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So I've wanted butt implants for years and now I'm...

So I've wanted butt implants for years and now I'm finally going to be getting them. I've decided on going to dr.stanton in Beverly Hills because after months of time, and hours of late nights reading up on doctors he seems to be the best on the west coast. I like that he has invented a new kind of implant, to reduce the chance of complication tremendously. That alone just shows his dedication to his specialty in plastic surgery (gluteal implants) I've read on reviews him be called "the butt God" or "the King of butts" I'm so excited to be able to actually journal this surgery as it comes unlike my last two reviews where I just wrote all in one day weeks/months after it be done. After choosing to go to him a few weeks ago I finally called today to get the ball rolling for hopefully around December 17th. I have to do my surgery right when fall semester ends and before spring semester at my school begins around January 16th so I have time to heal. The receptionist I spoke to today before they closed was a super sweet girl and has me send in information and photos via email and will be calling me back tomorrow to set my over the phone consultation since I can't make an in person one for awhile with work, school, and my two children. I'll post my before photos now, ones I sent in to the office so you guys will end up getting a really good view of before and afters. I'm pretty embarrassed showing my not so perfect body off on realself because I have 13k followers on Instagram, 5,000 friend cap + people who follow me on Facebook, and am pretty well known on social media for being a potty mouth tom boy. I'm sure there's a lot of people who really don't like me and look for ways to hurt me so I really hope none of them come across my account here and show everyone. But even if they do, I'll have helped other women out with my reviews/photos and joke will be on them when I have a perfect (in my opinion) body. :-) I'll let you guys know how my phone consultation goes
Xoxo -ddyiss

Had phone consult with dr.stanton!

Hi guys I forgot to update that I had my phone consult, super exciting. He was very professional, detailed, well mannered, and answered all my questions. In the next week or so I'm going to be calling with my booking deposit and get the ball rolling. He said that he could either do 425cc implants or possibly a 500cc implant just depending on my measurements in person which made me super sad because I have a 600/700cc in my breast and I think they're tiny on me so even 500cc just seems like nothing to me. But he explained, made some very good points, and I trust his judgement. Besides 500cc implants will be better than what I'm working with now. Keep you guys posted!
Xoxo -ddyiss
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