Butt Implants with Dr. Stanton - Beverly Hills, CA

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I have been wanting a rear end for years now and...

I have been wanting a rear end for years now and just been putting it off cause of the complications I hear that come along with it. I'm very fit practice yoga and go to the gym daily and no matter how many squats lunges or or glute workout I do my butt doesn't get that shape I want. I am in the process of researching Drs on real self and I've narrowed it down to 3 dr. Ryan Stanton or dr mofid for butt implants and dr hazani for Bbl. I've heard over and over again on real self how women that had bbl have become very disappointed with the lasting results cause of the fat lose and butt implants come with complications (at least some do) so I'm left with not knowing what procedure to go with. I would really appreciate some input from patients that have had either one done so I can make my final decision. Thank you whoever replies for ur time and consideration.

Finally contacted dr. Stanton office for a consultation

After extensive research here on real self I've decided to go with the butt implants. I spoke to Mindy the coordinator from dr. Stantons office and am waiting for a reply on my phone consultation. I've pretty much stalked dr. Stanton here on this site and I've already made up my mind that he's the one to give me the results I'm looking for. This dr. By far has one of the best reviews regarding butt implants and is very knowledgeable when it comes to This particular procedure. I'm so excited that I can't wait to talk to the butt king himself!

Phone consultation with dr.stanton

I had my phone consultation with dr. Stanton and what a pleasure it was to talk to him. I've booked hotel and flight for March 7, 2016. I am so anxious to get this done but still am torn between the butt implants vs. bbl. I also called dr. Hazani's office today and have a phone consultation with him next week. I've looked at hazani girls and just love his results! Even though I've booked my hotel and flight I haven't put a deposit on Stanton just yet until I speak to hazani. hazani and Stanton dolls if you ladies had butt procedures from any of these two Drs please feel free to reply how your results are post one year. Thank you!!

Butt implants with Dr. Stanton

Just got off the phone with mindy and after extensive research on Drs I decided to go with Dr. Stanton for butt implants! I put my deposit in and booked for 3/8/15. I am nervous and excited at the same time!

Finally Did It! Got my Booty by Dr. Stanton!!!!

Today was the day I got my butt implants by dr Ryan Stanton. I am writing this review as I'm laying in the back seat of my car. I don't know if it's the drugs they prescribed but I feel great! I got The new implant designed by dr. Stanton. Originally I was supposed to get the extra large but was told after surgery that they couldn't fit the xtra large and got a large instead. I will post pics once I'm in front of a mirror but the one I'm about to post will be my before pics. Im 125 lbs and my height is 5'1. If you guys have an questions please feel free to ask.

Third day

i spoke to soon when I said that I was feeling great. My whole body is aching from laying only stomach. I've gotten up several times after my surgery and done some walking in my room but not for long cause of the sharp pain I get for standing. I'm at every 4 hrs with my meds and that's what's mAking this painful procedure go a little smoother

3 day post op

Today wasn't so bad! Woke up and made the decision not to stay in the room all day feeling miserable. Took a shower and went to the Santa Monica pier and had a healthy lunch followed by going to the Hollywood walk of fame. I also got to sit down in the car for the first time. It felt a little uncomfortable but was bare able for about 30 min. I went to go see dr. Stanton and his nurse said everything looks fine and gave me the green light to go back to Texas!

Flying home!

So excited to fly home today! My butt feels soar and very hard but manageable. I practiced sitting for the first time yesterday and I have to admit that it felt kind of weird and somewhat uncomfortable. I took a pic before I left the hotel room and It doesn't look anything like it does it the pic. Yes it sits very high and flat on the bottom. It's going to take time before it drops all I'm concerned about right now is getting back to normal.

One week post op!

It's been one week and one day since my surgery and it's been quite a trying time. I've started to drive at 5 days post op and now I'm walking at somewhat a normal pace I would say I would need at least 2 more weeks before I can start walking normal. Let's talk about the butt. It's very hard sits high and feels numb. All the things that I was told and expected. The only thing that is kind of running my patience is I had Lipo and still bloated from it.... was asked several times by people that don't know me how far along am I with my pregnancy. I can't fit into anything went from being an extra small to Xlarge and no ladies it's not cause of my butt it's from the water weight of the Lipo I got. Very frustrating and when I called the office they said it can Alastair anywhere from 6-8 weeks.


One week post op

Not even two weeks!!!!

Went shopping today for the first time since surgery to buy some clothes for work... Still very very swollen so I'm not overdoing it with clothes cause I know this isn't my final result... Loving it so far!

Shopping a 1 1/2 week post op!

Pics with jeans

5 months post op

I'm 5 mth post op and everyday it's getting better. I'm loving the way my butt is taking shape. I will say that it's still a little hard and would like for it to drop a little more and hopefully become a lot softer
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Friendly staff! mindy the coordinator is the best and guides you through the whole procedure. Ladies if you want to accentuate you booty Dr. Ryan Stanton is the one to go to. He's designed a new implant that will make your butt look more natural. The only thing that I found to be a little disappointing is being that I spent 13k a follow up call would've been appreciated.

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