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So thought I'd review my experiences on juvaderm!...

So thought I'd review my experiences on juvaderm! I started in September...I've had it done 3 times already ...so in a 7 month period...I'll explain, and I've had a different doctor every time I live in Bev Hills area so there's always a good doctor, and deals :)

First time in September I did a full syringe it was a special for $450 normally $550...I guess it's better to start off from my experience with a full one... Then keep up whenever ... He wasn't my favorite .. He gave me numbs here and there...

Second time was December I did it right before Christmas so they wouldn't be so "done up, fake looking" for New Years ...she did half a syringe I believe $325 I'm not positive on price. She did a good just she fixed some of the other docs work.. And they look full since I had product left from last doc.

Third time was yesterday the 19th of March... I got a groupon deal for less than $400 for a full syringe from a popular doctor in Bev hills by rodeo she was on that 90210 show :) she did a good job you can tell she's been doing this for a long time, she was quick and she listens she does what you want, I liked that a lot since this time around I know where I like more juvaderm on my lips. She did a little over half a syringe and she is saving the rest so it was a great deal :) I'll probably go back in 2 months .... She did more in my bottom lip since I prefer that since the bottom should naturally be fuller than top. Also I wanted fuller in my corners of my top lip because my last visit in December didn't add so much because I focused on other parts... So now they look great :) I'm very happy...

some advice on juvaderm is it takes getting used to and you learn where u like the product to go more than others... I don't like the "duck face" so I don't over do it...with me I learned if I put too much on my cupids arrow I look like a duck ... It is pricey but in LA I find good deals... It's definetly addicting lol I call it my "crack" :D I go in for my syringe LOL ..I've had great experiences with it so no complaints just have the right doctor do it ofcourse.

I've added a photo of before and after on the *third time* so don't forget there is still product in my lips in the before pic from last visits. Any questions feel free to ask.. Or if you want to know doc names :)
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