Kybella to Remove Fat on Chin 56 Year Old Male - Beverly Hills, CA

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As with every procedure, I try to read as many...

As with every procedure, I try to read as many reviews as possible to try to make an informed decision before even approaching any provider. Many reviews state how awful the experience was. The swelling made them look like Bullfrogs for a few days, pain in swallowing, getting out of chairs and moving around, in general, unable to sleep.

As luck would have it, the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Med Spa had a presentation from the Kybella rep and a special going on when I had an appointment last week. I'm not sure how they determine the amount of Kybella you need, but I purchased two vials for $650.00 instead of $900.00 for a total of $1,300.00. It turns out that after they but on some stencil it determines the exact amount of injections/vials you need. It turned out I needed one more for a total of three, but they gave it to me for $400.00. As to the procedure, first, they wanted to put some numbing cream on me for 15 to 20 Minutes and then inject Lidocaine for completely numbing the area. I thought that was complete overkill and declined the numbing cream and told Sydney just to inject me with the Lidocaine, which was a total no-brainer for me. I had Lidocaine Injections for Epidurals many times, and it was never painful or even remotely as uncomfortable as getting you Blood drawn by some Tech that needs to stick you ten times. No kidding, ten times to find a vein and the getting a hematoma for three weeks since they punctured the vein - go LabCorp, you hire the very best phlebotomists, of course, it's a $12 to $15 job a hour so you really can't expect anything more.
I digress, after the Lidocaine injections I was given 36 injections with a tiny Insulin syringe, didn't feel a thing. I took pictures that I posted a couple of hours after the procedure and 4 hours. As I'm finishing up writing all this and doing some other stuff around the house 2 more hours have passed and I see no changes from the last picture I posted. Tomorrow I'll post more.

Day 2 Kybella

So here are the pics from this morning. From the front not too noticeable but from the side quite swollen. Nothing that I wasn't warned about before, so no big surprise there. I don't want to minimize anyone's experience with pain, but I stated yesterday the procedure itself is completely painless. I have a very high tolerance for pain, so I have been told. I'm not sure that is true since every Dentist appointment is a white knuckle session for me even though they only do a cleaning.
Later last night after the Lidocaine completely wore off; I started to feel quite uncomfortable and took a couple of Motrin's which did the trick. I'm not saying I didn't feel anything, but it was certainly tolerable, like a light headache. The area feels numb and swollen, but I have no problem going out in public. I will update if something? changes.

Day 3 Kybella

The area is quite numb and still a bit swollen, no pain whatsoever. Notice on the 4th picture some discoloration on my lower neck. As of yet, nobody has even noticed that anything was done.

Day 4 Kybella

Swelling is going down and it feels much softer now

Day 5 Kybella

Swelling is going down, it's still quite numb but not painful even if you really massage it. If you compare the side pictures from day 3 and 4 to today you'll see a difference.

Day 5 Kybella

Numb and slightly less swollen.

Day 7 Kybella

Getting less and less swollen.

Day 7 Kybella

Slowly but surely swelling is going down, so far so good.

Day 8 Kybella

Not much change since yesterday, I did notice however that when I woke this morning my eyes were very dry and I used some lubricating drops, so I tilted my head way back and that was a very strange pull sensation, not painful but certainly not normal.

Day 10 Kybella

You can see the improvement in the side picture.

Day 12 Kybella

Waiting? for more improvements,

Day 18 Kybella

Slowly feeling is coming back.

Day 20 Kybella

Feeling is almost all back.

Day 27 Kybella

Comments please, I can't tell if it did anything or not.

Day 29 Kybella

Couple of days later

Day 30 Kybella

Before Kybella and a few pounds heavier

Day 35 Kybella

I feel it's definitely getting better... anyone agree?

Day 38 Kybella

Every day a little better.

Day 39 Kybella

Day 44 Kybella

I don't have any more fat left, just skin.

Day 47 Kybella

Shaving/trimming would help :-) otherwise I'm happy with the result.

Day 48 Kybella

Day 52 Kybella

Only 1 treatment.

Day 55 Kybella

I think that stuff really works...

Day 63 Kybella

All the feelings are almost back to normal and I think the result is as good as it's going to get.

There is not much to say other than you cannot ask for a better Physician Assistant to Dr. Enrico DiRienzo than Sydney Gunn PA-C. She is not beating around the bush or trying to upsell anything, just a straight shooter that will tell you how it is and even share her experience. I would highly recommend her!!!

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