Butt Implants a Yr Later After Losing All Fat from BBL - Beverly Hills, CA

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I had BBL procedure in Aventura, Florida in Oct...

I had BBL procedure in Aventura, Florida in Oct 2014 and lost all the fat about 6 months later. My butt got smaller and smaller until I was back where I started with nothing. THE BBL did not work for me and I went through a very difficult healing process and spent over $15g. I decided to save some money and with the support and encouragement of a RS sister, I decided to do what I never thought I would do in my life...get butt implants. Long story short, I am scheduled for the procedure on Dec 2, 2015 with Dr Stanton. During my telephone consultation, he reviewed my pictures and recommended 450-475 ccs round implants. He did however say that this could change after he sees and measures me the day prior to surgery. I am both excited and nervous and I am praying that I will get the results I desire this time around because in the end, I will be spending in excess of $30g on my derriere. I am traveling to Beverly Hills alone so can anyone who traveled alone for this procedure provide some advice on what to expect, where to get meals (room service is expensive), what to do and what not to do because I am alone. I appreciate your suggestions. Oh, btw, I am staying at the Marriott Beverly Hills and I was told it is about 5-6 minutes drive from Dr Stanton's office. Looking forward to hearing from you ladies who have already had your procedure done.

Day 1 after Butt Implants with Dr Stanton

I had my procedure done with Dr Stanton on Dec2. The staff and Dr Stanton are exceptionally amazing and patient friendly. By this I mean, they are very accommodating and understanding that far exceeds my expectation.
I arrived in LA at 130pm and waited an hour for a shuttle to take me directly to Dr Stanton's office. A cab would have been at least $60-$65 while the shuttle was $25 plus tip $30.
During my pre-op, Dr Stanton measured my butt and strongly recommended 490ccs. I was shocked because I wanted no more than 400ccs because I was looking for a subtle change in my butt nothing dramatic. I expressed to Dr Stanton that I don’t want my butt too big because I am a woman of a certain age and don't need too much attention at this late stage in my life. He and Jasmine his nurse asst laughed and told me they have done pts much older than me and recently a 71 y-o who had 590ccs. I was adamant about not wanting the 490ccs but his explanation and a sketch he drew of what my butt will look like with a smaller implants I was sold on the 490ccs
Long story short, the morning of surgery I told Jasmin that I think I really want smaller and that I am concerned that 490ccs is too big for my body frame and skinny legs. Again she assured me to trust the doc and that pts who went against his recommendation they all come back wishing they had taken the doc's advice. Again I was sold on 490ccs but still in my heart thought my butt was going to be too huge.
While I was being prepped and marked, I whispered to stanton to go smaller. Yes, I am stubborn ladies. Anyway, Stanton said to at this point 'I can give you what you want but I guaranteed you that you are not going to be happy and will come back for a redo which will be another charge' He said the 490ccs will fill my butt area nicely and gives me a natural look than a smaller implants. However he would trim the implants once placed for a smaller look if he deems necessary.
Did I say, I'd make my story short? :-). Well I say all this to say that I am sooo happy I listened to Dr Stanton and gotten the 490ccs because I am loving it and yes, Dr Stanton was right, its the right size and all and I am happy so far.
The pain is tolerable but I have this sharp nerve pain in my calves so I walk funny. I am being held hostage to my hotel because I am alone and can't do much outside by myself. Thankfully I was smart enough to bring crackers, instant oatmeal, tea bags, tea, cereal, etc. I requested a microwave for m room so I am able to fix my instant meals. I went to a little food shop right outside the hotel and brought a large bottle of ginger ale and milk for my cereal. Oh yes, my room has a refrigerator so its all goood. I just wished I had someone to help me because I am having difficulty getting in and out of bed and bending to pick up anything that falls on the floor. Going alone for this procedure is doable but much better if you have someone to accompany you and assist you especially the first 2-3 days. Thankfully my pain is not bad and I am doing a lot better than my BBL post op.
Thanks for reading and all the best to those planning on getting this procedure done.

Day 2 Before and After Pix

Day 2

Bored in my hotel room. Wish ths leg pain would go away...

Before pic

I had no butt

Day 3

Feeling a lot better. Took my first shower and applied Neosporin to the incisions. Doing this alone is not easy but hey, you do what you have to do :-)

Muscle pain in calves and legs

I am having this annoying muscle pain in my calves and thighs and wondering if anyone else has/had a similar experience. The pain is like a pulled muscle pain in the back of my calves, and on the sides and back of my thighs as well. Its more intense when I walk or raise my legs. I have issues before with pinch nerve pains so I am praying that the implants are not making my existing condition worse. Please let me know if any of you had or is having this same kind of pain. Thanks for responding

Back Home

Feeling better every day

Day 9 Post Op

Day 9 and walking much better. Will be back at work in 2 more days. I am bored just standing and having to lie on my stomach all day long :-)

Week 3 Post Op

Happy so far...

Update at Week 3

Happy so far. ..

5 weeks post op

Getting better every day. Implants still hard and high and feels very tender. Can't wait to be back to normal.

Still healing.....

7 weeks post op

Scars healing but still visible

A little more than 7 weeks post op...

9 weeks post op

Projection in jeans

Butt Implants Update

3.5 months post op

Almost 4 months post op

It now 4 months almost and the implants have finally dropped and settled in place at this point.

4 months

490ccs butt implants

4 months

Twerking 101....LOL

Implants twerking...

Twerking 102...LOL
Tryna twerk :-)

6 months butt implants

Love the fullness...just wished I had gotten bigger implants.

6 months update

Happy with the shape but wish my butt was bigger. Does anyone else who had 490ccs round feel the same way I feel? That the implants are too small? I just want to know if I am the only one disappointed in my size ;-(

490 ccs Implants- 6 months Update

A little more than 6 months post op

Love wearing my yoga pants to the gym...lol

7.5 Months Update

I am satisfied with my results. Working on getting my waistline smaller to match this new bootie...lol

Update 1 year post butt implants

Swelling went down and butt got smaller. Very disappointing!!

Accommodation in the BH Area

Can anyone of Dr Stanton's patients recommend a place to stay near Dr Stanton's office while in Beverly Hills for the procedure? Thank you in advance.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr Stanton and his staff are very accommodating and pleasant. Mindy is exceptionally helpful. My experience with Dr Stanton and his staff has been very pleasant. Dr Stanton is the best Buttock Implants specialist. He knows his craft.

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