5 Ft 105 Lbs Butt Implants and Lipo with Stanton - Beverly Hills, CA

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After going back and forth on who to go to for...

After going back and forth on who to go to for butt implants, I've decided to go with Dr Ryan Stanton. He does this procedure more than anybody else I've came across. He also has a lot of positive reviews. I originally wanted to get fat transfer along with the implants but decided not to anymore since it's much higher risk of infection. Butt implants alone is a risky surgery and I only want to go through this once. He also has a lot of experience in revisions so that's a plus just in case I would need one down the road. I'm hoping for a complication free surgery and get the butt I desire. My phone consult with Stanton is scheduled for the 31st of August and my surgery will be on the 18th of September. I'm nervous and excited. Any advice would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

Phone consult got moved ugh

My phone consult was suppose to be yesterday 31st of Aug but then Mindy called and moved it to the 9th of Sept I was planning to get my surgery done on the 18th but I guess I'd have to push it back. I already have the money ready to go but I guess it's good that I push it later so I can stack up more money just in case lol plus I'm planning on taking 2-3 months off. I guess I'll start looking for boppy pillows and comfortable outfits for now. Anybody know what brand boppy I should get? Maybe something to help me sleep on my tummy while healing so my neck won't hurt as much? lol

Surgery next week!!!

I had my phone consult with Stanton today. I pretty much knew everything we talked about just by doing my research. He was so nice over the phone and I felt like I was just talking to a friend about my ass lol So I went ahead and scheduled my date. My surgery will be next Wednesday sept 23rd. He said I can go with either round or oval. I want round cause it may give me that hip illusion that I need since I don't have none. But oval is more natural looking. I just don't want to chance it rotating. I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. I feel like everything is happening so fast. Here are some before photos

Met with Dr. Stanton for my size today..

So we drove from vegas to Beverly hills earlier today for my consult with Stanton. He was so nice and patient answering all my questions. He said he was going to use 420 ccs round!! I'm so happy that hes able to use more than 300 ccs. Also met Mindy for the first time. She's super nice and welcoming! I paid my procedure in cash so that's all over with. My surgery will be this Wednesday the 23rd. It hasn't really hit me yet. Weird right? I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. I've been wanting this procedure for as long as I remember. I couldn't be thankful enough for all the reviews on here. Reading about other people's journies really helped me make important decisions such as who to go to and what to prepare for.
I picked up my medication from the pharmacy today and it only cost $214. I booked my hotel for tomorrow night until the 28th for $530 all the places around the facility cost more so we got a hotel that's half an hour away for cheaper. I will be updating you guys on my journey. I'm hoping for a complication free surgery.

Surgery is tomorrow!!

Spectrum 420 ccs round implant
So I can't sleep lol I can't believe I'm actually going through with this, surgery is tomorrow at 7am I've already taken the night pills earlier and then still need to take some in the morning. I had my last pedicure today since I won't be able to get my feet done for a while. Also had my acrylic nails taken out. I'm hoping for a complication free surgery. Hope everything will turn out okay. I'm scared cause I've never had anything done before. I've never been under anesthesia or whatsoever. Holy shit this is really happening lol thank you to all of you who are wishing me luck and praying for me. I need all the prayers I can get. Positive vibes from here on out.
I did manage to take a video of the implant that he will be using. It was softer than I expected. So for you guys who are wondering how it looks or feel, it can give you somewhat of an idea.

Made it to the other side

Hey dolls. I made it to the other side. Thank you all for the kind words. Man did this surgery hurt or what? ! I'm still high from the anesthesia and pain meds my vision is blurry only when I'm looking at my phone but everything from a far I can see just fine.
So I went in at 7:20 met the RN and the anesthesiologist both were nice, place itself was clean . I got in the operating room and that's when it hit me like damn I'm really doing this now finally lol the surgery itself was a breeze except for the part when the nurse was looking for my vein he kept poking me with the needle. Ouch. He finally foun one lol but that was the worst part. Next thing I know he was waking me up and boy did I feel disoriented lol i felt like a zombie haha my bf placed an air mattress in the back of the car which was so helpful! We got to the hotel and I was still high lol so I just laid down had to walk very carefully. This was something I couldn't have done alone. I'm so grateful he was there with me. Ladies make sure you have somebody responsible with you for this procedure . I can't really sleep cause I have to be on my tummy it's so irritating! And my lower back hurts ugh
As far as the hotel we went to Best Western in Chino I only had to pay $540 for 6 days it's about half an hour away from Stantons facility but I saved a lot of money on that.

1 day post op

This recovery is no joke. I've been laying on my stomach the whole day. Been taking my meds and oxycodone for the pain. It puts me to sleep every time too. The right side where he performed the lipo started bleeding earlier so my bf called Stantons office and the lady said its normal. I'm ok so far except my right butt cheek hurts way worse than the left. I get a sharp shooting pain. Kinda like my nerve is being pinched really hard. It hurts like a mf every time I get in and out of bed. Have any of you ladies experienced this as well? I'm only one day post op but I'm freaking out. I'm so grateful that my bf came with me. He literally does everything for me. I noticed my vision got blurred after sx. Only when I read words on my phone but when I look around the room, everything is clear. Weird right? Laying on my stomach is soooooo irritating. I'm okay for the most part it's just the sharp shooting pain in my right butt cheek that hurts bad. Please let me know if any of you ladies experienced this if so, did it just go away?

Morning of day 3 post op

Yesterday was my 2nd day post op
and it was the worst! I was crying cause of the pain I kept puking cause of the meds. If there's one thing I hate more than being in

Stupid iphone

Anyways, day 2 was the worst. Hopefully today wouldn't be as bad. If there's one thing I hate more than being in pain, it's being nauseous. The first time I had to get out of bed yesterday, I immediately started to feel faint. I had my bf take me to the bathroom so I can splash cold water on my face and the back of my neck. It really helps to have someone with you. He also gave me a bath yesterday and wiped my butt after my first BM. Lol as for now I'm okay. Not good but ok. Doc said these are the worst days. Pics are all before I took a shower

I have a fever I'm freaking out

Omg I have a fever and I'm freaking out. I'm 3 days post op and one side is healing way better than the other one. My right butt cheek is super swollen. And that one area is excruciatingly painful every time I get in and out of bed and also when I walk. I tried calling stanyone office but they're closed during the weekend.Should I ice my right butt cheek? Help vets.

No more fever

So my fever lasted for about an hour. I think I panicked way too soon and forgot that my body has never been anything like this before. This is my first surgery ever so maybe it's taking a slower time for me. That side still hurts when I get in and out of bed. Damn nerves! Ugh I did notice that I'm starting to get some bruising on my outer thighs that weren't there before. Its much noticeable on the right side than the left. Did any of you experience bruising on the thighs at all? Also, I've been trying to sleep for the past 5 hours but can't. I can't sleep on my stomach. I don't even use pillows and when I do, it's even worse. I feel as if I'm being suffocated when I'm on my stomach. How did you ladies do this? Ugh!! It's barely the 4th day and I'm over it. I had a talk with the Lord today lol I said if he can just let me heal complication free and let me have a booty, I promise not to have anything else done on my body. But seriously though..

Week 1

Feeling a lil better. Butt is high and hard. When will it soften up a lil? I still have sharp nerve pain on my right cheek which appears to be healing slower than the left. I had Lipo on my love handles and they are sore and tender some parts are numb. Though I think he didn't get all the fat over there. I still have fat on my stomach where I debated whether I should get it lipod or not. Mindy said I don't need it lol and my bf said I'll just have to work it out. The thought of doing sit ups with my butt is a bit disturbing at the moment. I'm getting used to being on my stomach but it still sucks. My elbows and forearms are dry and ashy lol I think I'm a really slow healer cause most of the reviews I've read, girls were doing way better than me at week 1. I'm really concerned about how it's going to feel. Mind you Im only 5ft and was really flat to begin with and he placed 420 ccs so you feel the implant more. I just don't want it to feel super fake you know?
So for the vets, when did they get softer?, when will I stop walking like a penguin?, when will nerve pain stop?, when will the Lipo area be okay to start dancing again?

Week 2

I'm feeling much better. Still walking weird though. I'm having mixed feelings about my butt cause they are rock hard. You can definitely tell it's fake just by one tap. I can't pinch any part of my butt AT ALL. It's so hard that I can't even spread my cheeks to check on my incisions. Not even a lil bit. I know it's still too early but I'm not happy at the moment. I'm almost regretting getting them. For those who don't know, I work in a strip club lol so you can just imagine what type of field day my co workers are gonna have once I go back to work with a rock hard ass -___- what they think of me is none of my business but it's what I think of me that truly matters and right now, I'm not happy. This recovery is so long and I'm just over it. Some of the ladies on here have told me that their implants didn't soften up til after 6 months to a year and even then, it's not the type of soft you'd imagine. Some say it feels like a firm muscle (which is what I am hoping for) and some say theirs are hard and noticeably fake once touched. Everybody heals differently and everybody's bodies prior to surgery are different. Some had a lil more meat in the booty while others (like me) were totally flat to begin with. I like how my ass looks in dresses but absolutely hate how it feels. I'll continue to hope for the best and try to be patient for now.


Love how my ass looks in this body suit. Now if it can just soften up some -___-

Week 3

Feeling better. Butt is still rock hard :/ my walking has improved a lot but i still look funny going up and down the stairs since my knees go outwards lol my hamstrings are tight especially the right one since my right cheek is taking longer to heal. I noticed a lump on my upper right butt cheek an inch above the incision and I can feel the edge of the implant underneath. It's been there since day of surgery but it was much swollen then. I'm hoping its just swelling and will continue to go down and drop like the left one. My incisions are still scabing still keeping them clean and dry. Still wiping from back to front but carefully. The areas towards my butt crack are still a lil numb and hard. I'm trying to stay positive and pray that my butt won't be this hard once I'm fully healed. I was really flat to begin with therefore there's not much cushion. I keep looking at my butt and it doesn't even look like I got 420 ccs hmmm? Lol but like I said I had no ass to begin with so maybe that's why. One thing I do love is my S curve. A lil lipo can go a long way if you're shaped like spongebob ;) my love handles are still bruised and sore and kinda lumpy.

I sat down for the first time today. OMG it felt as if they were going to pop. It was so uncomfortable. I put my weight on my thighs so I was sitting up straight. I don't think I'm ready to sit back and put pressure on the implants just yet. I'm still laying on my stomach while I sleep and I'm getting used to it. I have not laid on my back yet since I'm too scared lol
I forgot to mention in my previous posts that my bf bought me this grabber thingy from CVS lol if you're clumsy like me and keep dropping shit on the floor, it'll be helpful since you won't be able to pick stuff up.

Week 4

Feel good, love how my ass looks in fitted skirts. Ass is still hard. I've been sitting and started laying on my back just recently. Still uncomfortable. Hopefully my body will accommodate it as its own soon. Walking normal now but can't walk fast just yet since I get tired fast lol My scars are good all the scab came off. Any recommendations on what scar cream to use? What's the best one?

Week 5

Now majority of the swelling is gone if it's not completely. It's looks good when I'm standing up but when I bend over, you can see the edges of the implant on the sides. I also tried to twerk and OMG it looks soooo bad. You can see the entire outline especially at the bottom and the sides. I don't even know what to do. It's not something I can hide. I'm a dancer so my ass is gonna be out regardless for work. Idk how I'm gonna go back to work like this. I knew in my heart that I wanted fat transfer along with the implants but decided not to since Stanton said its risky cause the fat may die in the pocket and can cause infection to the implant. I think I can get away with it if I can put some fat around the implants on its edges but I already had my love handles lipod and I have little fat on my stomach but I doubt it'll be enough. I'm debating whether I should have them taken out or not. I have to go back to work and make money. I think the size he recommended was too big for me. I wanted more than 300ccs but he said I can do 420 so I just went with what he thought was best. I was really flat to begin with. Idk what to do man. It looks good in clothes but when I'm naked and shaking my ass.... Yikes. I'm thankful that I didn't have complications with this surgery. I'm just really frustrated that you can see the outline. :/

Video of the problem

I'm only leaving this up here for a short period of time cause I don't want my ass looking bad out on the Internet like that. As you can see, it's very stiff and you can see the outline when I shake. It's sooo embarrassing. I'd like to keep em only if fat can be placed around the edges to cover it.

Week 6

I reached my 6 week mark this past Wednesday and went back to work Saturday night. OMG. All the girls were asking about my butt touching it etc. It was so uncomfortable for me cause my butt is hard. The other girls also said that it was hard af -___- I did get a lot of compliments especially from guys lol one customer asked if my ass was real and I was like "why don't you come find out" lol one of my regulars who knew me before my butt job got a dance from me and he kept trying to touch my butt on the low and I kept dodging his hands like bullets but I'm pretty sure he noticed how hard it was. He then asked me how I got my ass like that after he complimented it and I said I did ballet for 12 years and still doing other styles of dancing right now, I do a lot of squats and lunges LMAO I think he believed me but he might have just went with what I said just to be respectful.
I noticed that the edges show on the sides when I'm walking. Not so much on the left side but noticeable on the right side where it's bigger :/ I don't have hips and also had dents in that area so I'm pretty sure that had a lot to do with it. I didn't go on stage because I don't like how my ass looks when I shake it. The club I work at isn't as dark as other clubs and the tip rail is literally 2 feet from the pole. It's a small stage. I also noticed some cellulite on the back of my thigh underneath that right cheek and I've never had cellulite before so it's kinda weighing me down cause it's very noticeable.
I do need to start going to the gym cause I'm getting flabby but I've also talked to a few girls on here who work out a lot and has implants, they said that the more they work out the edges start to show since the muscle gets tighter, also when you loose body fat, it starts to show. Hhmmm. Idk what to do lol I need to get my thighs and my legs back though. I'm almost sure I'm gonna be doing a round 2 within a year or so to add fat on the edges of the implants. I don't want to undergo another butt implant surgery as the recovery is long and painful. Im thankful that I didn't catch an infection or anything like that I believe I healed well and fast. My ass looks good in clothes and even in my work outfits but when I twerk, nope edges still showing and it doesn't really jiggle. There's a lil bit of jiggle at the bottom where there's no implant but that's about it.

Week 7

Before work lol
Went to work today and everybody was staring at my ass. It makes me paranoid cause idk if what they're talking about is good or bad. I had a customer ask me if I got my ass done and I just owned up to it. To my surprise, he said that it looked perfect and he loved it lol I was like damn thank you haha his friend who I also danced for, said my ass looked great though I feel very insecure about how they feel. They're hard. It definitely feels like there's something in there not gonna lie. If somebody were to tap my ass just once, they'd be able to tell. My other dancer friend asked one of the bouncers what he thought since he was a guy and he said that from the back it looks fine but from the sides, you can tell it's fake cause of that dent and the outline is kinda noticeable he said maybe if I work out and get my thighs bigger it may help lol I needed to do that anyways. I stopped working out months prior to my surgery cause I originally wanted fat transfer along with my implants. I will be working out soon but kinda scared since the outline might show more if my body gets more toned since the muscles would tighten everything up. Idk :/ adding fat around the implants would probably be the only option. I can't gain weight alone cause it never goes to my ass lol always my abdomen and face -__- at 7 weeks, I love how my ass looks but certain angles like from the side you can tell, when I shake my ass, you can tell. I think the size Stanton recommended was too big. I can't really do much about it but to just give it more time and wait it out. Definitely considering fat transfer though.

Week 8

So far so good. Everything is back to normal. The only time I feel them is when I'm laying down on my back lol but I'm used to it already. Girls at work stay touching my ass. Oh and don't let me get started on the haters!! Lmao I'm used to these type of catty women though. I remain unbothered (hair flip). Anyways, a lot of customers love my ass. I've been on stage a couple times. Still feeling a bit insecure about the edges but I just improvise and play with certain angles. Some customer also poked my ass while I wasn't looking and looked away as if he did nothing once I looked back lmao I'm sure they were checking if it's real. It's really really firm. Thank goodness the rest of my body kinda matches it lol for those who haven't seen me before, they believe it when I say I just workout but if someone asks me if I got my booty done, I just own up to it. Yes I had it done and??? Why??? Because I wanted to. For the most part, I've been having positive feedback from customers. Ooohh but there was this one chick who was staring at my ass extra hard literally the whole night. So idk? Lol whatever. It looks good overall just gotta tweak it a lil.
So my bf and I had sex and he took a video from the back and my ass looked sooooo good!! Haha sorry TMI but once you have an ass you can't help but play a twerk song in your head while you're having inter course with your SO. (Girl you look good won't you back that ass up!!!) okay let me stop lmao
I started working out today nothing too strenuous. Just squats with my own weight and obliques but kneeling since I wasn't sure I was ready for sit ups lol I will try tomorrow though.

3 months

Happy holidays everyone! I am 3 months post op doing everything normally. Scars are still pretty dark and apparent so I have been using biocorneum scar gel but sometimes I forget to apply it lol I'll have to do a better job on that. As for the booty, it hasn't gotten any softer so I think it's at its final stage. Very very firm. You can still see the outline at certain angles when I'm standing up and especially when I'm bent over at a 45° angle. It's definitely an improvement from how I looked before how ever, I'm not 100% happy with it. I'd like to have my hip dents filled in and hide the edges of the implants more. I also want cheek creases at the bottom lol I've been getting a lot of compliments on it but one thing I can never get used to is people asking me if my ass is fake lol idk if its booty greed but I feel like it got smaller? I was thinking about hip implants but bf said its a big no no -__- I'm not quite sure what I can do to reach my booty goal. I'd like it to be fuller on the sides and bottom lol I do love having an ass now. Can't nobody tell me shit at work. I be on stage like yaaassss!! Haha I do think I picked a great surgeon for having a complication free surgery. Reading other reviews from girls who are having a hard time or end up getting botched results truly breaks my heart. I am so thankful that I've been blessed throughout this whole journey and I do hope that I will continue to be blessed as I figure out how I can tweak my butt a bit. For now, I will enjoy having an ass and focus on eating right and getting the rest of my body in tip top shape. I feel good, I look good. Starting the new year with a new ass. I am good.

6 months

So I am 6 months post op and the booty feels the same as it did 3 months ago. Mine is still very very firm but I've gotten used to it. Outline is still visible when bending over from a 45° angle to almost 90° angle. I started dancing out here in Vegas and thank God my club is really dark haha I am talking about angles because it's important for me to know which angles best work for me while I'm giving dances. God forbid a customer notices the edges of my implants lmao I was dancing in a different state before and I'm so relieved that almost 80% of the dancers out here have had work done. Boobs, ass, lips, nose, .. name it. So I felt way more at ease since the girls out here are more welcoming of plastic surgery and it's really not a big deal. I'm thinking about getting a BBL to cover the edges when I reach my 1 year mark. My bf hates the idea and thinks I'm turning into a plastic surgery junkie lol I just want my edges to not be visible and have more hips. Ugh the struggle of trying to reach our goals lol anyways, my scars are still apparent and I think I'm just going to get em lasered. Also, I have a shit ton of stretch marks! :( they're all located in the center area of each butt cheek. One of our bouncers asked me what happened to my ass cause it looks like a cat just attacked me and scratched the life out of me. Haha I was so embarrassed though. I'm super white and the stretch marks are reddish so it's very noticeable. I'm putting mederma stretch mark therapy on it for now. If it doesn't work, I'll get em lasered too lol at 6 months, I can definitely still feel the implants when I'm laying on my back or sitting down at an angle. Majority of the times I dont feel them but it's not how other girls describe it as if they don't feel that it's there completely. I guess it all depends on how much fat tissue you have covering the implants. I am also going through booty greed lol I still want a bigger ass and rounder hips. I have zero hips at all. I feel like getting hips and fat around the implants would reach my overall goal. I do have an issue with my lipo area. The little bruises are not going away at all and I'm beginning to think they're burns. Idk it's not bad at all and they are small but it's still noticeable to me. There's also an area where the skin feels patchy and sometimes it itches hhmmm anyways, til my next update...

1 year post op!!

1 year post op
So my booty is turning 1 tomorrow lol everything is the same. Stretch marks has gotten a lil better but still very noticeable. I've been using Palmers coco butter for stretch marks (smells so good!) Along with the Palmers skin therapy oil. I think I'm just lazy when it comes to rubbing it on my butt cause you literally have to keep reapplying through out the day, at the very least 3 times a day to see results. I just keep forgetting lol so my scars are still dark and VERY noticeable it's still a bit raised. I've tried biocorneum which Stanton gave me after surgery and didn't really like it cause it got on all of my clothes and stained it since I wear thongs or g strings majority of the time :/ especially, my regular panties. I also used silicone scar sheets which worked much better buuuuuttt it kept sliding off lmao I live in Vegas so it didn't really do well with sweat and the heat. Keep in mind that I'm a dancer so it shows through my outfits while I'm at work haha so I stopped using em. I'll probably give it another go since I still have the whole box and it's cooling down a bit here. A lot of girls message me asking if it moves so I've uploaded a video just to show. It moves but I feel like it's still stiff for my taste, at least. I like having some jiggle back there but to each their own. Please keep in mind that my edges show a lil though I can hide it sometimes depending on the angle lol I had ZERO fat in my butt prior to surgery. I was flat as a pancake therefore it doesn't bounce too much.

2 years post op in a few months..

So my butt is turning 2 in September lol everything is the same. Nothing has changed. I'm getting a bbl at the end of this year though I'm not sure who to go to just yet. I'm leaning towards Dass cause he specializes in doing BBL for petite girls like me. I'm having a hard time looking for the right doc since I already have implants in. I need someone who can put fat around the implants without damaging or invading the pocket otherwise it'll get infected. A lot of the bbl doctors I like all specialize in bbl. I still have yet to see one who can do both really well. Sure there are some who can do both but they usually perform bbl first, wait for the patient to heal and then do the implants. I'm the other way around. Risks are higher.

I thought about getting the implants out and just get a bbl but what if the fat reabsorbs and the end result doesn't come close to what I have now? I like how I look standing up but when I'm shaking my ass you can see the edges at the bottom of my butt. I also want it to be more jiggly. I'm so conflicted with all of this. It's just frustrating cause I went the right and legal way to get an ass and I see a lot of girls in my club who got ass shots and they all look sooooo good. Some have been having it for more than 10 years and no complications. I'm not saying I'm gonna do it. I would never. But its just frustrating knowing I went to a reputable surgeon and spent real money and I'm having lil issues like this. Don't get me wrong, Stanton is a great surgeon especially when it comes to butt implants. People compliment me all the time on my ass. But I'm not happy with the edges or how stiff it is. Good definitely outweighs the bad in my case but I want a certain look and feel when it comes to my ass. Just deciding what to do and how to do it... any advice would be appreciated if anyone is in the same situation as me.

Oh and just based on some of my bbl research lately, Latin doctors are killing the bbl game hunny!!! Great results!!! I mean, snatched waist and big ass booty like baamm!!! I'm still a bit skeptical going out off the country for surgery but man!! Some of these docs are amazing. Just giving credit where it's due. :)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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