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Looking forward to Surgery with dr Stanton this...

Looking forward to Surgery with dr Stanton this year , I been wanting this for a long long time. I went to see him last year February but I wasn't sure, now I know it's for sure I'm at 100% sure . I will be scheduling another opinion with him in May and then go from there. From what I been reading here his the best for butt implants so I'm sure he will do a good job on me.

Showing my small booty

I need my surgery asap, can July come fast please

Butt Implants

Ok so went to see dr Stanton today and he measurement and said he thinks he could put in the 500 cc or 430 new oval implant. He won't know until the day of surgery so I'm really hoping he can fit in the 500 cc one because I want that fat nalgas lol. So he also said I can be a candidate for flank lipo but man I'm skeptical because I had lipo 3 years ago and yes it was nice at he beginning but fuck I feel like now I just gained the weight back. So I'm still thinking about it ! I gave my deposit and booked surgery for July 6. Praying to God everything goes as plan !!!!

Much needed culo

I want surgery ASAP !!!!! Lol omg I can't wait I feel like time is dragging and moving fast enough !!!!! I need a new butt


This is how I want my ass to look in jeans

I can't wait

Let the countdown begin !!! In 2 weeks and some days I will be bootyful :) omg I'm nervous but excited !!! Hope everything goes according to plan and I go back to work healthy and in no major pain


Omg I'm here now !!! Super nervous !!!! Just praying I love the results and everything goes well


So Surgery went well , now just a lot of
Pressure . I been In bed and walking a little !!

This is a not so good photo

Day 2

So far so good , pain is tolerable with pain killers :) just been in bed and walking every 2 hours !

Day 2

So far I like how they came out

In bed

Been laying all day and finally took a shower. Couldn't take it anymore and of course Mindy and real self friends said it was ok to do so and to add Neosporin. This is me laying on the couch

Love the results so far

I'm truly loving the results :) I don't know what size he ended up putting in me but they seem like the 500cc ones


I can't wait to finally walk around just fine . I am going crazy just laying flat on my tummy ;(!!!

Recent photo of me in basketball shorts which before I wouldn't even dare put on because they always made my ass looks ugly and flat lol

Day 4

Today seems better , I'm walking a lot more around the house but then I get tired and have to lay down again. I had 2 bowel movements today so that's good. Just hoping for a fast recovery so I can get my butt working out again , clean my house and begin my normal life again.

Love my results

Almost one week post op. :)

3week update

Took this photo couple days ago ! I really need to tone now lol gaining some weight . Overall butt is looking good it still needs to drop and fluff out . No more pain un I less I'm walking a lot my calfs start to ache or sitting for a long period my incisions start to kind of bug me but overall I'm good and also went Back to work so I'm busy all day .

3week update :)

Booty needs to drop more to become filler and fluff out !

5 weeks today

5 weeks today :) ok so now my butt is sensitive when I press on it or sit to long but over all no mas pain and I'm walking around easily now. I can sleep sideways now and upwards but I do add pillows to support. Only thing is I want this butt to fluff out now and move its way downwards so the bottom can be full also. I'm so impatient . But I am happy with results !

5 weeks

I'm @ 5 weeks and idk anymore I'm really not happy with my ass is not as huge as I wanted ! Idk if I need to wait more or what but I see it and I almost feel the same as before. This is very irritating me and bad. I really was expecting a bigger booty for what I paid for. Starting to ask myself if I made right decision
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

So far his consult last year was good looking forward to another consult with him

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