Dr Salama BBl May 2016 :)

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Hello Ladies! So this is my 1st post here, I...

Hello Ladies!

So this is my 1st post here, I have been researching and reading all the reviews on butt implants. This site and all your input is so helpful! I have my 1st consult with Dr. Stanton next wk and very excited. I've heard great things about this dr:) I live in Vegas but have family and friends in LA, so if all goes well I will be doing the surgery in May.

5'2 - 118-120

Wondering if any of you girls that have gotten implants are close to my height and weight? I'm hoping for 400cc -435. The girls that I have seen on here that are shorter and have gone to Dr. Stanton, only have gotten 300cc.

Wish pics!

Recovery? What, How, When & Where!

Starting to think about recovery for this sx and have so many questions! Like how do you get up the stairs? How do you shower, get in and out of bed? If you can sit for 3 wks, what on earth do you do? stand 24/7? lol If any 1 has some answers and can shed some more light on the 1st 3 wks of recovery would love to hear!

Getting my last pedicure before big day! :)

So I'm almost done taking care of all my errands and now getting a pedicure, prob last 1 for a while! Excited but nervous about Tmo. This sight has been a life saver thanks to all you lady's that have been there to answer ?'s!! ;)

Day 2 post sx

Just wanted to update, everything went good but unlike monet34 I've had a lot of pain yesterday was not fun, I let the pain set in too much b4 taking pain mess and by time I took was too late. I believe day 2-4 are the worst. I had lipo on luv handles and my arms. I think with most ppl they can use their arms a lot to get in and out of bed or off couch etc but my arms are pretty sore so makes it a little harder. After yesterday (a lot of pain) I'm making sure to stay caught up with pain meds so it doesn't get As bad as it was. Talk to Dr yesterday eve told me to take 2 so I've been doing that instead of 1.

3 Months Post Opp Today!

Just a quick update, even though Im 3 motnhs post opp I'm still in the healing fase. I know a lot of girls on here that get this procedure done are in the gym after 6 wks and feeling fine. I think Im on the slower side of the spectrum when it comes to healing. I still get a little aching when driving I have used the "booty buddy pillow" you can find oine and it goes every where with me!! Whenever I go out to eat on vacay laying by the pool etc:) this is def a long process but well worth it, i luv my results so far! Butt is still very hard on a scale from 1-10 Id say Im at 2 after 3 months. I still havent worked out as I feel Im not ready. When I walk too much or move around too much I get sore so Im waiting a fewore wks to workout. I took over a month off from work which I feel is bery necessary. If anyone has any questions plz ask away!!

4 months post Opp:)

Just a quick update, I have 450 round, very happy I went with round and got lipo to hips, as it did give me more of an hourglass shape and hips:) recovery is a very long process but I have listened to my body and have not pushed myself. I love working out but wanted to wait until I passed the 3 mo mark to even do light cardio and upper body. This is a sx you only want to do once, so it's better to be safe than sorry! Im happy with my reults this far, they are still very firm (if you grab) but are getting softer slowely but surely.


Hi, Ladies so its been a little while since I posted. I had implants with Stanton last May and I do like them. I got round, and while I have a lot of projection I have no hips to match, so I feel it looks unnatural. The main reason Im doing a bbl is for the hips and to hopefully fill out lower portion of butt. Will post pics once Im back in town.

BBL with Salama May 2016 !

I'm really doing this! Got airline tix, booked recovery house only for the 1st 5 days tho! Wondering if anyone else is scheduled with Salama end of May?? My sx day with him will be exactly a year from the day I had sx with Stanton. I have gained 12 lbs so far and Dr. said I have enuf fat but Im going to try and gain another 5. Im small ( or I was b4 the 12 lbs!) Im 5'2 118 normally but after implants gained a little and recently gained more. Would love some input on Stage 2 garments. Its hard to figure out what size to get since I will be swollen? Any help would appreciate !

Currently - Pre sugery pics

Decided to post a few pics before my sugery with Salama in May. Ive gained 12 lbs! On my small frame its a lot on me hence the back rolls, and stomach! Never ever had this used to having abs as I have worked out my whole life. As you can see I have a prpjection but having no hips doesnt match. Had implants last May with Dr Stanton, who btw is the best;) Im hoping to fill out the bottom portion and def get more hips so it all flows together.

Started getting supplies!

Still waiting on a stage 2 garment and ab board I ordered grom Amazon, we'll see how it works out. Any tips on what else is neccessary to bring?

Just booked! My recovery home for 6 days post Sx :)

So I was planning on staying at recovery home for the entire 10 days po since I waa going to travel alone. Plans just changed so I will be staying at Recovery house day b4 sx and leaving 3 days later. Just booked a condo in Sunny Isle, has a great veiw! Also it is only 3 miles from Dr's office so Im very happy about that:) I will have a friend taking care of me who works in a dr office def a ++++! Happy I found this place on Airbnb

Ladies, check out my new profile for Bbl @Heartshap16

Started a new profile for my Bbl journey!!

See you there:)

Combined my 2 profiles!

Hello ladies! I started another profile for my bbl joirney but Realself told me I could combine the 2 since your not aloud to have 2 accts. Figured I'd post a few more wish pics! :)

1st stages 1-4 wks of Implant healing

Thought I'd post a quick tip for the ladies who have recently gotten butt implants or who ate planning to get them! Ive notice that several ladies on realself that have gotten implants have had there insision open. This is a painful and expensive procedure! Ladies my best advice is to be very careful and PATIENT ! Your body takes months to heal and the 1st 4 wks are critical. Dont over due it and tey and sit or lay, I believe thisis how the insision opens becuz it isnt having the proper time to heal. Once the insision is closed you dont want it the scar to be stretch out and look more noticeble. I gave myself 3 months before sitting or laying on my back. I know
Its a long time but I felt it was worth giving my body time to heal was crutial to the best results :) Any questions ask away!

My 1st Faja!! :)

Just arrived in tbe mail:) I've been looking around internet and came across a website (forgot which 1 now!) where I decided to order a stage 2 garment & ab board and hoping garment fits! Im trying to get everything I need by end of this month even tho my sx isnt until end of May. As of now unitl sx time and extremely busy and wont have time to purchase all the things I need for post opp. I al

Natural Remedies I'll be Using Post Sx

Im all about natural supplements and homeopathic remedies for healing. Thought I'd share with you ladies a couple things I'll be purchasing to aid in speeding up recovery post BbL & lipo:)
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