Hairline Lowering, Orbital/browbone Shaving, Brow Lift. Beverly Hills, CA

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It's taken me a while to write this review,...

It's taken me a while to write this review, because I'm still going through the healing process.
The reason why I decided on these procedures is the fact I had a slight protruding browbone that made my face look masculine (plus my doc recommended them). I am in fact female, but this would be a great review for females with an unwanted browbone and males who are in transition and older woman in need of a browlift/forehead lift.

This had bothered me for about 5 years, when I noticed people questioning my gender at work. I had no idea that this would lead to me feeling: sad, depressed, ugly, and different. So I tried to wear side bangs and cover up my forehead, but it was too much of a challenge.

I came to a point in my life where I was fed up with people treating me differently/thinking I was something I wasn't, because you should never assume anyone's gender these days. I am a happy person, but this had changed me. I decided to look up surgeons who focused on facial feminization and the most common was a doctor out in Boston, but he was too far and expensive. His technique also seemed too invasive for my liking, but it was popular with mixed reviews. I passed and kept looking for alternative doctors.

I decided to move to Los Angeles to start over and focus on improving myself: school, job, growth, love, and appearance were priorities. I have grown, found love, and working on my appearance. School is on hold until I'm able to find a job that will help with cost.

By moving out here I looked up local surgeons and Dr. Mayer kept coming up with great reviews. His free consult got me in the door. I went into his office and we chatted about why I wanted the surgery. He then sat me in front of a trifold mirror to briefly explain what he would do. He was forward and didn't spend too much time explaining the whole procedure, just the basics. I think I would've liked to know more, but I didn't feel comfortable asking. I was also focusing on my nose and chin at the time, so too much to talk about during a consult, but I was sold. I didn't go to other doctors.

Then I came back to revisit and decided not to get the nose done, just the chin and forehead. It was expensive, but I was able to pay for it (which I will be continually paying for a while). But during the follow-up, it wasn't as thorough as I would've liked. I just trusted the doctors opinion, he has done thousands of foreheads. But the chin was something I should have talked more about, I didn't even choose my sizers until the day of surgery, when I was nervous and not right minded.

To speed things up, it was the day of surgery and Dr. Mayer marked my forehead. I asked him about shaving my browbone down after looking at my xrays and he basically said don't worry about it. I was a little worried, but ready, ready to leave my old forehead behind.

The forehead I should've been born with!

The type of surgery I got is hard to explain to people, so... I didn't. I told no one about this procedure, not even my boyfriend who nursed me back to health.
How'd I manage to do that? Well... I just didn't tell him. I was able to hide it with beanies and headbands pretty well and no one else has noticed, except for me. It's a BIG change with certain lighting!
My forehead is now smooth and very feminine. When there was swelling, it did look like I had botox done and yellowish bruising? around my eyes and temples. My nerves all seem to be healing well, the top of my head by the incision is numb, but the rest is still normal. I'm 1 month post op and my forehead is still tight, I cant show much emotion with my eyebrows at this stage... it's taking some time.

I do not wash my hair daily, but what I didn't realize is how much dandruff flakes you accumulate! It's not pretty, but it's there.

I use some Neosporin around the incision and I try to massaging lightly.
I still feel pressure by where the staples were set and hair (looks like a receding hairline)- that is not numb. I'm not worried about the hair loss right now, it's minimal.

Another thing I noticed was my forehead getting oily fast. It must be from the stretching, but I had no breakouts. I have no more tzone! It's the best... especially in photos.

I'm VERY happy with this procedure, but I'm ready for it to heal.
I can't wait to finally pull my hair back and feel confident. It's been 10years since I wore anything other than a side part... can't wait to change that!

A few days after the sutures were removed

Healing Nicely

I feel like the healing process does take a while on this one. Its almost been 3 months and the hair is growing back and the scar is almost invisible on the left side.
My forehead is still tight and on the left side I can feel the deep tissue suture or something, but the Dr. Toby said that was fine. Im very happy with my new forhead, cant wait to use my eyebrows again, considering I showed a lot of expressions with them.

If youre considering this surgery, remind yourself it does take a while. You will end up hating it at one point, but its worth it.
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