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So my surgery with Stanton was yesterday, January...

So my surgery with Stanton was yesterday, January 22nd. I had my consultation the 21st and it went well ofcourse. It was more to measure and pick an implant because I had done enough research and knew and understood everything he was explaining to me. It was still good to hear him speak on his work. Very confident and laid back. It was pretty awkward to pull my pants down in front of him and my boyfriend lol. Usually the dr steps out and let's us get in a gown but he just gave me the gown and told me to drop em. Lmao! Not in those exact words.

Yesterday was day 1

I woke up from surgery groggy and a bit uncomfortable from laying on my back. Once I got up I felt nauseous but was given a dissolvable pill under my tongue and I was better soon after. I got a pain killer shot also at this time. My boyfriend then helped me walk out and I got into a suburban uber on my own. Once I got into my hotel I laid down and ate some crackers and watermelon, took my pain killers and took a long nap.
Pain wasn't too bad. I'd say a 3/10
I was getting in and out of bed alone the whole day. So far I'm loving my new ass. It's still high but I know when it drops it will be the perfect size and just what I was going for. I got 490 cc new ovals. :)

Day 2

today was a bit more painful. More of a throbbing feeling but I just upped my dose of pain killers to 1 1/2 and it helps a lot. So right now I'm pretty comfortable. Except the oxys keep me awake. I haven't slept much which sucks cause I'd love to sleep through these days lol. Stanton called me this morning to check up on me. I thought that was very nice of him. Feels good to feel like he cares. :)

Standing up :)

Day 3....

Last night was which was day 2 technically, was pretty tough. It was hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. I kept getting up from either having to pee, being uncomfortable and feeling pain creeping in. I took a pain pill before I went to sleep but had to again a few hours later. I drank a protein shake so it wouldn't be on an empty stomach because the only thing worse than painful ass cheeks is painful ass cheeks with nausea and puking. It's 4:33 am now and the oxy is finally kicking in. I took 1 full pill at 4am and 1/2 just now. Stanton said day 2 & 3 would be the worst then I'll be feeling better each day.

Hope this helps...

***things to buy***
Nonstick gauze pads
Medical tape
Alcohol pads
Flushable wipes or baby wipes
Dial soap bar no fragrance
Jolly ranchers or hard candies(helps me with nausea)
Protein bars/shakes (I got muscle milk because that's all cvs had)
Water/drinks - (Sprite, 7up, or
ginger ale )
Crackers (saltines or pretzels)
Fruit (watermelon was my fav) very hydrating as well and easy to keep down for me
Miralax powder laxative (in case)
Paper cups (to pee in)
Gummy multivitamins

Besides the small things I had my boyfriend pick up the rest locally but whatever works best for u. Fruit and drinks ofcourse should wait til you are checked into a hotel.

***In my luggage***
2 sweat pants
2 sweaters
2 robes
2 t shirts
A few socks & undies
Any slip on shoes (I brought uggs) it was supposed to be cold
Laptop or iPad
(Netflix is your new best friend)

Not sure if that's overpacking quite yet. I had to fly here and will be flying back.
I wore sweat pants and a sweater right after surgery because it was chilly out but a robe and loose undies would have been perfect on a warmer day. I am still in the same sweats just with a t shirt now. Once I shower today I will be in a robe up until my post op appointment and flight home. So that is when I'll need my 2nd pair of sweats and t shirt + sweater.
Hope this helps. If I remember or think of anything else I will be sure to let y'all know :)

A few tips- eat as healthy as possible. Lots of fruit, veggies, proteins and water, water, water.

And for the TMI- I had my first bowel movement since surgery this morning. So it only took 2 full days without using a laxative. I'm sure that had everything to do with eating frequently, healthy, and most of all, the water all day & green teas after dinner.

My before picture

Day 4

So yesterday was kinda tough. I had to keep taking painkillers around every 3 hours. Everytime I got up to walk my butt felt very heavy and painful. More towards the top and the incisions. My lower back has been hurting also so I place a pillow under my tummy. I would say this day was the toughest but by 10pm I fell asleep and slept the best and longest since surgery. I pretty much slept til 7:15am. I only got up to pp once and a few readjusting through out the night but still able to go back to sleep after. I'm happy I was able to go through that many hours off oxy.
I took a half 20 min after I woke up with a snack to stay comfortable.

Day 11

Not sure how this days post op works. I was counting day of surgery as day 1. Sorry if that was wrong or confusing. I am back in my home life routine. I have 2 kids and 2 dogs. This Saturday was my first day without help. My butt was mostly sore and a weird mild shooting pain on my left cheek. It was pretty exhausting cooking and trying to clean up.
By the end of the day I was very tired and my left cheek started hurting constantly. I was thinking I probably overdid it. Yesterday I woke up and felt a little better but as the day went on I felt my left cheek hurt more and more. At 8pm I took Advil and half a oxy and felt much better. At 6am this morning I still I felt it and was pretty upset and worried. I was hoping I'd feel better by now. It's now noon and with some Advil I'm feeling pretty good :) thank god. It's still early so ofcourse I still fear getting an infection. I think it's just sciatic nerve pain tho. I read it happens when the implants starts dropping and irritates the nerve. I haven't taken many pictures standing up because it's pretty high and I don't want to drive myself crazy or get impatient. Laying down however. I love it :)

6 1/2 weeks

Booty still needs to drop some but looks better with time. Will do a better update just wanted to share a pic to help someone decide on shape :)

Almost 7 weeks

Sorry it's been a while since a real update. I'm 7 weeks this Friday and I'm finally starting to feel pretty normal. Maybe 75% I can't run yet. It's very uncomfortable if I attempt. I can sit a lot more now, even at restaurants without pillows. I just don't lean back on them because I feel pressure on my upper cheeks and incision. It's not painful, just uncomfy. I'm back at the gym but mostly upper body. Lower body I've only done extensions and light leg press but not going deep. Im going to wait another 3-4 weeks til I get more into lower body exercises.
Sex is starting to get back to normal. I don't have to be as careful. Just from the back the lower part of my butt hurts a bit if we get too rough lol. Sorry for the TMI but thought a lot of girls have those questions but don't want to be to blunt and ask. I can lay on my back on my bed also but not for too long before its gets sore. I have a tempurpedic so I'm sure that helps a lot. On my leather couch I can feel the implants more when I lay. Can't wait for that part To go away.
Butt is still pretty hard but I can kind of grab some meat but my boyfriend says it doesn't feel too feminine right now. I'm still early so I'm not stressing it. He always compliments it either way. He also said it looked bigger yesterday, maybe from it dropping or the muscle relaxing? I'm not complaining :) my incisions are still kind of dark and I haven't even used any scar cream. (Stupid me) So far I'm loving it. I have no regrets and I'm so glad I went to Stanton.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr Stanton has been great. Very smart and humble. Mindy has been amazing as well. You do feel as if you've known her because she is very sweet and comforting. His whole staff is awesome. It has been such a pleasant experience. I wouldn't have chosen anywhere else to go for this procedure.

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