Lipo & Fat Transfer for Flat Booty & Big Tummy - Beverly Hills, CA

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So I'm counting down the days to my surgery. I'm...

So I'm counting down the days to my surgery. I'm excited yet nervous. Very eager to see what my results will look like. I will post before & after pics. The first office visit was very informative. I appreciated the doctors honesty regarding the surgeries I needed. Although he did say my ass had a deficiency lmao but it was in a nice way.

The overweight lover

So I went to see my doctor today. I'm at a good weight to do the procedure. We will continue with the date of December 19. Any suggestions on weight clinchers for after surgery? Nothing too expensive cuz I'm running out of money.

A lil over a week to go

So, I decided to post my before pics. I'm not really a big girl. I gained most of this weight to put in my flat booty. When I started I was 181 and I'm up to 191. The doctor was honest & said the weight may not stay after surgery, but it's worth a try. Still nervous about the surgery. Everyone else seems really excited, maybe I will be afterward I see the results.

Having second thoughts...

I'm so on the fence about this surgery. One minute I'm ready & the next I'm ready to cancel. I've heard success stories, however there's still that BUT in the back of my mind. So nervous. Anyone have any advice? Please share your experience. I guess what frightens me the most is that the doctor can't see what he's jabbing. That makes me just a lil nervous.

T-Minus 12 hours

I'm wide awake. I only have 12 hours til my surgery. I'm still nervous, but the excitement of what the results will look like supersedes everything. I'm hungry lol I know I'm only hungry cuz it after midnight & I know I can't eat. So, I have everything I need my cincher, meds, bio-oil, mederma, water, soup, and I think that about covers it. I'm getting sleepy as I write this so I guess I will go to bed now.

I made it.

Today was my surgery. I'm alive...Thank God. I'm in so much pain on my stomach and butt which is to be expected. All I wanna do is lay down and go to sleep.

Day 2 post op

I'm sore and in pain. I am taking meds. Need to get back to doctors tomorrow cuz my bandages are soaked. If I'm not looking too bad I will definitely post pics.

Post op day 3

Still in pain. I see a difference in my stomach area & not so much in my buttock area. I'm hoping that will change over the next few weeks.

Post op day 8

Well I must say I'm rounding out pretty well. Can't wait to see the rest of the results.

3 Weeks

It's been 3 weeks since my surgery. I am very happy with the results so far. Everyone is shocked by my results. I can really see a difference. I wish I'd done it sooner. I'm going to post more pics soon....I keep taking pics with my face in them...duh lol

7 wks post op

I must say so far I'm happy with the results. I'm still a lil swollen in the stomach area, but so far, so good. My butt was huge at first but it has gradually went down. However what I have is much better than what I had.

2 months & 10 days.

I never ever thought I could take a pic like this. OMG do you how my bottom has rounded. This booty keeps getting plumper by the month lol I really wish I'd gone through this 2 years ago. I'm very happy with my results.

7 months later

I am very happy with results. I don't have a huge ass or anything, but it's more than what I have. My significant other loves to see me walking away now lol My clothes fill out better, and from the lipo including healthy eating I've lost a total of 20 pounds post surgery. I look & feel great. P.S. the small dots my rear are from the incision from the surgery. I hope they fade soon.
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