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Okay after looking, wanting and wishing I found...

Okay after looking, wanting and wishing I found the doctor I been looking for Dr. Hazani in Beverly hills ca very nice man. Me and a man friend went in for a consultation me for butt and him for his nose, witch I'll write a hole other review on him later. But anyways he said I was a good candidate for this surgery. So after doing so much homework and the price was about right for me I said Fuk it I'm doing this! So I paid got all the paper work done getting everything you need for the surgery eating very well :) I'm 5'5 and I'm pushing 150lbs now. Surgery date is on the 24th of July 2015 finally!

The night before surgery!!!

Alright girls, house cleaned, Everything in place. Annette has been so kind, my arrival time is 9am I'm 5'5 and I did gain about 15 lbs just for this so I'm like 155. Here is a picture of me now. Sad huh! :/


Alright girl's, so I had surgery this morning. The first thing I felt was that tub where you pee from I was like "fuk" it just feels extremely weird then I woke up on my back so I quickly turned around to my tummy I could not be on my back because the pain and of course I just had a dam bbl. Then went back to sleep then Idk how long the nurse asked me if I wanted to sleep more or start to get ready to head out so of course I said yes, she said get on my back to disconnect everything but my new butt was hurting so Idk how I used my legs and arms to not put so much pressure on the butt! So she wheeled me out to the car. I came in a suv so I climbed in the back and had a super tick blanket and pillows and it help so much to put the pillows on my tummy and right when we started driving away I started feeling the worsted burn pain when I got the liposuction at tummy area so I took the pain killers and passes out all the way home and It was like almost a 3 hour drive.. Okay this is where shit gets real girls, when I got off the car Ooh my Lord I got extremely dizzy breathing hard felt like throwing up, started to walk inside still feeling super sick when I got to the restroom and I seen my face I was no lie white super white not even pale still feeling the same as when I got off the car, so I told my friend to wet a face towel with super cold water then I put on my face neck shoulders and automatically felt much better like it help me snap ut of the sickness, had me a glass of really cold water. Then I went to go pee standing up witch I'm pretty good at..Lol then had little hard time getting on the bed since its kinda high, so I had like a small lugged to step on. Put the same time k blanket on one side on the bed also put the 2 soft pillows on my tummy I find that to help so much. Then made my pill schedule. Relaxed then later had to go pee, ugh again felt the same nasty feeling, changed my bloody padding. NOW that was also when it got real again... geezez!! But I feel alright when I'm just laying in bed .. I'll up date tomorrow or so... bye girlys xoxo

1day post op!

Took this photo earlier when I was changing padding and tummy garment. My butt feels very hard everything is swollen and stiff. But I'm very very happy :) I will post more photos in like 2days or so girls.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

You will know if you have the connection with your Dr if you do your homework real butt talk!

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