Large Volume Liposuction - Before and Afters - Beverly Hills, CA

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I have my large volume liposuction done in May...

I have my large volume liposuction done in May 2012. Let me just say - WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! The pain was bad at the time but I was on painkillers so looking back it was all just a blur of television, my boyfriend helping me with EVERYTHING, and eating. Which isn't a bad memory!

So i hired a nurse to care for me right after my surgery since my boyfriend was out of town. Since I flew out there, instead of going to my boyfriends un-occupied house and staying there I decided to rent a hotel. Bad idea. I leaked on to the sheets so much (ended up costing me $45 in towels and blankets). I only bought two towels - which would have been okay if i was at my bf's house and my nurse could have done laundry BUT instead i was stuck there leaking on the bed.

The first 4 days were a blur, I was on painkillers, and slept alot. I admit I was not eating or drinking much and thus slept most of the time. Didnt get up to eat or pee or anything. My nurse woke me up every few hours to get me to drink some water or gatorade.

Then my boyfriend flew back and picked me up from the hotel, and took me to his house. By this time I was a bit better, I mean i was awake more anyways, still pretty drugged though. Honestly, i tried sleeping on his bed, and i was so uncomfortable. I found it the best to sleep on my side on his couch, my head on the arm rest. I spent alot of time watching tv, my boyfriend helping me on and off the couch to pee, eat, drink, shower.

Now i didnt know until i went in for my one week, but i was not getting enough sugar and would just dizzy and almost faint when i stood or bent over. I just needed a drink of a sugary pop and voila! 100x better.

After the first week, it was more awkward then painful. I walked funny, moved funny, was swollen and bruised but i wasn't really in pain. There were a few times when i would have very sharp pains in my crotch incisions. But they went away. After that it was just a matter of healing.

It took me two weeks to feel able to do anything, even then i took 4 more days off. I work an office job and after 2 weeks + 4 days i felt fine at work. A little stiff but I was okay. Even the plane ride home was alright.

All in all it wasn't THAT bad. I expected alot worse.
I got lip in my stomach, back, hips, and thighs.

NOW I noticed a HUGE difference in my stomach/waist. I saw hardly any change in hips, and back shape was different but that was about it. Thighs i see NO difference at all.

For me, the biggest concern was the shape and stomach so i wasn't too disappointed, I actually love my results. Hope this helped! If you have any questions, feel free to ask as well!

1 year later....

My results are great still. I have lost the EXTREME hourglass that I had before - it was mostly from wearing the compression garment. But I have been able to keep the weight off and even flatten my stomach more!

I recently found out I am pregnant, so I am a bit nervous to lose my results! But I figure after children I will probably go back to Dr.Younai and get a TT and some lipo done just to get everything back nicely.

I am still very happy with the results though!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

He did an amazing job. The office was lovely, the staff was helpful. Only thing i wish there was more after care instructions, also when i had spoken to Harpreet she told me my medications were all included however i ended up having to spend $120 on more (i needed more). Firstly let me say, I chose Dr.Younai because of his large volume liposuction photos on his website. His results were amazing, and I think mine are too! I am so happy with the job he did. The lady i spoke to most - Harpreet - was TERRIFIC! She was super friendly and helpful and answered every question i had. Payment was tricky since I was from out of country but it all turned out okay :) Let me just sum it up in this box and say the staff were amazing, he did a fantastic job and now lets get on to the good stuff - after the surgery!

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