Ready4curves w Stanton SEPT 1ST/16

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My number one choice doctor for my procedure is Dr...

My number one choice doctor for my procedure is Dr. Ryan Stanton. I know buttock implants are serious. I don't have enough fat for bbl and sure as hell not going to gain weight for a possibility of it absorbing... ????
I love his result and almost every one of his clients are happy.
The only thing I'm worried about is the implant looking fake when I bend over.. since the implant is high and I don't have much fat below.
Please share any experience's or advice whether your surgeon was Stanton or anyone else..
I will post pictures shortly

Ready to Have Curves!

Hey guys,

I've read a lot of reviews. Have always had a flat butt and wanted to butt implants for a while now. Both scared and excited but I know it's something I want 100%. 30 years old... 3 kids and lightly active. 

After reading lots of reviews I've decided to choose Dr. Ryan Stanton as my doctor. I live in Canada so I am staying in LA for 9 days as I recover. Hotel + flight for 9 days is $1300. I wouldn't trust any doctor in Canada tö perform the surgery and I heard stanton is the best for a complication free surgery with natural results.

Dr. Stanton said he could put 425cc either round or oval.. but he wouldn't know until the day of surgery since I'm pretty petite. Also getting flank lipo to help with the curve effect. I'm 5'4, 120 lbs. Measurements are 34-27-36. I always thought my waist was smaller but I'm close to my period I guess... I will update measurements right before surgery.

Any help or information anyone wants to offer, I'm all ears. Thanks ladies! Pics to follow.

I am taking a friend to help me for the 9 days and she will be meeting friends the last couple days. I hope the pain is manageable with pain medication. I'm not new to cosmetic surgery but I feel like this will be the most challenging yet.

Which shape implant should I get?

I have no butt at all and it is kinda short with indents on side.. here are some photos. Any recommendations for shape inplant? Oval or round?

So nervous!

My surgery is in 4 days and I'm scared to death :(

Saw Dr. Stanton today... finally

Ok so here goes... I arrived in LA today and went straight to see Dr. Stanton.

Before I get started on stanton let's talk about Mindy; she is so beautiful. Pictures on instagram do not do her justice. Very nice and friendly staff too. Thumbs up.

Ok back to business.. so after doctor measured me he decided 500 cc ovals or round but he said the ovals will fill me out more.. he said I need the projection cause I don't have any to begin with.. still very nervous...
I'm going to let the doc decide what till be best for my body

Any thoughts?

BTW I can't believe he said 500cc because originally he said 350... then 425.. now 500. I hope it won't look too fake.. any thought?

Recovery is getting better

Many women on realself have heloped me throughout my jouthey... I love this website. So much support if needed. I wasn't going to post any review but changed my mind now that I'm feeling better.

Let me start off by saying this recovery is the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. It's very painful and very long. The hardest time for me was days 4 to 6; I had so much swelling in my legs, hips and butt. I looked like I was a mini kIm kardashian. I ended up with Dr. Stanton 500cc stanton ovals. I originally was suppose to get his 425cc but after my measurements he thought I would love the projection of the size 3 (500cc)
He was right.. I love it.

Plane ride home was easy because I laid upon 3 chairs the whole ride... besides takeoff and arrival. Thank god and the airline because I wouldn't have made a 5 hour flight sitting on my butt... way too painful for me.

Dr. Stanton and his team are amazing.. everyone truly amazing. Great supportive staff.

I'm not posting any pics at this time for privacy but anybody interested in seeing some, please inbox me.
Thank you to the ladies who took the time to post a review. Very helpful!!

Good luck to everyone going for this procedure or who've already done it. Be mentally prepared.. You need to be!!


Sorry for the typos.. I wrote my last post at like 3 in the morning. Lol.. thanks again ladies and gents!!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Already had my consultation and he answered all my questions. So far this doctor is amazing.

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