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Hi pll I'm so nervous about butt implants but...

Hi pll I'm so nervous about butt implants but thanks you girls I'm very sure I want to get a beautiful butt ????. Thanks everyone for their reviews. In the pass i was in depression cause I didn't how my clothes look like. But now I will have a good butt . Yay...????. I want the procedure with 450 to 500. Let see what Dr says. Im gonna have the phone call on 4/18/16. Sorry my english ????

Yay. I got the surgery date

Lil nervous but finally I spoke with Dr Stanton. My surgery is gonna be on May 18/16 . He said I'm a good candidate for round implants 400 to 450cc or the new ovals 450 to 480cc. But he could change his mind depending the measures. I have to be there a day before to see him. He will charge $13,000 for implants and bbl on my love handles but not transfer.

Booking hotel

Hi ladies I need their help. I'm trying to booking a hotel but I'm not sure where. Any advices please :)


Hi ladies I'm counting the days of the surgery and I can't believe I will do this :) I'm so exited. I decided fly to LA, it's just 1:15 in airplane. My friend who lives in Santa ana Ca. Is gonna pick me up from airport to berverly hills just for the surgery. Then I will stay in a hotel in Santa Ana from May 18 to May 23. My friend is gonna help me yay.. I'm looking for a booty buddy pillow but I just found this in the pics on ebay.

Day of surgery

Here some before pics.


I will posted more pics later. I'm dizzy and sleepy.

New after pics

It's hard to take by myself but I'm here girl for any questions. Im so happy with my new butt. Need 6 months to the good results.

Vitamins at last time lol

Chicks I'm taking this too. It makes feel good.

Esencial stuff

It could work for recovery

More pics


More pics


Take a shower?

I would like take a shower to stay fresh right now but I'm so lazy lol.

Before and after shower.

I feel so clean and fresh lol


Hi girls there r the medicine that I'm using for my recovery. I hope it helps, but it is under prescription Dr. Good luck.

Pro op app

Noooo terrible traffic :0 :/. I'm gonna be late . Nooooooooo


Dr said everything was good. I will posted more pics when I get home.

2 weeks and 2 days

I love my new butt it made a huge diferense in my life.

2 weeks and 2 days


1 month 9 days

Hi everybody. I'm posting theses pics since surgery 40 days ago. Im to much skinny and I lost part of my muscle :( probably cause I didn't eat to much. I'm still sleeping on my stomach. It hurt just a lil a lil bit but just when I sit for long time. What can I do to get my muscle back? I'm doing cardio for 10 min and taking protein. Could it help me?
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