Lip Lift and Lower VY with Dr.Haworth. Looking Great, Still in the Healing Process. - Beverly Hills, CA

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I was really nervous to get the lip lift since I...

I was really nervous to get the lip lift since I had already had a bad experience with my lips by another doctor in Indy when I was younger. I did a lot of research and I wanted lasting results so I went with Dr. Haworth. The healing process is long but I am looking good. My upper lip movement is limited, but I am told that is part of the healing process and takes time. I will post pics soon.
Dr. Haworth took his time in my consults listening to me and was very understanding of me wanting to look natural and even finances.
He gave me options and talked about every step of the process including what to expect while I recovery. His staff has checked on me regularly even at almost 4 weeks post op now and answer every call and email I have made including the ones where I am freaking out a little about the swelling or numbness I am experiencing.
So far all I can say at 3 1/2 weeks post op is that I am looking good, my husband and even my family says so and that is reassuring considering I have one of those brutally honest families that doesn't sugar coat a thing.
I truly am receiving some of the most attentive and caring medical care I have ever recieved.
From a previous attempt at a lip lift and lower vy, I was left with a scar beneath my nose that was too low I was always covering up with makeup, and my lower lip was long and in the middle the tissue was very thin and tissue had been felt like thin skin in the middle and a ball of flesh on each end of my lower lip.
Anyway, currently I am 3 1/2 weeks post op from a revisoin lip lift and revision lower VY.
I hate the numbness I am having right now, not being able to fully smile, my top lip not moving right, very stiff. Also the lower lip feels so thick in the middle almost like a soft little gumball of flesh..yet I know him bringing my tissues back together in the middle means its gonna be swollen for a while.
I knew this was part of the process and I still have several weeks of recovery to go, yet it's still hard dealing with and I feel a little freakish right now. I am not too worried since the office and doc are checking on me to make sure I am doing okay and have let me know they want to make sure I am happy with the end result. It was recommended I get Fraxel on my scar/incision line at 4-6 weeks so I plan to make an appt for that next week. more pics to come.

long overdue update....Lip lift/vy revision needed

I wanted to post a long overdue update on my VYplasty and lip lift with Dr.Haworth. I am still very happy with Dr.Haworth, but it's become very aware that those slight risks and complications with any surgery. I developed a hard knot-like scar on the inside of my lip that required a few careful small excisions. Since I was a revision case, this contributed I am sure. I also healed and ended up having some small little icepick scars around the edges of my nose and one little webbed spot on the edge of my nose ...I guess it's just how i heal. I will post pictures soon of this revision, both before and after. The reason why this all has taken so long and been ongoing is I live all the way across the country, am a full-time student, mother, and work, so getting away for travel is hard and it was beyond my current budget in the first place. So, to see him means more money and lots of it. I commend Dr.Haworth for not being annoyed, nor his staff. They have been extremely understanding and accommodating. I think when we are going through post op surgery problems, especially ongoing ones, it can be so frustrating and drive us so crazy we can come across like the crazy client lol...but a truly good surgeon understands this and doesn't just dump you after surgery, especially if they want to have your business in the future. Once this situation is resolved, (FINALLY) I will be going to him for future procedures like the lip lift, fat injections to lips and face, chin and jaw refinement, etc etc. He is truly the best, with great bedside manner, and he also picks very understanding professional staff. I go in April for the revision. photos to come.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I cannot say enough good things about Dr.Haworth and his staff. After years of doing my research, I am so glad I chose to go with him. Getting this procedure done was a huge decision for me and took lots of saving and penny pinching. I am only 3 1/2 weeks post op and I am STILL getting excellent care from the doctor and all of his staff, checking on me and communication is excellent. That office doesn't have one snooty person in there and they all look very natural. I am from the midwest and I can say that is not the case here. He chooses his employees wisely. I saved many years to have a bad job fixed from a previous surgeon to be fixed by Dr.Haworth. Most importantly, I did a lot of research on the particular procedures I had done, and liked his methodology. I wanted my results to last much longer and be done right. I was so very very nervous and even almost backed out bc I was scared I might have another bad experience from a previous surgeon. In your research or state of nervousness be very very careful whos reviews or opinions you consider. I have noticed some people write bad reviews as they are freaking out, or they are just people that are always unhappy and can never be satisfied even when they look better and the procedure was done right. I have seen some reviews where they are on multiple procedures in the same area and the doctors have warned them they can't do it or give them the results they are dreaming of (everyone has a different canvas to work with) when I did my research I paid close attention to weed out those reviews, or any that sounded like they needed mental help not plastic surgery. I have worked in the beauty industry and around other doctors and I must say I believe I made the right choice. It cost me more to travel out of state for this, but its worth it and you will end up paying more if you are only seeking "convenience" like being local or a cheapter price, then having to have it fixed like I did. Dr.Haworth has probably the best bedside manner of any doctor I have been around. My husband was with me which I was afraid somehow I would get embarrassed in front of my husband, yet Dr.Haworth never pointed out "flaws" in me, instead he focused on getting my features more in harmony with each other, so the total picture or face looked more pleasing in the end, like an artist would do. He was also very professionally, yet subtly and respectfully discussed financials in a way that didn't call me out that I could not afford everything that was recommended yet instead put things in a way so we could get the best "bang for my buck", so to speak, based on all I had to spend. I appreciated that very much. Dr.Haworth took his time and had me look through hundreds of previous patient photos getting the same procedure, and also went through even more with me personally showing me the different stages of healing. There were other patients in his office who were there, two of whom were thankfully very friendly and talkative, and had several procedures done over years with him. I couldn't get over how young one looked and yet when I found out her age I was shocked. Yet not one photo or person looked "windblown" or "fake" at all. Beautiful, but realistic. That was reassuring. I traveled out of state for this which got really complicated for me with a family, yet they stepped in and adjusted their schedules to accommodate me. The doctor made sure he saw me personally and came in on a day that would have normally been his day off. That was beyond a compliment. I didn't even know docs like this still existed, who actually CARED about their patients and didn't take the money and run. I truly feel cared for by this doctor and his office even in my still-ongoing recovery process. The staff has checked on me not just right after surgery but still I get communication via emails and calls checking on my progress and they appreciate the updates and photos and seem to like to be in the loop for your recovery process, not bothered at all. You don't fee rushed in then rushed out and tossed after surgery to never be in contact with a doc and his office again like some offices. Star has even returned emails to my concerns on the weekend. I knew my procedure would be a rough recovery, yet I am feeling well taken care of STILL at 3 1/2 weeks and all of my concerns are being tended to, and I am looking really good. I am beyond happy I chose Dr. Haworth and appreciate them so much. The 6 week mark will determine a little more realistic view of what I will look like, and hopefully numbness will subside and get my smile back, but currently I am healing well and looking good.

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