx

A few years on ...

I thought that I would load some photos a few years on, and also provide an update.

Fat Grafting - best thing I have ever done! My lips are superb, under eyes are no longer dark as their is sufficient fat between the skin and bone, my cheeks are full and plump, and no lines anymore around my mouth - highly recommend!

Neck lift - wonderful, the results are still excellent and the scar is all but gone. Would do it again.

Liposuction - I always have troubles with lipo. I think if you are expecting to be slim and have lumpy-free skin, then you will be disappointed with the results. I've always however had the mind set that if I can be slimmer in a pair of jeans then I'm happy. My skin is lumpy, but always has been, so no reflection on the surgeon. Having said that, I'd do it again.

Benelli Lift - Love them! I love love love my new boobs! They are full, perky, lifted and little to no scarring. I do it over again!!

Overall, the procedures were a success, and I would highly recommend Dr Motykie - I'll definitely go back to see him xx

Ps, I'll post boob photos shortly.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

It's only early days, however so far so good. Experience with Dr Motykie and all of his nurses and staff has been nothing but fantastic! Couldn't recommend them higher x

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